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CDs and compilations!
   Bad Biking           the Bruce Blues Band

12 weird biking songs, original compositions by Bruce. Yes, the CD is a real thing. Professionally reproduced in a bifold CD jacket. "Bad Biking" can be used by trail foundations and school racing teams for their fundraising.
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   RE: cycle               the Bruce Blues Band

Recycled versions of 14 golden oldie songs from long ago, with new lyrics about mountain biking. Great fund-raising CD! Professionally-reproduced surround-sound CD in bifold jacket. 
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   Bike Problem       the Bruce Blues Band

14 great classic songs mangled by the Bruce Blues Band. More fun lyrics for the die-hard mountain biker! This is our 3rd fundraising CD. Good stuff! 
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   Hero on the Pedals       the Bruce Blues Band

14 more great classic songs, including a bit more keyboard stuff. Most have snarky lyrics, others are almost serious. The 4th, and latest, music CD. 
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Individual Songs!  
Play (or download) individual songs by "the Bruce Blues Band" for free! (To save a song to your device, click the mp3 file name. When the song begins, activate the menu and click Download.)

   Afternoon Ride  3:42
                   Fun song with an upbeat 1950s rock 'n roll feel...
                   AfternoonRide.mp3    (Original)
   Angry Biker (Everything Is Wonderful)  3:04
                   Life sucks. Except when you're riding your bike...
                   AngryBiker.mp3    (Original)
   Bad Mood Rising   3:16
                   A guy who bought a bike against his wife's wishes. Tune from classic Creedence...
                   BadMoodRising.mp3    (Recycled)
   Ballad of Biker Fred   2:16
                    Helmets? A warped safety lecture. Loosely based on a Kingston Trio thing...
                    BalladOfBikerFred.mp3   (Recycled)
   Big Guy on a Bike   4:09
                    Those of us who are larger have a tougher time...
                    BigGuyOnABike.mp3    (Original)
   Bike It   2:39
                    Put on your red Devo helmets for this little bike ride...
                    BikeIt.mp3    (Recycled)
   Bike Thief   3:30
                    This Trogg's cover started out as a song about the joy of biking, but it took an ugly turn...
                    BikeThiefThing.mp3    (Recycled)
   Bike Trail From Hell   3:30                                          NEW!
                    AC DC goes biking on a trail that sucks...
                    BikeTrailFromHell.mp3    (Recycled)
   Biker Blues!  2:46
                   What it's like to be way too "into" your bike. The first-ever song by the band...
                   BikerBluesPlus.mp3    (Original)
   Bikie-Q  3:59
                   Ode to a bike with a knockoff of the vintage Creedence song...
                   Bikie-Q.mp3    (Recycled)
   Biking Easy  3:29
                   Knockoff of an old Eagles song...
                   BikingEasy.mp3    (Recycled)
   Born to be Mild   3:19
                    Riding the road bike. Parody of Steppenwolf but on an acoustic guitar...
   Break The Chain 
                    By request, a specific old Fleetwood Mac song. But this doesn't sound like them at all...
   Can I Buy that Bike 
                    A fun Caribbean reggae song, as a guy pleads with his wife...
   Can't Get Enough 
                    Can't get enough of my bike. With apologies to Bad Company...
   Christmas Sucks 
                    A young bike enthusiast has the spirit of Christmas greed...
   Color My World 
                    A simple yet powerful love song - to a bike - on piano...
   Crowded Corner Canyon 
                    Based on an old Neil Young ballad on the CSN&Y Deja Vu album...
   Cyclocross Women   3:06
                    Throwing a little cyclocross twist into the old Stones song...
Factoid: the cowbell I use in this song was used to cheer me while I lost at CX.
   Dirt Church   3:03
                    And you thought Alice Cooper couldn't be more offensive...
                    DirtChurch.mp3    (Recycled)
   Down at the Bike Park   3:14
                    Willie and his old Schwinn are a jumpin'. Vintage Creedence...
                    DownAtTheBikePark.mp3    (Recycled)
   E-bike Hero   3:25
                    When the ebike charge is all gone... An old Eagles song gets re-purposed.
                    EbikeHero.mp3    (Recycled)
   Episode on the Bike   4:19
                    Bruce sings with the group Dinosaur Kisses for this one...
                    EpisodeOnTheBike.mp3    (based on "The Episode" by Gary Argyle)
   Every Biker Hurts   5:00
                    Playing with an old REM song here. Not sure about this one...
                    EveryBikerHurts.mp3    (Recycled)
   First Bike is the Cheapest   4:28 full version, 3:58 ver1
