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Park City Area
Mountain Bike Trails
Includes Jeremy Ranch, East Canyon
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Arcylon, Road to. Gorgoza Park area. See Gorgoza
Ambush. The Canyons. See Rob's Trail
Apex. PCMR area. See Black Forest, Scotts Pass Loop, Midmountain/Crest Loops
Armstrong Trail.  This trail shares a trailhead with Spiro, climbing up to the Midmountain Trail. It's one-way (uphill only), and is a climbing access to various loop rides using the Midmountain Trail. Season June to mid-October. Easier intermediate technical, significant climb.
Bald Mountain Loop (Parley's Great Western). This is a rough up-and-down ridgeline ride, and fairly long. The loop starts on the East Canyon Road and climbs up Little Emigration Canyon. At Big Mountain Pass, it heads south to Jeremy Ranch. Season June to mid-October. Upper-intermediate technical, extensive climbing.
Black Forest. This is a remote trail, difficult to find and difficult to ride. Climb via Crescent Mine Grade. For experts and "old hands" at Park City riding. Season July through October.
Bobs Basin Freeride. A Must-Ride! Four DH-only trails: Dropout, Team Cutthroat, Ant Farm and Crazy 8's dropping off 24-7 with an uphill route Fink Again. Do them until you're dizzy. Access via Jeremy Ranch, Graduate, Bad Apple, or Glenwild trailheads.
Bobsled. Olympic Park. See UOP Bobsled
Boulder. Deer Valley area. See Ruby Loop
Bowhunter Loop (with Flagstaff Loop and Team Big Bear). Very nice ride from the upper lodge of Deer Valley. Forested climbing leads to views over several mountain ranges. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Season July through September.
Cobblestone Loop.  Loop extending uphill from Glenwild, can be done as ride extension. Portion of loop used when riding eastern half of Flying Dog. Very short, but can be ridden as a stand-alone loop by driving to the trail. Season mid-May through October.
Collin's. The Canyons area. See Rob's Trail
Corvair. Deer Valley area. See Ruby Loop
Crescent Mine Grade. PCMR area. See Black Forest, Scott's Bypass Loop, Mojave Trail
Dawn's Trail. Short connector between Armstrong and Spiro, covered on HAM trail page.
Deer Crest. Upper to lower DV area. See Scott's Bypass Loop, Deer Valley, Flagstaff
Deer ValleyA Must-Ride Classic! Lift-served trails in Deer Valley Resort. Variety of singletrack of differing difficulty, some doubletrack. Some trails offer upper-advanced level technical with stunt opportunities. Connections to other Park City area trails. Season July through September. See also Pipeline Village Loop
Drift. Empire Canyon area. Alternate to lower Payroll. See Payroll Loop page.
Double Down. DH Trail off Holly's. See Ricochet
Empire Link. Daly Canyon area. See Moosehouse Loop
Fat Lip. Connects lower Keystone to McConkey Road near start of Black Forest. See Black Forest
Flat Cable to Johns99 Loop.  12 mile loop through Sweeney's to Flat Cable to Loose Moose to Drift Road to Apex Connector to Flat Iron to Link to Johns99 to Johns to South Sweeney's. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Complex navigation. Season July through September.
Flagstaff Loop (includes climb via Team Big Bear plus Bowhunter option). Very nice ride from the upper lodge of Deer Valley. Forested climbing leads to views over several mountain ranges. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Season July through September.
Flying Dog. Just across I-80 from Park City, this trail is reached via other trails. There are a lot of different ride options, from 10-mile easier to 23-mile grinfest. Intermediate technical. 1500 feet climbing. Season June through October.
Freemason. Connects Rail Trail to the southwest end of Lost Prospector. Easier intermediate, gentle climbing or descending. Season late May through October.
Gambel Oak Loop. This southeastern Park City loop uses the easier singletrack Gambel Oak to climb, then rocks through narrow advanced tech trail around the mountain. Option of Lost Prospector to eliminate some of the technical section. Light climbing. Season May through October.
Glenwild Loop. This loop lies across the freeway from Park City. Easier technical, moderate climbing. One of the earliest trails to open in Park City in the spring. Variable ecosystems. Season mid-May through October.
Gravedigger. Daly Canyon area. See Moosehouse Loop, Town Loop, TG Classic Loop
Gorgoza (Road to Arcylon). Climb up to a one-direction loop. Expert-level technical descent with man-made features followed by climb back uphill. Intermediate ride-arounds to stunts. Season June through mid-October.
HAM Loop. HAM is a very short connector trail, useful to reach northbound Midmountain via Spiro, or Pine Cone Ridge. The loop ride is a short (6-mile) easy ride combining lower Armstrong and lower Spiro. There's moderate climbing.
High Star trail system. 10 miles of trail on mountain east of Kamas, easy to intermediate in tech requirement. Many one-way flow trails. Season mid-May through October.
Holly's Trail. The Canyons area, two-directional trail from the base to Mid Mountain Trail. Just over 4 miles, substantial climbing, easier technical. Season June through mid-October.
Hunter Trail. Connects Mid Mountain Trail to Pinebrook.
