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Family Rides with children:

Logan Area
Beaver Creek Family Ride. Smooth dirt-road with gentle climbing pitch follows meandering stream with beaver dams galore. Shorter or longer, or downhill-only. Road usually easily passable with family car for "support vehicle." Up to 9 miles (or more) each way. Camping in area. Season June through October.
Logan River Trail. Broad cindered path along the Logan River in lower Logan Canyon. Easy technical lower half, singletrack intermediate-technical upper half. Mild climb. Season March through November.
Mantua Dike Trail. Mantua Reservoir. Broad cinder path around perimeter of Mantua Reservoir, 4 miles total, zero climbing. Suitable for kiddie trailers or even training wheels. Three bathrooms around perimeter, picnic tables, fishing, boating. Season April through November.
Ogden Area
Farmington Bay. Broad smooth cinder roadways on dikes in the waterfowl management area. CLOSED to everybody from April through July to let ducks nest. Easy technical, no climbing. Caution: goathead thorns in some areas -- puncture-proof liner or sealant recommended. Season August 1 through March 31.
Farmington Flats Loop. Dirt road looping around beautiful valley at 7500 feet, at the top of Farmington Canyon. Easy technical, fairly short, some light climbing. Option of combining with canyon ride for brutal hillclimb! Season late June through September.
Pineview Trail. Short (3.2 mile) fairly flat singletrack trail between two trailheads on the western shore of Pineview Reservoir. Suitable for beginners and children. Season late April through November.
Wheeler Trail. Cindered doubletrack near Pineview Reservoir dam joins Maples (Wheeler Creek) singletrack trail to climb to Maples Campground. Intermediate technical, moderate climb. Season mid-May through September, lower section April through November.
Salt Lake City Area
Albion Basin. At Alta ski resort, a broad gravel road climbs Albion Basin. Climbing is mild, but may be taxing due to the altitude. Beautiful, good for family rides and beginners. Season July through September.
Aqueduct  Doubletrack traversing hillside east of Draper, 2.5 miles. Multiple trail connections, page also discusses Hidden Valley and Gasline singletracks. Season April through November.
Draper Bike Park (at Corner Canyon). Fun two miles of XC trails with cyclocross features, plus pump track, skills area, jump loops and downhill flow trails. Season March through November.

Germania Dirt TrailThis little dirt loop is (as far as I know) the only official dirt singletrack on the floor of Salt Lake Valley. So what's it good for? Winter riding. Family rides. Beginners. Cyclocross practice. The trail is accessed from the Jordan River Parkway in Murray. Season year-round, winter depends on snow depth and thaws.

