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Salt Lake Area
Valley Floor and Foothill
Mountain Bike Trails
for early or late-season riding
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19th Avenue.  Moderate climb on Bonneville Shoreline trail to reach this one-way downhill trail. Iintermediate technical. Season mid-April through November.
Alexander Creek. This is a singletrack hill-climb from the golf course at Little Dell along Alexander Creek up to the top of Parley's Canyon. Moderate climb, easy-intermediate technical.
Ann's Trail (former Draper Rim Trail). Six mile trail, part of 10-mile loop, must be reached via other trails. Easier intermediate, minimum 1200 feet of climbing. Usually combined with Clarks and Bonneville Shoreline to form loop. May also be combined with Eagle Crest for loop. Season May through November.
Aqueduct  Doubletrack traversing hillside east of Draper, 2.5 miles. Multiple trail connections, page also discusses Hidden Valley and Gasline singletracks. Season April through November.
Ann's Connector Short bi-directional trail linking upper western side of Ann's to Eagle Crest and Maple Hollow DH. One mile length. Season May through November.
Blackridge trails (Herriman) Trails from Blackridge Pond for loop or out-and-back riding. Trails vary from beginner to intermediate. Season mid spring to late fall. 
Bobsled (BST). This is an insanely fun downhill rock 'n roll from the Bonneville Shoreline trail down to the avenues in Salt Lake. Season mid spring to late fall. Upper-intermediate technical, moderate climbing.
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - northern SLC. Mix of doubletrack and singletrack from City Creek around to Emigration Canyon, following the shoreline of prehistoric Lake Bonneville, just above the valley. Season early spring (sometimes winter) to late fall. Easy technical, moderate climbing.
Bonneville Shoreline - Sandy to Corner Canyon. Singletrack from Willow Park near Little Cottonwood Canyon to Corner Canyon Road in Draper. Runs along the side of the mountain a few hundred feet above the valley floor. Intermediate technical, a couple of tough spots. Not much climbing. Season early spring to late fall.
Bonneville Shoreline - Corner Canyon. How-to for navigating BST through multiple trails in the Corner Canyon area. Season early spring to late fall.
Bonneville Shoreline - Draper. Singletrack along South Mountain in Draper, around 5 miles in length. Riding options include loop rides using Oak Hollow and Spring Hollow trails. Intermediate technical, a couple of tough spots. Not much climbing. Season early spring to late fall.
Bonneville Shoreline - Herriman. Short segment of trail linking the Diamondback trail of the Blackridge system to city streets to the west (eventually the trail will extend to Rose Canyon). Easier-intermediate with mild climbing. Season May through November.
Bonneville Shoreline - Parley's Pointe. Trail climbs from the mouth of Parley's Canyon and ends (temporarily) in a subdivision to the north. Fairly easy technically, significant climbing. Season May through November.
Canyon Hollow Trail. Trail among several other riding options in Corner Canyon, climbs from Ghost Falls South to Corner Canyon Road. Two different loop rides described, 5 and 7 miles. Also option of adding Jacobs Ladder. Season May through November.
Carpe Diem   (Hog Hollow area). Trail starts on upper Three Falls and drops to lower Hog Hollow. Upper-intermediate with some expert spots. Season late May through November.
Clark's Trail. A quick out-and-back hill climb and fun descent, or part of a bigger ride using Ghost Falls, Bonneville Shoreline, or Corner Canyon. Foothill area in southern Draper. One-way it's 1.6 miles with 750 feet of elevation gain. Season May through October.
Corner Canyon (Lower). A nice ride close to civilization. Multiple different ride options. Winter figure-8 loop can be ridden in snow (2.8 miles, 350 feet elevation gain). Season year-round, but please do NOT ride when trails are muddy. (Early morning in winter is great when the ground is frozen!)
  Corner Canyon Overview Page (Draper). Listing of trails with length, vertical, location, and connections, area map. Season July through September.
Draper Bike Park (at Corner Canyon). Fun two miles of XC trails with cyclocross features, plus pump track, skills area, jump loops and downhill flow trails. Season March through November.
Draper DH. 2-mile DH-only trail on the north side of Traverse Mountain. Man-made stunts. Can be reached at the west end of Suncrest. Absolutely no riding when muddy! Season May through November.
Eagle Crest. (Suncrest southside singletrack) Singletrack hugs the oak-brush hillsides below the southern edge of the Suncrest homes atop Traverse Ridge. Eagle Crest trail is 2.5 miles, easy-intermediate technical, and can be done as an out-and-back. Option of advanced loops. Season May through November.
