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San Rafael - Green River Area
Mountain Bike Trails
includes Green River to Salina
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Near Green River, West of Green River

Bull Bottom (Green River). Slickrock area along the Green River 25 miles (via gravel road) south of the town of Green River. Remote area. No services. Season April through November.

June's Bottom. Slickrock along Green River with descending track down to river's edge. Remote area with no services, 30 miles south of town of Green River in San Rafael desert. Slickrock intermediate technical, descent to river upper-intermediate to advanced. Season late April through November. [2020: Only a bit of dirt road remains legal here, as the area has been designated part of the Labyrinth Wilderness. This ride is no longer recommended.]
Miners Run. This is a remote 11-mile loop near the junction of US-6 and I-70. It's hard to find, hard to follow, and difficult to ride. It should be considered an "adventure ride" for experienced bikers who are looking for something new and different. Significant navigation challenges; GPS highly recommended! Season April through November.
Near Green River, East of River
Athena Trail  5.5-mile loop undulates through colorful badlands along the Green River. Trailhead located right off the freeway. Season March through November.
Dead Cow Loop  Multiple types of terrain for advanced riders in the desert south of Green River. Red dirt, two types of slickrock, two canyons with water-riding on rock bottom. Remote area. Season April through November.
Dee Pass Loop (Green River). Loop in the desert south of Green River combines singletrack, dirt road, and ATV track. Intermediate technical. Occasional moderate climbing. Remote area. Season March through November.

Mary's slickrock trail Smooth Entrada slickrock with awesome views, but requires expert-level skills for steep climbs and descents. In the White Wash area east of Green River. Season May through November.

Red Butte to Red Slot loop. Advanced-level loop with slickrock, undulating red dirt, and a run down a solid rock wash. Located just east of Green River near White Wash. Season May through November.
White Wash.  Drop off the mesa on singletrack to open areas of Entrada Sandstone on the shoulders of White Wash, about 20 miles from Green River. White Wash is primarily a motorcycle and ATV area, so bring your mountain bike when you come with a crowd of dust-raisers. No marked trail, open rock for exploration. Season March through November.
San Rafael Swell
Black Dragon Wash. Doubletrack long downhill with shuttle, terminating in impressive ride through narrows of Black Dragon Canyon. Option of out-and-back from lower trailhead through best area of ride. Large slickrock area with view deep into canyon. Easy-intermediate technical. Season late April through November.

Buckhorn Wash. Very easy dirt-road ride through a scenic canyon. Gentle climb, graded improved road surface. Native American rock art. Good family ride. Season May through November.
Devils Racetrack. Technical ATV-type trail, runs along Devils Racetrack chasm, and under spires and castles of colorful sandstone. Interesting riding and fantastic views. Upper-intermediate to advanced technical, moderately strenuous aerobic, moderate climbing. Out-and-back, easier rides possible by turning back sooner. Season late April through November.
Five Miles of Hell. Highly technical (extreme-level skills required) 7 miles on rough slickrock. We describe a 20.6-mile loop. Moderate climbing but in hundreds of short bursts. Reserved for strong, conditioned, skilled riders. Season late April through November.

Goblin Valley (Wild Horse)  Trail complex in Goblin Valley State Park, 7 miles of interconnected loops. Open year round, recommended riding season mid-March through mid-December.

Good Water Canyon Rim  Editor's Pick!  Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Season late May through October.
Iron Wash. Sampler of San Rafael riding, with doubletrack, desert singletrack, and very technical (rough) slickrock singletrack. We describe an 18.4-mile loop using the Blue Trail and a portion of the Red Trail, alternate connecting trails (Red Trail, Green Trail, Orange Trail, Five Miles of Hell). Advanced technical overall; reserved for strong, conditioned, skilled riders. Season late April through November.
Temple Mountain. Doubletrack route offers two loop rides: around Temple Mountain and west of the San Rafael Reef, or through the Reef and around the mountain. Uranium mines, views. Moderate climbing with some steep sections, intermediate technical, length around 10 miles. Season late April through November.

Three Fingers Canyon. Ride on improved (graded) dirt road and doubletrack to rock art in Three Fingers Canyon.  Easy riding, non-technical, gentle climbing. Suitable for beginners. Season April through November.

Wedge - Little Grand Canyon Overlook. Ride on improved (graded) dirt road to eye-popping views once the road reaches the edge of the San Rafael River gorge. It's more of a destination ride. Easy easy easy riding. Official ride is 19.5 miles, shorter versions easily constructed.  Season April through November.

Wild Horse Trail System  Trail complex in Goblin Valley State Park, 7 miles of interconnected loops. Open year round, recommended riding season mid-March through mid-December.
Way out there!

Skyline Drive (Salina). This is a dirt road stretching 75 dirt miles at 10,000 feet. The Skyline Drive is the alpine equivalent of the White Rim Trail -- a multi-day bike ride on dirt road with incredible views. Perfect for a scout troop to ride their bikes to the next camping spot on a 3 or 4 day trip. It's possible to ride the whole thing in one day, but certainly not easy. You'll need a support vehicle, strong lungs, and iron legs.
Western Rim Trail.  Not really in the San Rafael, but 60 miles east of Green River near the Colorado border. Awesome 24-mile loop ride on the Colorado River. Moderate climbing, upper-intermediate technical, mostly singletrack. Terrific views. Cliffside exposures go on for miles. Not for the timid. Season April through November