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Utah Valley Region Trails
Provo Canyon Area
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Aspen Grove. Singletrack climbs from Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon's North Fork to the top of the Alpine Loop. Shorter ride but significant climb, intermediate technical. Aspen forest with some views. Season late May through September.
Rattlesnake (Betty) (Timpanogos Foothills).  Popular climbing route in this complex trail system. Moderately strenuous climbing, intermediate technical. Page includes Altar-51, Buckle, Mouse Climb, and The Other Betty. Season May through October.
Big Baldy Loop.  Extremely tough, long loop ride with extensive climbing, technical downhill, rough trail surfaces. Uses Grove Creek for uphill, Dry Canyon for downhill. For strong, skilled, adventurous riders only. Season late June through September.
Big Spring HollowA Must-Ride Classic! Short-but-sweet singletrack loop in the South Fork of Provo Canyon. Meadows, forested riding, a few views of the mountains. Mild climbing, low-intermediate technical. Season May through October.
Bonneville Shoreline - Orem to Pleasant Grove. 4.5 miles out-and-back, with around 600 feet of climbing each way. Option of loop ride via road return. Foothill area with views over Utah Valley. Season April through November.
Bonneville Shoreline - Orem Bench to North Provo Canyon. Section from Orem Trailhead to Canyon Glen, includes 3 miles of doubletrack road and Great Western Trail 033 singletrack. Season late May through October.
Bonneville Shoreline - Provo Canyon South. Short singletrack climbs from the Provo River Parkway up to viewpoints overlooking Utah Valley. Moderate climb, intermediate technical, lower altitude. Season May through October.
Bonneville Shoreline - Provo City. Broad trail, usually doubletrack, contouring along the mountains above Provo from Rock Canyon to Slate Canyon. Follows the shoreline of prehistoric Lake Bonneville. Easier technical, a little climbing, lower altitude. Hot in afternoons. Season March through November, often open in winter.
Cliff Trail   (Provo Canyon). Discussed on the Race Loop page. Expert or upper-intermediate route on top of cliffs linking the Bench Road BST to the Race Loop. Season April through November.
Crop Circles   Unofficial and unmarked trail system in the foothills of Lindon. On National Forest above the Bonneville Shoreline Season April through November.
Dry Canyon - 51 Loop (Kris' Loop)   (Orem). Loop ride in the foothills on the southwest side of Mount Timpanogos, including a section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Intermediate technical, some steepish spots but not too strenuous. 7 miles with 1700 vertical feet of climbing. Season April through early December.


Grove Creek.  Up-and-back or downhill trail for advanced riders. (Most riders do this ride as a shuttled DH.) Fairly steep, exposed cliffsides, trail surface often technical. This page covers shuttled downhill version. Uphill instructions covered on Big Baldy Loop trail page. Season June through September.
Lazuli (Ireland) (Timp Foothills).  Trail climbs bench area at base of Timpanogos. Page describes a loop including Crank and Blackbird Two. Season May through mid November.
Little Baldy. Tough climb up the south side of Mount Timpanogos. Advanced technical with narrow trail, very strenuous. Options out-and-back, or two possible loop rides. Ride described is 11.5 miles with 2700 feet of climbing. Season June through October.
Murdock Canal Trail (Orem, Linden, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Highland, Lehi). Paved trail follows route of enclosed Murdock Canal for 17 miles from the mouth of Provo Canyon to Thanksgiving Point at the north end of the valley. Connections to local paved trails. Season year-round as snow allows.
Orem Bench to GWT. This trail follows the north side of lower Provo Canyon, from Canyon Glen to the outskirts of Orem. Singletrack plus doubletrack. Hot in afternoons. Season late March through October, doubletrack is often open all winter on dirt or packed snow. Map includes Orem section, Bonneville Shoreline Trail.
Pot Hollow (Little Deer Creek Loop). 2.5-mile singletrack downhill from Pole Line Pass near Cascade Springs. Ride as shuttled DH or as 12-mile loop climbing on gravel/dirt road. Substantial but non-technical climbing. Descent upper-intermediate technical. Season late June through October.
Pot Hollow via East Side Ridge Loop. Absolutely brutal vicious ride for strong experts only. Initial climb on gravel/dirt road, then 10 miles of advanced-technical singletrack. Top altitude 9700 feet, great views. Finishes with intermediate-tech descent down Pot Hollow  Season July through September.
Provo Canyon Race Loop. Must-do Classic!  Singletrack loop above the water pipeline in lower Provo Canyon. A little climbing, intermediate technical. Views up the canyon. Season April through October.
Provo River Parkway. Paved foot, bike, and rollerblade trail extends from downtown Provo up Provo Canyon past Bridal Veil Falls. Mostly shaded, good views of canyon walls. Easy technical, but good bike control required for youngsters to avoid collisions with multiple trail users. Season March through November.
Rattlesnake (Betty) (Timpanogos Foothills).  Popular climbing route in this complex trail system. Moderately strenuous climbing, intermediate technical. Page includes Altar-51, Buckle, Mouse Climb, and The Other Betty. Season May through October.
Kyhv Peak Circles.  Narrow singletrack loops follow the course of the Kyhv Peak Road. Season June through September.
Kyhv Peak "Dell" climbers.  Narrow singletrack route from lower Provo Canyon to Buffalo Peak, great for climbing to the DH route or out-and-back. Season June through September.
Kyhv Peak downhill. Series of trails from Buffalo Peak down to Provo Canyon or the valley near the canyon mouth. Some rough riding and significant navigation challenges. Season June through September, lower section from Overlook May through October.
Sundance. Ski-lift served biking on singletrack at Sundance Resort. Singletrack through forest and meadows, great downhills. Intermediate technical. Some short loose rocky tracks on the upper mountain require good skills. Season June through September.
Swift Ridge (Shooter).  Singletrack climbs from the Orem BST to Ireland in the Timpanogos foothills trails complex, 2.3 miles. Western climbing route for loop rides and red-hot descents. Intermediate technical. Page includes west ridge trails, loop options and descent options. Season April through November.
Taj Mahal (foot trail, lower Provo Canyon). Primitive trail goes east-west from Little Baldy trail to the Alta Ditch road. Page includes connected Ouch and Machu Picchu trails. Season June through mid October.
  Timpanogos Foothill area (Orem-Provo). Complex system of social trails on the bench foothills east of Orem. Page has general information plus links to individual pages on site. Season May through mid- November.
Timpanogos Perimeter (Great Western). Narrow singletrack from Timpooneke Campground to Grove Creek around Mt Timpanogos. Advanced-intermediate technical, significant climbing. Great views. Season June through September.
Windy Pass. Singletrack climb from Provo Canyon's South Fork to Windy Pass. Brutal long climb, advanced technical. For stronger riders. Season June to September.