Ensign Peak. This page describes a loop ride that includes Ensign Peak, or an out-and-back from City Creek to a viewpoint above Ensign Peak, plus the northern SLC (Ensign Peak section) Bonneville Shoreline Trail from City Creek to Bountiful. 900 feet of climbing. Riding options from 6 miles up. Season April through November.
Fango (Alpine-Highland area on Traverse Ridge). Singletrack trail connecting the lower Hog Hollow trail to lower Mercer Hollow. Season May through November.
Gasline  Short singletrack from from Ghost Falls to BST at the Aqueduct Trail. Discussed on page including Aqueduct and Hidden Valley. Season May through November.
Germania Dirt TrailThis little dirt loop is (as far as I know) the only official dirt singletrack on the floor of Salt Lake Valley. So what's it good for? Winter riding. Family rides. Beginners. Cyclocross practice. The trail is accessed from the Jordan River Parkway in Murray. Season year-round, winter depends on snow depth and thaws.
Ghost Falls (Draper). Includes Clarks Trail and Traverse Ridge Pipeline routes. Fun early season route, close to civilization. Classic loop is short (under 4 miles) with 700 feet of climbing. Clarks route offers 1200 feet of climbing in a beautiful big loop of about 5 miles. Mostly singletrack, mostly forested. Season May through November.
H Trail (East Foothill). Expert-level one-mile loop ride in the East Bench Preserve. Season April through November.
Hardlick and Rawhide (Herriman). Expert-level loop ride at the top of Mustang in the Blackridge trail system of Herriman. Season late March through December.
Hell Canyon Victory, Columbus, Crag's trails (northern SLC). Ride from the valley to Ensign Peak, or connect to the BST between City Creek and Bountiful. Season mid-April through November.
Herriman Trails (Juniper Crest, Firebreak) (Herriman). Easier riding in the foothills on the west side of Herriman. Still in development; connections may change. Views of Salt Lake Valley. Season late March through December.
Hidden Valley  Short singletrack from Hidden Valley Park to Aqueduct at low altitude, connects to BST. Season April through November.
Jacobs Ladder. (Includes climb via Ghost Falls) Downhill ride featuring 4 miles of 2000 vertical on a 10-mile adventure. For experts with good aerobic conditioning. Views of Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. Season May through November.
I Street Jumps. Bike park with complex trail system and gnarly jumps at top of Avenues in SLC. Navigation is confusing. Recommended for high-experts only. Season May through November.
Lexi & Ethan. Easy short trail forks off Red Potato and connects to Bonneville Shoreline near Red rock. Season May through November.
Levitate. (Included with Vertigo) Downhill jumping trail from Eagle Crest to South Maple Hollow, expert level. Season May through November.
Little Valley Trail and Instructional Trail System.  Tiny trail off Ann's (Draper Rim) that's fun for beginners to ride as a loop, and offering a diversion for other riders on Ann's Trail. At the Little Valley trailhead is a system of short easy loops just off the main Little Valley Trail, designed as a learning tool for beginners and kids. Season April through November.
Little Cottonwood Creek A Must-Ride Classic! Broad singletrack follows the old pipeline route along Little Cottonwood Creek, from the mouth of the canyon up to the ruins. Significant climb, but not too long. Intermediate technical with a few rough sections. Season May through November.
Longview Singletrack with gentle climbing rate from lower Hog Hollow with steeper continuation as Turkey Farm trail before reaching Peakview trail. Used as climbing route for loop rides. Season May through November.
Lost Lad 1.4 mile downhill trail reached via Wild Rose or Tower Road off BST. Jumps and expert riding, tough steep climb to get there. Season late May through November.
Maple Hollow DH. (Not to be confused with the Maple Hollow trail on the south side of the mountain, which connects directly to this trail via the Suncrest trail.) DH-only trail on the north side of Traverse Mountain. Man-made stunts. Can be reached at the west end of Suncrest. Absolutely no riding when muddy! Season May through November.
Mercer Hollow and Mercer Mountain. Mercer Hollow descends from Traverse Ridge down to Suncrest Drive. Relatively easy DH or climb. Mercer Mountain forks off top of Mercer Hollow trail and descends to Two Hollows trail. Season May through November.
