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Lower Riverview
(with Sheep Bones, DT, Sheep Pen, Free Fall)

This trail page covers the Lower Riverview singletrack, plus other trails in the Riverview/Coyote riding area that lie below and west of the Upper Riverview Trail (also known as the Sorenson or Riverview Trail). Both the trail names and the connections are evolving (as of summer 2015). Hopefully, this web page will help you sort out the fun new riding options.

View north on the Lower Riverview trail. Tracks and photos by Bruce on June 16, 2015.

You can get to these trails quickly from the Coyote Trailhead in the south or the UVU trailhead in the middle. On the north end, a short segment of Upper Riverview will take you to Sheep Bones, which drops you down to the Doubletrack where you connect to Lower Riverview. On this web page, I'll first describe the individual trails then suggest a couple of rides from the Coyote trailhead.

Note:  As of June 2015, the trail signage is a work-in-progress. The DT used to be signed as Lower Riverview (whereas that designation now refers to the singletrack). Some signs seem to indicate the trail's destination rather than the trail you're actually putting your tires on. And where two routes (Lower Riverview and Coyote) follow the same path, only one may be listed. But just keep riding and you'll get there. New trail signs are being added regularly.

The Coyote trailhead. Take the singletrack east for connections to Coyote, Lower Riverview, Sheep Pen, and Upper Riverview.

Coyote Trail

The Coyote Trail starts at the Coyote Trailhead and winds uphill. It will merge with the Coyote Lane dirt road to cross the Timpanogos Canal at mile 0.5.  Veer left onto singletrack after crossing the bridge, then fork right at 0.7 miles as the Lower Riverview singletrack continues left. Cross the Riverview Doubletrack (DT) at 0.9 then fork left uphill. (The fainter trail to the right descends back toward the trailhead.) Just after crossing the gravel Coyote Lane, Coyote will give a spur to Sheep Pen on the left at mile 1.2 (in June 2015 the connection is easy to miss -- watch for the trail sign over on Coyote Lane). The fork to Upper Riverview is further uphill at mile 2.1.

Nice trail marker!

Sheep Pen

The north end of Sheep Pen forks off the Riverview DT just a little south of the dip in the DT where the Lower Riverview singletrack merges with the DT then forks away again. The direct route to Sheep Pen is via Coyote to the Lower Riverview singletrack, keeping left at the Free Fall fork, then forking hard right as the Lower Riverview ST joins the Doubletrack. The entry to Sheep Pen is about 80 feet south on the uphill side of the DT.

Sheep Pen climbs and descends through sage and oak brush, with some open areas or rock and cheat grass.

On the south end, Sheep Pen forks off Coyote 1.2 miles from the trailhead. This trail fork is hard to spot (2015). If you miss it, try going uphill on Coyote Lane. See the map.

Sheep Pen is narrow singletrack winding through scrub oak, sage and cactus. From Coyote to the Doubletrack is 0.9 miles. The trail climbs uphill for an altitude gain of around 150 feet before descending again. On the southern side, a trail fork gives birth to Free Fall. The fork rides best if you're going clockwise on Sheep Pen -- north to south.

View to the west looking toward Midway and Timpanogos.

Free Fall

Free Fall forks away from the southern flank of Sheep Pen. It drops through swooping turns down to the DT, then takes a 30-foot jog south (left) before resuming again. The lower portion doesn't flow as smoothly, with a few too-tight turns and some rocks to navigate. It's not the Free Fall that hurts you -- it's the sudden stop when your tire hangs on the rock. Free Fall ends on the Lower Riverview Singletrack. The trail is 0.4 miles, with 150 feet of elevation change.

Bottom of Free Fall in November 2013.

Lower Riverview

Lower Riverview runs most of the length of the mountain. When combined with Upper Riverview (plus a bit of the DT, Sheep Bones and Coyote) it creates a fun front-side loop that's ready to ride early in the spring.

