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Bad Biking           the Bruce Blues Band

About the "Bad Biking" CD:  Yes, it's a real thing. But no, this website does not sell the CD directly to individuals at this time. Instead, we provide copies of the professionally produced CD to trail foundations for their fundraising. For those who just want the MP3 versions of the 12 album songs, there's a zip file on the CD info page (link below).

Go to the Bruce Blues Band's "Bad Biking" CD page

Individual Songs!  
Play (or download) individual songs by "the Bruce Blues Band" for free! (To save a song to your device, click the mp3 file name. When the song begins, activate the menu and click Download.)

   Afternoon Ride  Fun song with an upbeat 1950s rock 'n roll feel...
                   AfternoonRide.mp3    (Original)
   Angry Biker (Everything Is Wonderful)  Life sucks. Except when you're riding your bike...
                   AngryBiker.mp3    (Original)
   Bad Mood Rising   A guy who bought a bike against his wife's wishes...
                   BadMoodRising.mp3    (Recycled)
   Biker Blues!  What it's like to be way too "into" your bike. The band in concert...
                   BikerBluesPlus.mp3    (Original)
   Ballad of Biker Fred   Helmets? A safety lecture from the Bruce Blues Band...
                    BalladOfBikerFred.mp3   (Recycled)
   Big Guy on a Bike   Those of us who are larger have a tougher time...
                    BigGuyOnABike.mp3    (Original)
    Bike Thief   This started out as a song about the joy of biking, but it took an ugly turn...
                    BikeThiefThing.mp3    (Recycled)
   Born to be Mild   Riding the road bike. Steppenwolf on an acoustic guitar...
   Can't Get Enough 
  With apologies to Bad Company...
   Can I Buy that Bike 
  A reggae appeal, as a guy pleads with his wife...
   This Christmas Sucks 
  A young bike enthusiast has the spirit of Christmas greed...
   Crowded Corner Canyon 
  Based on an old Neil Young ballad...
   Cyclocross Women   Throwing a little cyclocross twist into the old Stones song...
Factoid: the cowbell I use in this song was used to cheer me while I lost at CX
   Episode on the Bike   Bruce sings with the group Dinosaur Kisses...
                    EpisodeOnTheBike.mp3    (melody by Gary Argyle, copyright Dinosaur Kisses)
   First Bike is the Cheapest   When you just keep buying more bikes...
   Flat Tire
   Unlike a flat tire in a race, this old CCR song is fun...
   Gotta Ride Boogie
   Driving tempo original Utah boogie...
   Half the Man She Is
   A mountain biking husband, having a manhood crisis...
   Heartbreak Race
   On the starting line, there are such high hopes...
   Hey Joe
   On the perils of dirt jumping. The version Jimi Hendrix wishes he'd done...
   I Broke My Bike  
  A Country and Western style lament...
   Mountain Bike All Night 
  Kiss never sounded quite like this...
                    IWannaBikeAllNight.mp3   (Recycled)
   Pathwork Bike Blues 
  Scrounging for old bike parts to keep it running...
                    PatchworkBikeBlues.mp3   (Original)
   Rocks Hurt 
  Great song!  Remember Nazareth? And Heart's cover of Love Hurts?
                     RidinThroughHeavensDoor.mp3   (Recycled)
   Ride Like a Big Boy 
  Based on one of my favorite Creedence tunes...
                    RideLikeABigBoy.mp3   (Recycled)
   Rocks Hurt 
  Great song!  Remember Nazareth? And Heart's cover of Love Hurts?
                    RocksHurt.mp3   (Recycled)
   Sweet Little Bike
   Played a lot of James Taylor stuff in my younger days...
   Something in the Trail
   More finger-picking James Taylor stuff, but on electric guitar...
                     The first version seemed way too serious. So I'm offering a second one.
(serious)   SomethingInThe Trail.mp3 (flat tire version)
   Why Stop The Pain
   Reaching further back, some CCR...
   Wish I'd Brought a Light
   This was a tender love ballad. Sweet and beautiful.
        Then Bruce got hold of it...    (Recycled from vintage James Taylor)
   Won't Hike Down  
My version of a Tom Petty favorite...


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