Mill Creek Pipeline Popular beginner-level trail!  Singletrack follows the old pipeline route in Mill Creek, mostly flat riding with one section of switchbacks having about 600 ft altitude change. Goes to viewpoint overlooking SLC. Suitable for newcomers, easy to intermediate technical. Season March through November.
Mojo DH. Intermediate level flow trail at the top of Mustang in the Blackridge trail system in Herriman. Season May through November.
Oak Vista to Eagle Crest Loop.  Located at the top of Suncrest on Traverse Mountain, this is a short loop that's a quick ride. It's 4.5 miles, with one mile of pavement, 400 feet of climbing. Season May through November. 
Orson Smith.  Includes Ralph's Trail. Trail climbs from Highland Drive to Bonneville Shoreline. Season April through mid December. 
Parley's Pointe BST. Trail climbs from the mouth of Parley's Canyon and ends (temporarily) in a subdivision to the north. Fairly easy technically, significant climbing. Season May through November.
Peak View (Traverse Ridge area), Draper. Trail from Peak View trailhead to Hog Hollow and Three Forks trails. Easier-intermediate. Season May through November.
Popperton Park (Avenues).  Short singletrack climb with two downhill options, intended for beginners. Excellent first-time rider experience. Season April through November.
Porcupine (Traverse Ridge).  Singletrack connects Hog Hollow trail to Peak View. Season April through November.
Potato Hill Trail (Draper).  Trailhead on Traverse Mountain Road. Short trail, non-technical. Accesses Bonneville Shoreline, Draper Rim, and Ann's Trail for multiple riding options of varying length and difficulty.  Season May through November. 
Rattle and Hum.  Very easy downhill flow trail on the south side of Traverse Mountain, reached via the easy Woods Hollow trail. Season late May through November.
Rattler Trail. Short trail on east side of Corner Canyon in Draper. Connects to BST and Ghost Falls. Weather permitting, may offer winter-season riding. Season March through November. 
Red Potato. Trail connects the Potato Hill trailhead westbound and downhill to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.. Season May through November. 
Rodeo DH. Just uphill from Blackridge Pond in Herriman, these are short downhill trails designed for kids. Season May through November. 
Rush Bike Flow Trail. One-way singletrack descending route from the top of Traverse Ridge (upper Clark's trailhead). "Bicycle preferred" traffic. Connects to Canyon Hollow near Silica Pit at bottom. Season May through November. 
Stansbury Island Mountain Bike Trail. Narrow singletrack climbs over rocky mountain on the Great Salt Lake's Stansbury Island. Significant climb, intermediate to advanced technical. Views overlooking west, south, and east. Lower altitude, southern exposure dries quickly after storms. Season February through December. 
Three Falls (Traverse Ridge area), Draper. Trail, combined with Peak View, extends from Traverse Ridge to Alpine. Easier-intermediate. Season May through November.
Tooele Settlement Canyon, Dark Trail   Easy trail in cool forest just outside Tooele.  Season May through November.
Tooele Settlement Canyon, Left Hand Fork   Trail system near Tooele. Intermediate technical, moderate climbing.  Season May through November.
Traverse Traverse (Traverse Mountain area), Draper. Trail connects western Ann's trail of the Corner Canyon system to Mo-mentum of the Traverse Mountain trail system. Fabulous mountain and valley views. Season May through November.
Two Hollows (Traverse Ridge area), Draper. Wide easy trail follows pipeline corridor from Traverse Ridge down to the Mercer Hollow trail. Season May through November.
Vertigo (Traverse Ridge area), Draper. One-way downhill flow trail from Eagle Crest to the bottom of South Maple Hollow. Shuttle or loop rides. Intermediate. Season May through November.
Wild Rose Trails. Short singletrack loop with moderate climbing, easy technical. Short DH trail; optional tough connections to ridgeline trails. Season May through October. 
Woods Hollow . 1.7-mile connecting trail climbs from the bottom of the Zooropa, Vertigo and Levitate downhill-only trails to the Eagle Crest trail on Traverse Mountain. Rattle and Hum beginner downhill flow trail starts and ends on Woods Hollow. Season early spring to late fall.
Yellow Fork. Singletrack loop through the southern Oquirrh foothills, starting in Rose Canyon. Forested climb to view of copper tailings and SL valley. Intermediate technical, but with some stiff climbing. Option of easy doubletrack for family picnic. Season late April through November.
Zooropa. 1.7-mile intermediate flow trail (downhill only) from Eagle Crest to south Maple Hollow trailhead. Season late April through November.