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Salt Lake Valley - north
Mountain Bike Trails
City Creek, Emigration, Parleys, Mill Creek Canyons
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Alexander Creek (Parleys). This is a singletrack hill-climb from the golf course at Little Dell along Alexander Creek up to the top of Parley's Canyon. Moderate climb, easy-intermediate technical.
Big Water  see Mill Creek, Dog Lake (Mill Creek Canyon). 
Bald Mountain-Little Dell Loop (Parleys) Loop up the Mormon Pioneer Trail, over the first half of Parley's Great Western on Bald Mountain, then down a ridge past Little Dell, exiting on the Alexander Creek Trail. Season June to mid-October. Upper-intermediate technical, extensive climbing, long ride.
Bald Mountain Backside Loop (Parley's Great Western) (Parleys). This is a rough up-and-down ridgeline ride from Big Mountain Pass to the area above Parley's Summit, down to Jeremy Ranch, looping via the East Canyon Road to climb up Little Emigration Canyon. Season June to mid-October. Upper-intermediate technical, extensive climbing, very long ride.
Bobsled (BST) (foothills). This is an insanely fun downhill rock 'n roll from the Bonneville Shoreline trail down to the avenues in Salt Lake. Season mid spring to late fall. Upper-intermediate technical, moderate climbing.
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - northern SLC (foothills). Mix of doubletrack and singletrack from City Creek around to Emigration Canyon, following the shoreline of prehistoric Lake Bonneville, just above the valley. Season early spring (sometimes winter) to late fall. Easy technical, moderate climbing.
Desolation Lake (Upper Mill Creek) (Mill Creek Canyon). Climb up the Great Western Trail through upper Mill Creek Canyon, then onto the Wasatch Crest to Desolation Lake. Cool forested singletrack ride, great views. Significant climb, intermediate technical. Season July through September.
Dog Lake. (Big Water Trail, Mill Creek Canyon).  A Must-Ride Classic! Classic canyon climb, suitable for newcomers, from upper Mill Creek Canyon to Dog Lake. Moderate climb on singletrack, intermediate technical, not too long. Forested switchbacks. Season July through September.
Ensign Peak (City Creek foothills). This page describes a loop ride that includes Ensign Peak, or an out-and-back from City Creek to a viewpoint above Ensign Peak, plus the northern SLC (Ensign Peak section) Bonneville Shoreline Trail from City Creek to Bountiful. 900 feet of climbing. Riding options from 6 miles up. Season April through November.
H Trail (East Foothill). Expert-level one-mile loop ride in the East Bench Preserve. Season April through November.
Little Mountain to Killyun Canyon Loop (Emigration Canyon). Singletrack loop at the top of Emigration Canyon, follows ridge of Little Mountain towards Lookout Peak, then drops down Killyun Canyon. Moderate climbing. Intermediate technical, descent in Killyun has some tricky sections. Season late May through October.
Lookout Peak - Big Mountain Loop. (Emigration Canyon). Long advanced-technical loop includes Mormon Pioneer Trail, then goes up Big Mountain and over to Lookout Peak. Very long climb, strenuous. Sections of tech tree-dodging, rock-surfing. Season late June through September.
Lost Lad 1.4 mile downhill trail reached via Wild Rose or Tower Road off BST. Jumps and expert riding, tough steep climb to get there. Season late May through November.
Mill Creek Pipeline (Mill Creek Canyon).  Popular beginner-level trail!  Singletrack follows the old pipeline route in Mill Creek, mostly flat riding with one section of switchbacks having about 600 ft altitude change. Goes to viewpoint overlooking SLC. Suitable for newcomers, easy to intermediate technical. Season March through November.
Mill Creek (Mill Creek Canyon). Climb up the Great Western Trail through upper Mill Creek Canyon, then onto the Wasatch Crest to Desolation Lake. Cool forested singletrack ride, great views. Significant climb, intermediate technical. Season July through September.
Mill Creek Meadows (Mill Creek Canyon). Connects Wasatch Crest to Mill Creek Canyon. Alternate route for the Wasatch Crest ride or a brutal up-and-back lariat loop. Significant climb, expert technical. Season July through September.
Mill Creek - Wasatch Crest - Midmountain Epic. Longer ride (30 miles, over 4000 feet of climbing). Instructions for variation on one of Utah's best high-altitude loops for very conditioned riders. Season July through September.
Mill D North Fork (Big Cottonwood, connects to Mill Creek). Somewhat technical singletrack, usually used as a downhill from the Wasatch Crest. Out-and-back to Desolation Lake has substantial climb, upper-intermediate technical. Season mid-June through September. 
Mormon Pioneer Trail (Parleys Canyon). Also called Donner Trail. Singletrack climbs from Mountain Dell in Parley's Canyon to Big Mountain pass. Intermediate technical, moderate climb. Season May through October.
Mueller Park (Bountiful).  A Must-Ride Classic! Classic singletrack climb from the edge of Bountiful to Rudy's Flat. Lots of bikes on weekends. Intermediate technical, significant climb. Season late May through October.
North Canyon (Bountiful).  Combines doubletrack, then beautiful forested singletrack for a great 4-mile hill climb from Bountiful to Rudy's Flat.. Intermediate technical singletrack, substantial climb. Season June through September.
Parley's Pointe BST. Trail climbs from the mouth of Parley's Canyon and ends (temporarily) in a subdivision to the north. Fairly easy technically, significant climbing. Season May through November.
Rattlesnake BST (and Rattlesnake Gulch). Trail from lower Mill Creek Canyon up to Pipeline trail. Intermediate with moderate climbing, Season May through November. 
Red Pine Road Trail (Mill Creek Canyon). Straight and fast route up Mill Creek Canyon but a stiff climb. Add to Big Water for a loop ride Season July through September. 
Stansbury Island Mountain Bike Trail (Great Salt Lake). Narrow singletrack climbs over rocky mountain on the Great Salt Lake's Stansbury Island. Significant climb, intermediate to advanced technical. Views overlooking west, south, and east. Lower altitude, southern exposure dries quickly after storms. Season February through December. 
Upper Mill Creek Pipeline (Mill Creek Canyon).  Intermediate singletrack runs parallel to the canyon road, linking the lower Pipeline trail to the upper-canyon trailheads. 800 ft altitude change. Season late June through early October.
Wasatch Crest Trail (descends Mill Creek Canyon).  A Must-Ride Classic! Classic ride from the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon down into Mill Creek Canyon. Initial brutal climb to reach the crest, then a long downhill cruise. Intermediate technical with one short (walkable) section of extreme technical and a few short advanced technical stretches. Requires shuttle vehicle. Season July through September.
Wild Rose Trails. Short singletrack loop with moderate climbing, easy technical. Short DH trail; optional tough connections to ridgeline trails. Season May through October.