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Sensei Trail
(plus trails under construction on west Traverse Mountain)

Lehi is developing a trail system on the west slope of Traverse Mountain. When complete, it will connect to the trail systems of Draper and Alpine. Construction was started in 2018, with one trail ready to ride at this time (October 2018).

View down Oak Hollow from the Sensei trail. Trail review by Bruce on October 24, 2018.

Sensei Trail

The Sensei trail starts at the water tank above the Traverse Mountain homes at 5300 feet elevation. The trail offers easy mellow riding and great views over the valley.

Navigation to the trailhead is a bit complicated, and at this time involves ongoing subdivision construction on the final bit of road to the trailhead. See the instructions below.

Turns are smooth and banked. Looking southwest toward Lake Mountain, with Utah Lake on the left.

The Sensei trail is 2.7 miles long from the water tank trailhead to the dirt road crossing in Oak Hollow. It continues across the road -- and I'm arbitrarily designating this segment "north Sensei" -- as a route under construction. (0.7 miles of this continuing trail are complete in October 2018.)

Spots where the oak is tall are rare. Most of the ride is sun-exposed.

The trail surface is smooth and broad, with a pitch that's suitable for kids and beginners. From the water tank, the trail climbs 300 vertical feet over 1.5 miles, reaching a top elevation of 6000 feet. It then descends 250 feet over the next 1.2 miles to reach the Oak Hollow road.

Typical terrain for 90% of the trail -- grass and stunted sage.

Most of the trail is sun-exposed, passing through grass and low brush. On the north-facing slopes, there are small groves of oak brush. Only rarely is the oak tall enough to provide any shade.

The trail surface is smooth and broad.

The trailbase has a lot of rock and grit, which should make it very resistant to wetness. The sun exposure should dry it quickly. The trail should be solid for riding on most days of the winter and early spring. There could be spots of mud in the rare areas with tall oak.

Hitting the sidewall on a turn in the oak.

At this time, I recommend riding it as an out-and-back. From the water tank trailhead to the trail-construction site and back is 7 miles with around 700 feet of climbing. Worthwhile for a quick ride.

View south on the newly-built trail north of Oak Hollow. All of that wierd-looking area at mid-right will soon be homes.

Status of other area trails!
Sensei (North of the Oak Hollow dirt road)
trail under construction

Continuation of the Sensei trail as it passes across the dirt Oak Hollow road. As of 10/24/2018, 0.7 miles completed with 100 vertical feet of elevation gain from the road crossing. Heading westbound on a traverse of the upper area of Steep Mountain.

Already good riding, only occasionally loose or rooty. My understanding is that you are welcome to ride up to the construction zone before turning back.

Steep Mountain is, well, steep.

Sensei (West end, beginning off the Fox Canyon Road)
trail under construction

As of 10/24/2018, 0.5 miles completed with 200 vertical feet of altitude gain. Grade significantly steeper than the other portions of Sensei. Anticipate this trail will join with north Sensei, which is proceeding westbound, in a few weeks.

Very loose tread with a moderate pitch. Not a problem for my fat bike, but would stop most riders (until things pack down). Not long enough to be worth riding at this time. Wait until the two trail crews meet in the middle.

Looking down at some meanders.

Oak Hollow dirt road
Continuation of Fox Canyon Road as dirt road up the canyon.

Extends a mile up the canyon with acceptable grade of 400 vertical per mile. On the day of my ride, upper Fox Canyon Road was closed due to construction.

Can be used for a loop ride, linking Sensei via city streets via the paved Fox Hollow Road. However at this time there's heavy construction traffic and I don't recommend it.

View down Oak Hollow on the dirt road.

Getting there:

Water Tank trailhead.  From the Timpanogos Highway near I-15, turn north onto Triumph Blvd. After 1/4 mile, turn left onto Traverse Mountain Boulevard. Drive around 3/4 mile north, turning right onto Chapel Ridge. At the roundabout, go north (left from the direction you were going) on Morning View Road, then left when you reach Vialetto Way. Just as Vialetto Way is coming to its highest elevation and turning left, turn right onto an under-construction roadway. In around 100 yards, turn left uphill and follow this road up to the water tank.

Fox Canyon.  Trailhead undeveloped. Northbound on Traverse Mountain Boulevard, pass by Chapel Ridge and take the next right, which is Fox Canyon Road. Park below the active construction zone and pedal uphill on the paved road until you reach the dirt road continuing up the canyon. It's around one mile from the base of the singletrack trail on the left (under construction) to the spot where Sensei crosses the Oak Hollow dirt road.

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