The Lower Riverview singletrack starts on the south combined with the Coyote Trail, just above the bridge over the canal. By keeping left at all trail forks, you'll pass Coyote's uphill route and Free Fall. You'll merge with the DT, then fork away from the DT after the dip. This section between Coyote and the UVU trailhead is plush easy riding in sage with occasional stands of scrub oak.

Needs more bike tires!

When Lower Riverview reaches the doubletrack uphill from the bridge over the canal (just uphill from the UVU trailhead), keep straight as the UVU Connector and Lower Riverview temporarily converge. As the UVU Connector turns right uphill, Lower Riverview forks away on the left. Some areas of this new northern end are a bit rough with granite boulders, so it's generally more techy than the southern end.

View south as the trail rises over a knoll.

Note:  In June 2015, the fork where Lower Riverview heads north off the UVU Connector is faint and unmarked, as the trail is still receiving the TLC it needs to be an established ride. In spots that weren't excavated the trail can be unobvious. Non-adventurous riders should ask about current conditions. I didn't have any trouble navigating, and it will get better as riders find it and wear the trail in.

Lower Riverview merges onto the Doubletrack 0.2 miles south of where Sheepbones forks from the DT. By climbing up Sheepbones to Upper Riverview, you'll have a continuous route from Coyote on the south to the Highway 32 (Riverview) trailhead on the north.

A particularly mean spot, northbound.

Riverview Doubletrack

The Riverview Doubletrack (DT) runs 3.3 miles from Highway 32 in the north (just uphill from the canal crossing) down to the bridge on Coyote Lane in the south. As it goes south, it's joined by Sheep Bones (descending from Upper Riverview), which is where most riders will begin the DT. Lower Riverview forks away 0.2 miles later, and the UVU Connector crosses at 1.4 miles after Sheep Bones.

View south. The DT is a nice mellow ride.

One mile south of the UVU Connector, the DT descends through a dip. On the left, the Lower Riverview singletrack merges.

After exiting the dip, Lower Riverview forks away again to the left. Next Sheep Pen forks right uphill, then Free Fall crosses (with the uphill and downhill segments not-quite connected). It will then veer southwest, the Coyote singletrack will cross, then it will join Coyote Lane above the bridge.

The UVU connector crosses the Doubletrack.

Sheep Bones

Sheep Bones forks off Upper Riverview 0.4 miles from the Highway 32 (Riverview) trailhead, 0.1 miles from the fork with the Coyote Loop. It descends a bit over 200 vertical feet to merge with the Doubletrack one mile later.

Sheep Bones forks away downhill, southbound on Upper Riverview.

Sheep Bones is the second-roughest trail in the system and would be considered advanced technical. There are some tight spots in the trees and a bit of rock to navigate.

Sheep Bones is probably best used as your downhill segment of front-side loop that puts Upper Riverview northbound and Lower Riverview southbound.

Ledge with a helper rock. No problem. Just hit it.

Bottom Line:

These trails make quick and fun rides during the early season, or if you happen to be in the area and want a quick turn on the saddle. Navigation can be a little daunting the first time, especially on the south end where trail forks occur in a sea of sage brush.

Thanks to the Wasatch Trails Alliance as they continue to expand and improve this riding area. Watch their Facebook feed for trail workdays and status updates.

