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b-virg1.jpg (22546 bytes) Virgin River Trail

The Virgin River Trail is a paved bike and roller blade trail. The original section (on which these photos were taken) ran 2.5 miles along the banks of the Virgin River from the Dixie Center in St. George to Bloomington, but has been extended. It now continues northeast into Washington (two miles past River Road). On the south, the trail continues past Bloomington to Sun River. A portion of the section near Sun River is hard-pack roadbase but isn't paved yet. 

Picture: October 10, 1998. Diane, Alex, and Kristen cruise the VRT.

The trail sees heavy use from runners, walkers, roller bladers, and bikers. There are no steep sections. The ride is easy for even the smallest children. Tiny guys riding with training wheels and young moms pushing strollers with their roller blades are common.

Picture: Kristen rides the trail. October 10, 1998

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There is water at both ends of the trail, and at a fountain in the middle. Benches are found periodically.

The trail has extensions into St. George, Web Hill, and to River Road.

Picture: Alex shows his biking skills, with the muddy Virgin River in the background. October 10, 1998

Getting there: Bloomington.  Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (right) and drive on Tonaquint Drive until it forks onto Bloomington Drive after the hill. Spot the parking area on your left just before the river bridge. (Or, take the Bloomington exit and drive west through town. As you cross the Virgin River, you'll see a parking area on your right.)

St. George. Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit and turn east. Immediately turn south to parallel the freeway. The parking area is on your right, just after passing the wildlife museum. The eastbound trail starts on the east side of the road, opposite the parking lot. Southbound starts by the bathroom.

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