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Rockport Lakeview Trail

The Lakeview Trail is located on the east side of Rockport Reservoir in Rockport State Park. The trail's track is broad and easy, suitable for beginners and family rides. It's done as an out-and-back, 2 miles each way. Along the ride, there's a short interpretive nature trail as a side trip.

View west from the trail, looking at Rockport Reservoir. Trail review and photos by Bruce on October 26, 2015.

The trailhead is located on SR 302 on the east side of Rockport, 1.7 miles from the State Park entry gate. You'll see it on the left side of the road just after you pass the Twin Coves campground. There's a toilet about 60 feet downhill from the roadside parking.

Rockport State Park is a fee area. In 2015, it's $10 per car ($5 for seniors and $4 for a bike-in).

Trailhead parking along SR 302. This is your starting spot unless you're camping at Twin Coves or Juniper.

Riders who are coming just to ride the trail should park and begin their ride at the SR 302 trailhead. If you're camping in the area, you can start from the Twin Coves campground in the south or the Juniper Campground in the north. (An extension to the Cedar Point campground is planned for the future.)

Just downhill from the trailhead, the trail runs north-south, just uphill from the toilet. Fork right. (Twin Coves is about 1/10 mile to the south. If you're headed there, don't be suckered into taking the lakeside fisherman's trail further downhill. It's not biker-friendly.)

The connection to the Twin Coves campground seems to be a work-in-progress. In October 2015, you'll need to cut through another camper's parking spot to find a narrow trail dropping steeply through the ravine.

At the north end the connection is easily found across the paved road from the Juniper Campground.

View from the second-to-last campspot in Twin Coves, which is (as of October 2015) the only not-overgrown connection to the Lakeview Trail.

The trail base is smooth and broad. For 90% of the trail, there's enough room for parent and kid to ride side by side.

Typical trail. Broad, flat, and surrounded by juniper.

The trail lies in juniper forest on the hillside above the lake. There will be occasional views of the lake, but you won't be riding near the water.

Looking west over Rockport. The water is at its lowest point as we approach winter.

At 0.3 miles from the south trailhead, you'll run into an interpretive loop trail. Keep to the right at the first fork. If you plan to ride around the trail, pick up a trail brochure at the next trail fork where you'll find station number one. Fork to the left on the cindered path to go counterclockwise around the interpretive trail.

The cindered path is the interpretive trail. Brochures were absent from the box on the day of my off-season ride. Many of the markers had cement patches with wildlife footprints. Kids would like this.

After completing stations 1 to 16, and you'll find yourself back on the main Lakeview Trail. Retrace your path back to the trail fork at station #1 (put your brochure back), and fork to the right. Go across the paved road.

From here on, you'll be on the uphill side of SR 302, a bit further away from the lake.

View from the apex of the interpretive trail as we pass a conglomerate outcrop.

The trail is new in 2015, and features are still being added.

There are several of these spots that feature a new post ready for a sign or banner, with a nearby small wooden platform. Yeah. No clue. Maybe future exercise stations?

After crossing the road, there will be some gentle up and down riding. The total climbing over the four mile round trip is 300 vertical feet. The steepest pitches are quite mellow and suitable for true beginners. My impression is that the slopes can be done with a fixed-gear kid's bike.

Heading east into a draw as we continue northbound.

The trail will occasionally join then leave old doubletrack routes and erosion-control berms, but the correct path was never unclear. The only significant wash crossing was butter-smooth with culverts and rock armor.

Approaching a wash crossing.

The trail ends on SR 302 directly across from Juniper Campground.

Bottom Line:  Potential destination trail for families and true beginners. For the rest of us, it's something you might ride while you're camping at the state park.

End of the trail at Juniper Campground. For now. An extension is planned to Cedar Point Campground.

Riding notes, SR 302 TH to Juniper:
0.0  Drop downhill from TH
       N40 46.118 W111 23.294
       60 feet, then R N40 46.113 W111 23.310
       (do NOT go downhill past toilet)
0.3  Keep R (L = return interpretive trail)
       N40 46.247 W111 23.351
0.4  L on interpretive trail
       N40 46.322 W111 23.299
0.6  Keep L to rejoin Lakeview (see mile 0.3)
0.7  R and cross paved road (see mile 0.4)
2.0  L on dirt road then R again on trail
       N40 46.866 W111 23.390
2.2  At paved road, double back
       N40 47.003 W111 23.611
4.1  Back at parking (skip interpretive trail)
Getting there:
On I-80 east of Park City, take the Wanship/Rockport exit and go south (right if you're coming from the Wasatch Front). Drive south on State Road 32 (Old Highway 189) to the south end of the lake (about 6 miles). Turn left on SR 302 to Rockport State Park. About 1/4 mile later, stop at the fee station to pay your entry (may be self-serve during off-season). Now go north 1.7 miles on SR 302. Just after you pass Twin Coves campground on your left, watch for the trailhead parking on the left side of the road at N40 46.118 W111 23.294.

Water:  At campgrounds, none at trailhead
Bathrooms:  In activities area along trail just below trailhead and at end of trail at Juniper CG.
Camping:  Direct access to trail from Twin Coves and Juniper CG.

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