Insurgent. DH Trail off Holly's. See Ricochet
Iron Bill (aka UOP). Kimball junction Olympic Park area. See Olympic Park
Jenni's Trail. Jenni's Trail climbs from Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) to the top of the Payday Lift, providing a downhill option or a smooth easier climbing route to Park City's higher trails. 5.1 miles, 1300 feet elevation change. Multiple great loop options.
Jeremy Ranch 24-7, Stealth Trails
Dropout and Team Cutthroat Downhills, Fink Again
Trail complex linking Moose Hollow to Glenwild, with one-way DH trails offering small loops down-and-back-up. Season mid-May through September.
Jordanelle Perimeter. Follows shoreline of Jordanelle Reservoir around the north end, from Hailstone on the west to the Nature Center at the east end. Some up-and-down, easier technical, but a longer ride. Season mid-April through October.
Johns. PCMR area. See Town Loop, Shadow Lake Loop, TG Classic
Johns99.  Trail parallels Midmountain lower down the slope, from the northern end of Deer Valley to PCMR. The described route uses the smoothest 5 miles of the Midmountain Trail, flat and easy, then offers a little more challenge in the return via Johns99 and Little Chief. Suitable for experienced beginners. Season mid-June through September. See also Flat Cable to Johns99, Moosehouse Loop.
Legacy Loop, Legacy Ridge. Kimball junction Olympic Park area. See Olympic Park
Little Chief. DV area. See Midmountain South Loop, Speedbag Loop
Lost Prospector. Easier singletrack with very little climbing. Loop ride uses section of Park City Town Trail to get to the singletrack, then uses the Rail Trail to complete the loop. Some switchbacks on the descent, but not tricky. Open about 4 weeks before other Park City trails. Intermediate technical, trivial climbing. Season May through mid-October.
Mid Mountain Trail (North)Must-Ride Classic! Long singletrack countours 8000-foot mark above Park City after initial climb. Intermediate technical, moderate climb, long ride. Season mid-June through September.
Mid Mountain Trail (South)Great Beginner ride!  This route uses the smoothest 5 miles of the Midmountain Trail, flat and easy, then offers a little more challenge in the return via Johns99 and Little Chief. Suitable for experienced beginners. Season mid-June through September.
Midmountain to Wasatch Crest Loop Options.  Trail page lists multiple options for the epic Wasatch Crest ride starting from Park City with links to trail pages and individual GPS tracks. Season July through October.
Midmountain - Wasatch Crest Loop from Deer Valley.  35-mile epic ride with substantial climbing. Season July through October.
Mojave Trail. Short trail between Midmountain and the Yurt at the top of Steps. Page contains route from PC resort to Shadow Lake and Scott's Pass, loop ride via CMG and Apex. Season May through October.
Moosehouse Loop. Via Daly Canyon, this loop joins Ontario Ridge to Empire Link to Johns99 to a descent down Moosehouse and return via Gravedigger. Intermediate tech, 6 miles, moderate climb. Season May through October.
Mormon Trail. Singletrack climbs Little Emigration Canyon north of Jeremy Ranch to Big Mountain Pass. Intermediate technical, moderate climb. Connects to Mormon Pioneer Trail (see SLC section). Season May through October.
Naildriver. Upper DV area. See Flagstaff / Bowhunter loop
Olympic Park (UOP, RTS, Legacy trails). Easy loop (RTS) suitable for beginners, plus more advanced trails with climbing, located alongside the winter olympic facilities. Season June through mid-October.
Outlook. DV area. See Spin Cycle, Flagstaff / Bowhunter loop
Payroll. Short (0.7 mile) downhill-only trail in Empire Canyon. Short loops or shuttled. Season July through September. Page includes Drift Trail.
Pinecone Ridge. This 4-mile trail links the middle of Midmountain to the Wasatch Crest. Top altitude is 9800 feet, and you have to pedal a few miles to start this trail. So it's for strong riders only. Season July through September.
Pipeline-Village Trail Loop. Intermediate-tech cruiser downhill on Pipeline Trail, with easy climb on Village Trail to complete loop. Begins with short but brutal (1/2-mile) climb. Quick ride. Season June through September.
Princess Di Trail. This is a narrow, technical singletrack east of Park City at Promontory. 14.5-mile loop includes 7.5 miles of switchback-loaded mountainside riding, plus 3 miles of paved Three Mile Canyon bike trail and 4 miles of the Rail Trail.  Season June through October.
Rail Trail. Broad, cindered trail over the old Union Pacific railroad route, 30 miles with multiple trailheads. Some areas flat, Wanship to Park City is moderate climb. Very easy technical. Season April through November.
Ricochet. One-way trail links upper Holly's to The Canyons resort base. Downhill only. Intermediate technical. Page includes Double Down and Insurgent. Season June through mid-October.
Road to Arcylon. Gorgoza Park area. See Gorgoza
Road to WOS. The Summit Park area. See Summit Park

Robs Trail.  Climbs from Bear Hollow to the Mid Mountain trail  The fall colors make this ride near The Canyons in Park City a pleasure. Nice loop options by combining Holly's or Ambush. Or you can do bigger rides via connection to the Wasatch Crest or Mid Mountain Trails.