                   When you can't help yourself and you just keep buying more bikes...
 2019 full version (Recycled)
                   "First Cut is the Deepest" has been covered over 50 times. Here's another take...
 2018 "concert" recording (Recycled)
   Flat Tire
                    Unlike a flat tire in a race, this old CCR song is fun...
   Gotta Ride Boogie
                    Driving tempo for this original boogie about Utah's trails...
   Half the Man She Is
                   A mountain biking husband, upstaged by his wife, is having a manhood crisis...
   Heartbreak Race
                    On the starting line, there are such high hopes...
   Hey Joe
                    On the perils of dirt jumping. This is the version Jimi Hendrix wishes he'd done...
   I Broke My Bike  
                    A country and western style lament. Can I borrow your bike?
   Joy To The World  
  3:30                                         NEW!
                    I sang this song at every college and high school in Utah. Over 500 performances.
                    So I couldn't pass up doing this Three Dog Night song as a biking ballad.
   Mountain Bike All Night 
                    Night biking rocks. Kiss never sounded quite like this...
                    IWannaBikeAllNight.mp3   (Recycled)
   Mr Jones 
                    Still working on this one, but the sun has come up. So I'm just gonna leave it here
                    as a "scratch track" and go ride my bike...
                    MrJones.mp3   (Recycled from Counting Crows)
   One More Bike 
  4:35                                                               NEWEST!
                    Not everybody likes Phil Collins, but I think you'll like this...
                    OneMoreBike.mp3   (Recycled)
                    If you don't like Black Sabbath, you'll really really hate this song...
                    Paranoid.mp3   (Recycled)
   Patchwork Bike Blues 
                    Scrounging for old bike parts to keep that bicycle running...
                    PatchworkBikeBlues.mp3   (Original)
   Pleasant Grove 
                    Doobie Brothers ripoff and a shameless plug for Valley Vista trails...
                    PleasantGrove.mp3   (Recycled)
   Rear Wheel Traction 
                    Slipping and getting nowhere on your fat bike in the snow. From the old Stones song...
                    RearWheelTraction.mp3   (Recycled)
   Ride Like a Big Boy 
                    Based on one of my favorite Creedence tunes...
                    RideLikeABigBoy.mp3   (Recycled)
   Ride Like The Wind 
                    This was a request. A Christopher Cross song from 35 years ago.
                    RideLikeTheWind.mp3   (Recycled)
   Riding through Heaven's Door 
                     There's Axl's cover of Bob Dylan's classic song. Then there's this...
                     RidinThroughHeavensDoor.mp3   (Recycled)
   Road Bike Hero 
                    The classic Juke Box Hero by Foreigner becomes a road bike song...
                    RoadBikeHero.mp3   (Recycled)
   Rocks Hurt 
                    Great song!  Remember Nazareth? And Heart's cover of Love Hurts?
                    RocksHurt.mp3   (Recycled)
   Roll on the Bike 
                    A Fabulous Thunderbirds knockoff.
                    RollOnTheBike.mp3   (Recycled)
   Smoke on the Rotor
                     Remember Deep Purple?  Let's see how Bruce mangles this song...
   Something in the Trail
                     More finger-picking James Taylor stuff, but on electric guitar...
                     SomethingInTheWay.mp3 serious version (recycled)
                     The first version seemed way too serious. So I'm offering a second one.
                     SomethingInThe Trail.mp3
 flat tire version (recycled)
   Sweet Home ala Moab
                     A little classic Skynard knockoff for fans of southern rock or slickrock...
   Sweet Little Bike
                     I played a lot of James Taylor stuff in my younger days...
   Sweaty Petty Horse
                     If you like horses or love country music, you'll hate this, because I trash them both...
   Talkin Bout My Spandex Bike Shorts
   3:18               NEW!
                     The Who wrote a classic anthem for my generation. Just updating it here...
   The Lap
   4:40                                                                NEWEST!
                     Remember The Band? Here's the endurance race version of "The Weight"...
   Why Stop The Pain
                    Reaching way back, some classic CCR. Always liked this song...
   What a Wonderful Trail
                    Louis Armstrong is an icon of American music. Here's my homage...
   Wish I'd Brought a Light
                    This was a tender love ballad. Sweet and beautiful. Then Bruce got hold of it...   
(Recycled from vintage James Taylor)
   Won't Hike Down    3:08
My version of a Tom Petty favorite...


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