Little Valley Beginner SystemLocated just off the Traverse Ridge Road in Draper, these short and easy trails were designed for beginners and kids. At the Little Valley trailhead is a system of short easy loops just off the main Little Valley Trail, designed as a learning tool. Season April through November.
Mill Creek Pipeline (Mill Creek Canyon).  Popular beginner-level trail!  Singletrack follows the old pipeline route in Mill Creek, mostly flat riding with one section of switchbacks having about 600 ft altitude change. Goes to viewpoint overlooking SLC. Suitable for newcomers, easy to intermediate technical. Season March through November.
Yellow Fork. Two-mile doubletrack for family rides. Connecting singletrack loop through the southern Oquirrh foothills starting in Rose Canyon. Forested climb to view of copper tailings and SL valley. Intermediate technical, but with some stiff climbing. Season late April through November.
Park City, Uintas
Jordanelle Perimeter. Follows shoreline of Jordanelle Reservoir around the north end, from Hailstone on the west to the Nature Center at the east end. Some up-and-down, easier technical, but a longer ride. Season mid-April through October.
Lily Lake at Wolverine Ridge.  Forested ATV trail system on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains, near the Bear River. Rides vary from short-and-easy to long-and-brutal. Lily Lake is a nice ride for families; Wolverine Loop is for advanced riders. Season June through September.
North Fork Scenic Byway. Cindered broad trail above the Provo River in the Uintas. Short, but can connect to Beaver Creek or White Pine for longer ride. Easy technical, light climb. Season June through September.
Rail Trail. Broad, cindered trail over the old Union Pacific railroad route, 30 miles with multiple trailheads. Some areas flat, Wanship to Park City is moderate climb. Very easy technical. Season April through November.
Rockport Lakeview Trail. Easy trail on the east side of Rockport Reservoir. Requires state park entry fee. Very easy technical, suitable for beginners and families. Season May through early November.
Round Valley.  Trail system located between Park City and US-40. Over 30 named trails including easy cindered doubletrack for family rides. Lower altitude --  probably the earliest trail completely free of snow in Park City in the spring. Singletrack is easier-intermediate technical. Season late May through October.
RTS loop at Olympic Park  Easy loop (RTS) suitable for beginners and kids, located just north of the winter olympic facilities. Quick access from I-80. Season June through mid-October.
Willow Creek.  This beautiful singletrack trail is located near Strawberry Reservoir at 8000 feet. It can be ridden as a 4-mile out-and-back with gentle climbing, or as part of a longer 14-mile ride described in our guide. Recommended for stronger children with significant riding experience. Season June through mid-October.
Utah County Area
Big Spring HollowA Must-Ride Classic! Short-but-sweet singletrack loop in the South Fork of Provo Canyon. Meadows, forested riding, a few views of the mountains. Mild climbing, low-intermediate technical. Season May through October.
Bonneville Shoreline - Provo City. (Hobble Creek section in limbo!) Broad trail, usually doubletrack, contouring along the mountains above Provo from Rock Canyon to Slate Canyon. Follows the shoreline of prehistoric Lake Bonneville. Easier technical, a little climbing, lower altitude. Hot in afternoons. Season March through November, often open in winter.
Farm Trail (Eagle Mountain). Singletrack loop on gently-sloping sagebrush area below Lake Mountain. Easy and quick ride, suitable for beginners and kids. Season March through November.
Hobble Creek paved trail. Wide paved trail climbs lower Hobble Creek canyon, beginning in town and extending past the golf course to Rotary Park. 4.5 miles, 350 feet of climbing. Very easy ride, suitable for families with small children. Season March-December.
Jordan River Parkway. Paved foot, bike, and rollerblade trail along the Jordan River, from Utah Lake to the Jordan Narrows. Park for family picnics. Not crowded. Easy easy easy technical. Season March through November, but often clear of snow in winter.
Murdock Canal Trail (Orem, Linden, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Highland, Lehi). Paved trail follows route of enclosed Murdock Canal for 17 miles from the mouth of Provo Canyon to Thanksgiving Point at the north end of the valley. Connections to local paved trails. Season year-round as snow allows.
North Fork, American Fork Canyon. Rocky gravel road up from Tibble Fork to Pole Line Pass in American Fork Canyon. Access to Ridge 157, Dry Fork, Mill Canyon Peak. Season June through October.
Provo River Parkway. Paved foot, bike, and rollerblade trail extends from downtown Provo up Provo Canyon past Bridal Veil Falls. Mostly shaded, good views of canyon walls. Easy technical, but good bike control required for youngsters to avoid collisions with multiple trail users. Season March through November.
Silver Lake. Easy loop around beautiful alpine lake for kiddies. Gravel-road ride with moderate climbing for older beginning riders. Easy technical. Options for singletrack climb/descent. Season June through October.
Valley Vista (Pleasant Grove). Series of interconnected loops in the foothills of Pleasant Grove, reached via the Murdock Canal Trail. Season March through November.
Central Region
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Candy Mountain Express). Easy 7-mile paved bike path on old railroad route up Sevier Canyon. Great family ride. Season May through October.

Buckhorn Wash. Very easy dirt-road ride through a scenic canyon. Gentle climb, graded improved road surface. Native American rock art. Good family ride. Season May through November.

