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Jordanelle Perimeter Trail

The Jordanelle Perimeter Trail extends from the Hailstone Center on the west side of the Jordanelle Reservoir around the north end, then down to the southeast corner of the lake at the Rock Cliff Nature Center. It rarely strays more than a hundred yards from the shore.

This trail, at around 6000 feet altitude, starts out easy on the Hailstone end, then becomes increasingly up-and-down as it approaches the southern end of the east shore. Most of the trail is double-track. It's 12.5 miles one-way, and is rated intermediate difficulty. Here Gary takes a slope returning to the parking lot at the Hailstone end of the trail, with the reservoir in the background.

June 11, 1998 by Bruce Argyle

Jordanelle Overview

Jordanelle Trail On our ride we spotted deer, chipmonks, and squirrels on the trail. Temperature was pleasant, with no bugs. The north end of the trail is fairly fast (safe and stable at 12 m.p.h. both directions), while the south end is a bit more technical due to rocks and slopes.

Beginners will want to ride the four miles around the north bay, then double back. Stronger cyclers can do the entire route out-and-back, but be sure to save a little leg muscle for the hills on the south end. You can drop your bike and fish just about anywhere along the trail. This is Brian at full cruising speed along one of the smoother stretches of the trail.

June 11, 1998 Bruce Argyle

Getting there: Go over Parley's Canyon on I-80. Turn south on US 40. At the Mayflower (Hailstone Center) exit, turn towards the lake. Shortly after leaving the highway (before reaching the fee station), spot a dirt road on your left with a sign saying "Perimeter Trial." Follow this road, ignoring smaller side roads, until you reach a parking area at the road's end. The trail on the right near the beginning of the parking area.

Note 2002: Condo development has apparently destroyed the access to this trail through the Hailstone area. The old highway connects to the trail (go around the north end of the lake towards Kamas and watch for it). Or you can cough up the fee to find the trail at the Rock Cliff Nature Center.  (Please let us know if this changes!)

Jordanelle Perimeter Trail Map

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