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- Welcome to Utah's #1 source of mountain biking information. is a bike store, an information web site, and a racing team.

The store is located at

169 West Main Street in Lehi, Utah.

We cater to biking fanatics with top quality parts and supplies. You can call us "UMB."

Mike Engberson (at the cash register) runs the UMB shop -- both the on-line and the Main Street versions.

Look for the UMB sign on the west end of Main Street as you drive through Lehi. We're a tiny shop in an old building. There's off-street parking alongside the store.

Store Hours:

Monday through Friday, 10 to 6.

Saturday hours are 11 to 4.

UMB stocks high-performance parts. Our selection of top-quality mountain biking tires is among the best in the state. Buy a Camelbak; stock up on electrolyte drinks; grab a new derailleur.

If you don't live in the area, we can ship to you. Some of our most popular items are available on-line. Or call


for a custom order. Chances are, we can get exactly what you need.

We offer Rocky Mountain Bicycles for racing and hard-core trail riding. 

Buy your next bike from our shop! We can even get you a nice road bike, cyclocross bike, or snow bike.

We do repairs. 
Shifters, cables, cogs, chainrings -- whatever you've broken, UMB can probably fix it. Click here for a list of services with our shop rates.

Mike can even lace custom wheels including a power meter. Tubeless tires and sealant? Our specialty.

Get your bike running right with a tune-up. Click here for a list of available tune-ups and their prices.

Mike's brother-in-law Bruce Argyle writes the web site's trail information, race reports, feature articles, and bike-fixing instructions. He works from his basement office creating reviews of new trails for this web site. So you may see Bruce at the bike store, but only if he's there to replace broken bike parts. Bruce donates his time to create the trail pages on this website.

Bruce and Jackie welcome you to the UMB web site.
Thank you for using!
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