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Pineview Trail

The Pineview Trail runs along the western shore of the north arm of Pineview Reservoir. It's a good choice for beginner mountain bikers. The trail can also be used as a portion of the Southern Skyline loop ride, bypassing a bit of highway.

View southwest from the trail near the picnic and boat launch area. Trail review updated April 25, 2012.

The trail is 3.2 miles in length, with trailheads on highway 152 at the northern and southern ends. Both trailheads have bathrooms and free parking. Only the southern trailhead has direct access to the shore of the reservoir.

Fishing and water sports are possible at the southern trailhead.

The southern trailhead is shared with the Southern Skyline (Lewis Peak) trail. Because it's a very short hike to the water, this is the trailhead most families will choose.

View from the southern trailhead, looking east.

From the southern trailhead, the trail begins at a break in the log fence on the northern tip of the parking area (right along the highway where you first enter the parking area).

This is the entrance to the Pineview trail, found just 20 feet from the turn-off into the parking lot. The trail at the southern end is the Southern Skyline (Lewis Peak) trail.

The first mile is very easy pedaling, and is suitable for pure beginners and young children. Sorry, it's too narrow for bike trailers. This first section is singletrack, but the surface is imported roadbase over a fabric liner. So the southern end can be done in any weather.

Typical trail view for the first mile -- water-resistant crushed rock over a fabric liner. No mud here.

At 1/2 mile from the southern trailhead, you'll run into the parking lot for the picnic area and boat-launch. Don't go through the fence to pavement; instead, turn 90 degrees right (toward the lake) and follow singletrack along the fence. 

A little further along the trail, we're on natural dirt. Looking north.

After 100 yards, the trail will dump onto pavement. Look to your right. Head north across the boat launching ramp and get onto the cement walkway along the water's edge. (Note for those riding with kids: Get off and walk through this spot if it's crowded.) The dirt will continue in about 150 feet.

Bridges are always fun for kids. The older and more rickety the better.

At mile 1.3, the trail goes uphill to the highway. This is a good turn-around spot for kiddies.

Keep to the right on the side of the highway for a few feet and cross the driveway that goes to the private marina. (Don't turn into the marina. Keep parallel to the highway.) Hop onto singletrack trail on the far side of the driveway. Proceed north between the highway and the marina fence.

On the northern end (about 1/2 mile past the private marina) we leave the open spaces behind and pedal through maple forest.

This short singletrack section ends on dirt road. Keep right and continue north on the dirt road. You'll pass the "midway bathroom" on your left. At turnaround circle at the end of the road (mile 1.7), keep straight and enter singletrack again.

Handlebar view of willow and chokecherry along the trail.

The character of the trail will change. Now it's a ribbon of clay dirt. (This northern half of the trail is sensitive to dampness. Don't ride it in early season or after a soaking rain.) The trail will begin to go up-and-down and twist a little. There's one short hill that's too steep for kiddies without gears when done in the north-to-south direction.

Looking south. The northern end has a few tight turns and some up-and-down riding.

At mile 2.9, you'll hit planking that crosses a wet delta zone, as the trail veers to the east. After the end of the planking, there's a 1/2 mile nature loop on your right. Straight ahead takes you to the northern trailhead.

Kids love riding on planking. Here the trail turns east through a damp area as we skirt the northern arm of the reservoir.

After crossing the main creek, you'll cross a small canal. After the bridge, turn left (away from the reservoir). At mile 3.2 (plus 1/2 mile if you went around the Nature Trail) you'll arrive at the northern trailhead.

Looking north as we cross the bridge over the river.

A paved bike route starts at the northern trailhead. It's about 4 miles long. It heads east, turning south in Eden, then again turns east. It ends where the highway turns south toward Huntsville. From there, you can continue a loop around the reservoir if you want. It's about 20 miles.

Northern trailhead, looking south from the entry at the highway.

Riding notes, Pineview south to north:
0.0   Go to parking entry, north through wood fence
        N41 15.942 W111 49.473
0.5   Parking area, stay outside. R toward lake along fence
        N41 16.048 W111 49.155
0.6   Onto pavement, cross boat ramp
        N41 16.116 W111 49.162
        Veer R to paved walkway along water
1.3   Pavement, keep R, cross marina driveway
        N41 16.525 W111 49.228
        Follow singletrack between fence and road
1.5   Join gravel road, keep R and northbound
        N41 16.713 W111 49.213
1.7   Straight past bathroom onto singletrack
        N41 16.875 W111 49.188
3.0   Straight (R = Nature Loop)
        N41 17.683 W111 49.676
        Add 0.5 mile if you took Nature Loop
3.2   At back of North Trailhead parking
        N41 17.773 W111 49.581
Getting there:  From I-15, take exit 347, Ogden 12th South. Head east towards the mountains, and the street will enter Ogden Canyon. (From the south, turn off I-15 on US 89. Turn right at Harrison Blvd and drive north to 12th south.) Drive about 5 miles up the canyon. At Pineview Reservoir, turn left across the dam. About 1/2 mile later, there's a "Pineview Trailhead" parking area on your right. 

Map shows circuit route around the reservoir.
See high-res topo map (link below) for trail details.

Bathrooms: Both trailheads plus midpoint
Camping: South side Pineview on 39
Water/Services: Eden or Huntsville

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