Rockport Lakeview Trail. Easy trail on the east side of Rockport Reservoir. Requires state park entry fee. Very easy technical, suitable for beginners and families. Season May through early November.
Rossi Hill. (Includes Gina's Daly Bypass).  This is a connector route, used to link the lower lodge (Snow Park) at Deer Valley with Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR). It's a way of avoiding city streets after descending from the upper mountain to Deer Valley, and you need to get back to PCMR. Season June through October.
Round Valley.  Trail system located between Park City and US-40. Over 35 named trails including easy cindered doubletrack for family rides. Lower altitude --  probably the earliest trail completely free of snow in Park City in the spring. Singletrack is easier-intermediate technical. Season late May through October.
Rosebud's Heaven. The Canyons area. Connects Ambush to Rob's and Collin's. See Rob's Trail or Holly's Trail page.
RTS. Kimball junction Olympic Park area. See Olympic Park
Ruby Lift Loop. 5.3 mile loop at high altitude (8300-9000 feet) starts near the Empire Canyon Lodge and climbs past the top of the Ruby Lift. Bermed downhill run. Singletrack is intermediate technical. Season late May through October.
Scott's Pass Loop.  Includes trails Silver Spur to Spiro to Eagle to Crescent Mine Grade to Apex to Dead Tree to Scott's Bypass to Shadow Lake to Keystone to CMG back to Park City Resort parking. Huge climb, complex navigation. Season July through September.
Shadow Lake. Trails through Park City Mountain Resort up to Shadow Lake in the mountains west of the city. This page includes links to other Park City area trails. Suggest local trail map from a PC bike shop. Season June through September.
Skid Row. Twisty trail from the Rail Trail uphill to Fox Tail, connection to Lost Prospector. Easier-intermediate, season late May through October.
Solamere Loop. Climb up and drop down three hills, run around a 4th, play on countless switchbacks. Views over Deer Valley, Jordanelle. Upper-intermediate technical, stiff climbing in three sections. Season June through September.
South Canyon.  Easier but unexciting loop ride from the Promontory trailhead, uses part of the Rail Trail then the South Canyon singletrack trail. 6 and 9-mile options with about 500 feet of climbing. Season late May through mid-November.
Speedbag Loop  Loop up Tour des Suds, across Midmountain to Little Chief, then down Speedbag for a quick loop with moderate climbing. Intermediate technical. Season late May through mid-November.
Spin Cycle.  Twisting DH singletrack through aspens, located in Deer Crest on the eastern side of Park City. Shortest route has about 1000 feet of climbing, 6 miles. Option of multiple loops around DH via pavement. Option of other longer riding routes from Park City.

Spiro Trail.  Spiro is a 3.1 mile trail on Park City's west side that climbs 1400 vertical feet to the Midmountain Trail. This page describes several different loops and EPIC rides you can access via the Spiro Trail. 
Steps. PCMR area above Midmountain. See Black Forest, Shadow Lake
Summit Park (Road to WOS). Smooth forested singletrack with two trailheads, variable riding options. Suitable for strong beginners. Moderate climbing, easy-intermediate technical. Season late June through mid-October.
Team Big Bear (includes Flagstaff Loop plus Bowhunter). Switchback climb in deep forest from the upper lodge of Deer Valley. Leads to easy Flagstaff Loop, then views over several mountain ranges on Bowhunter. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Season July through September.
TG Classic Loop  Up Tour des Suds to Moose Bones, across to TG, then down to Johns 99, Johns, 4:20, then Gravedigger for a big 13-mile tour of some of Park City's best. Significant climbing, upper-intermediate technical.  Season July through September.
Tidal Wave  Broad high-speed roller-coaster downhill-only trail from the top of Bald Mountain down to Silver Lake Lodge. Lift served, or ride as a loop with significant climbing.  Season July through September.
Tommy's Two Step  Trail from Midmountain Trail up to the Yurt at the top of Steps. Easier technical, must be combined with other trails for substantial climbing. Trail page describes three rides from 10 to 18 miles.  Season July through September.
Tour des SudsFamous Classic Ride!  Famous Park City uphill route features loop north through Park City trails, or southward loop to descend through Deer Valley. Forested ride, moderate climbing, upper-intermediate technical. Season June through September.
Town LoopA Must-Ride Classic! Nice forested loop ride in Park City, includes Sweeney Switchbacks, John's Trail, and Gravedigger. Upper-intermediate technical, moderate climbing. Season June through September.
Trailside Skills Park and Loop.  One-mile broad, easy singletrack loop, with trials skills park at the top of the ridge. Stunts vary from beginner to expert, includes ramps, balance beams, teeter-totters, dirt jumps, rock ledge-drops, rockpiles, logpiles. Season May through October.
UOP Bobsled Loop.  Forested loop with great views, just over 6 miles, located west of the Olympic bobsled facility. Season June through October.
Wasatch Crest - Midmountain Loop Options.  Trail page lists multiple options for the epic Wasatch Crest ride starting from Park City with links to trail pages and individual GPS tracks. Season July through October.
WOS, Road to. The Summit Park area. See Summit Park