Good Water Rim  Editor's Pick!!!  Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Ride a little, or a lot. Fairly flat and easy.  Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Season late May through October.
Solis Way (Luke's Area).  Twisting singletrack through pinion and juniper in the Book Cliff area just outside of Price. Fun trail, some nice views. Intermediate technical. Fairly flat, few wash crossings. Good choice for a first ride in the Price area, fun for differing ability levels. Season March through November.
Nine Mile Canyon. Dirt road through scenic canyon, very gradual slope. Excellent for family rides. Indian rock-art, pioneer homestead ruins, banded sandstone cliffs. Ride as long out-and-back (46 miles or more), point-to-point with support vehicle accompanying bikes 6 to 23 miles), or park-and-explore. Season late April through November.
Moab Area
Agate Loop. Short and very easy loop in the Klondike Bluffs riding area. In gentle clay west of Copper Ridge Road. Can be combined with attached Jasper Loop. Season March through November.
Bar M Loop. Easy technical trail, good for families, on doubletrack north of Moab. Great views. 7 miles, about 300 feet of climbing. Season February through November.
Chilkoot Pass. Very easy short lariat loop trail in the northwest corner of the Klondike Bluffs riding area. Connects to Agate Loop. Season year-round except immediately after snowstorms.

Dead Horse Point  Three riding options of different lengths. Fun and satisfying for experienced riders, yet non-threatening and non-brutal for beginners. Fairly flat terrain, so it's possible to ride with a single-gear bike. At 6000 feet, it's much cooler than Moab. Located in the state park, entry fee required. Open year round; recommended riding season mid-March through November. 
Hurrah Pass. Easier ride, 9 miles out-and-back but with shorter or longer options, on dirt road. First 6 miles are gravel, rideable even in snow. Great views, nice "date ride" or family ride. Moderate climbing. Season year-round.
Klonzo Beginner Slickrock (Carousel).  Slickrock and easy dirt singletrack suitable for young children and true beginners. Little slope; suitable for single-gear and small-wheeled bikes. Season March through November..  Slickrock and easy dirt singletrack suitable for young children and true beginners. Little slope; suitable for single-gear and small-wheeled bikes. Season March through November.
Lazy-EZ Loop.  This is a very easy singletrack loop located in side the Bar M loop of the Brand Trails north of Moab. Season March through November.
Southern Plateau
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Candy Mountain Express). Easy 7-mile paved bike path on old railroad route up Sevier Canyon. Great family ride. Season May through October.
Red Canyon. Smooth paved trail up scenic Red Canyon, near Bryce Canyon. Mild climbing. Beautiful surroundings. Good family trail. Season late April through mid-November.
St. George Area
Anasazi.  Trail complex within the Santa Clara River Preserve. From Anasazi Valley Tailhead, easy family ride on improved road-base trail 1.3 miles to native American farm site and rock art, gentle rate of climb. Season year-round.
Dino Cliffs Trail, eastern end. Starting at Grapevine trailhead at Washington Parkway, doubletrack 1 mile to Dino Cliffs trail on open rock. First half-mile on the slickrock is fun and easy, turn around when you've had enough, or when the riding gets harder. Season year-round.
Gooseberry Mesa White Trail.  Good family ride. Easy technical, tiny bit of climbing on double-track (jeep road) that runs the length of Gooseberry Mesa. Around three miles, with options for longer rides, including combination with short sections of singletrack trail. Great views. Season February through mid-December.
Snow West Canyon Trail. Graded roadway climbs up West Canyon from the bottom of Snow Canyon, north of Ivins. Easy technical, light climb. Season year-round.
Snow Canyon Loop. Paved bike trail that loops from the northwest corner of St. George, through Ivins, and Snow Canyon. (A short stretch in upper Snow Canyon requires use of the road.) Easy technical, but a moderate climb. Season year-round.
St. George Paved Trails.  Photos and map of paved trails in West St. George: Lava Flow, Halfway Wash, Sand Hollow. Plus trail summary and links to Snow Canyon Loop (above) and Virgin River Parkway (from Bloomington into St. George, following the Virgin River). Easy technical. No significant climbing. Season year-round. 
Zion Canyon and Pa'rus Trail. Bike trail in lower Zion Canyon connects to road up Zion Canyon to the mouth of the narrows. Light but steady climb, easy technical. Cars can be a problem when the shuttle buses aren't running. Season mid-February through mid-December.
Help us out!  If you've found a great family trail, other families would like to know about it. Email, and he'll arrange to get some kids on the trail to check it out. If they don't think it sucks too bad, it will be added to our family ride section.

Jessica at the Jordan River in Utah County. Photo May, 2000.

Jessica - the white tire girl