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Registration of new forum members is closed at this time. See below.

We have taken this step because we're being swamped with troll registrations, mostly out of Russia and the former Soviet republics, despite potent anti-bot measures. When new users pass the anti-bot test and submit an application for membership, the IP address of their computer is captured. We trace that IP address to a general geographic location. We also evaluate the username and the email address for evidence of bot assistance and for foreign ties. If an application originates outside of Utah, or if there's anything suggestive of troll registration, the forum membership application is simply deleted. During summer 2019, troll registrations exploded (again, as during the primary election season of 2015-16). It has become simply too much work for our admistrators, as the ratio of troll registrations to legitimate user applications has become over 3000 to 1 -- despite our best anti-bot measures which require a good command of English and a knowledge of bicycles to pass.

If you are a legitimate Utah rider who wants to post information to this forum, contact us by email. All new member applications must be approved by a forum administrator. Until you are an approved and registered user with your own password, you will not be allowed to post. You can still read and browse the forum without being a registered forum member. We appreciate your patience! 

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Non-members can browse the various forum sections. But to post new material to the site, you must register as a member and complete the email activation process.
Each new user registration will be reviewed by UMB forum administrators. You WILL NOT be allowed to post until your registration is approved, which may take up to 48 hours. Suspicious registrations will be deleted without notice [ more info... ].  
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Oversight:  Forum moderators will be delete "problem posts" at once. Users who post spam will be deleted from forum membership immediately.