Sample Ride, Two Free Falls from Coyote:
A taste of the southern singletrack to get you oriented. This ride starts at the Coyote Trailhead, climbs Lower Riverview (ST) to the DT, then grabs Sheep Pen clockwise for the climb. After dropping Free Fall, it runs down Lower Riverview a bit to the Coyote fork and climbs Coyote to the south end of Sheep Pen, climbing again to Free Fall and dropping from there back to the trailhead. It's 4.7 miles with 350 feet of climbing. Download GPX track below.
Two Free Falls from Coyote:
0.0   ST from Coyote TH N40 31.886 W111 24.194
0.5   Join DT N40 31.995 W111 23.943
        Cross bridge, then L on ST
0.7   Keep L on Lower Riverview (R = Coyote)
        N40 32.125 W111 23.925
0.9   Keep L on Lower Riverview (R = Free Fall)
        N40 32.162 W111 23.982
1.3   Hard R on DT N40 32.386 W111 23.922 
        100 feet, then L uphill on Sheep Pen
2.0   R onto Free Fall N40 32.299 W111 23.709
2.2   Jog 30 ft L on DT N40 32.218 W111 23.866
        R downhill to continue Free Fall
2.4   L on Lower Riverview N40 32.162 W111 23.982
2.6   L on Coyote uphill N40 32.125 W111 23.925
2.9   Cross DT, L uphill at fork N40 32.126 W111 23.820
3.1   Cross Coyote Lane N40 32.184 W111 23.740
3.2   L on Sheep Pen N40 32.191 W111 23.700
        Cross Coyote Lane again
3.3   Hard L on Free Fall  N40 32.299 W111 23.709
3.7   L on Lower Riverview N40 32.162 W111 23.982
3.9   Keep R on Lower Riverview  N40 32.125 W111 23.925
4.1   Cross bridge to Coyote ST
4.7   Back at TH
Sample Ride, "DRY RIDE" lower mountain loop w Lower Riverview ST, DT, and Sheep Pen/Free Fall:
This is a 7.8 mile ride on the lowest part of the mountain that will often be dry in early spring or after a heavy rain. It starts from the Coyote TH, takes Lower Riverview (singletrack) north, returns via the Doubletrack then jogs uphill on Sheep Pen to drop Free Fall back to Lower Riverview and on to the trailhead. Note that (as of summer 2015), the northern end of Lower Riverview is still a bit faint and techy, so new riders may want to ask about current conditions.
Lower Riverview and Doubletrack Loop w Sheep Pen:
0.0   ST from Coyote TH N40 31.886 W111 24.194
0.5   Join DT N40 31.995 W111 23.943
        Cross bridge, then L on ST
0.7   Keep L on Lower Riverview (R = Coyote)
        N40 32.125 W111 23.925
0.9   Keep L on Lower Riverview (R = Free Fall)
        N40 32.162 W111 23.982
1.3   Keep L to join DT N40 32.386 W111 23.922
1.4   Veer L on Lower Riverview ST
        N40 32.402 W111 23.983
2.2   Cross DT above canal N40 32.837 W111 24.615
2.3   L on Lower Riverview (R = UVU Connector)
        N40 32.926 W111 24.647
3.4   Hard R on DT N40 33.462 W111 25.213
4.6   Straight (UVU Connector crosses)
        N40 32.929 W111 24.541
5.5   Straight (Lower Riverview joins)
5.6   Straight on DT (R = Lwr Riverview)
        100 feet, then L uphill on Sheep Pen
        N40 32.367 W111 23.912
6.4   R on Free Fall N40 32.302 W111 23.707
6.6   Jog 30 ft L on DT N40 32.218 W111 23.866
        R downhill to continue Free Fall
6.8   L on Lower Riverview N40 32.162 W111 23.982
7.0   Keep R on Lower Riverview  N40 32.125 W111 23.925
7.2   Cross bridge to Coyote ST
7.8   Back at TH
Sample Ride, Frontside Loop w Upper and Lower Riverview:
This is a singletrack version of the older Frontside Loop, which uses the Doubletrack to close the loop (see the Riverview page). So it's a tad longer, more techy and more satisfying. This loop starts at Coyote, climbs up to Upper Riverview and heads north. Near Riverview TH, the route drops down Sheep Bones to the DT, then quickly drops left onto Lower Riverview. The loop stays on Lower Riverview back to Coyote and the trailhead. This loop is 11.7 miles with around 2000 vertical feet of overall climbing.
Frontside Loop w Lower Riverview:
0.0   ST from Coyote TH N40 31.886 W111 24.194
0.5   Join DT N40 31.995 W111 23.943
        Cross bridge, then L on ST
0.7   Go R on Coyote
        N40 32.125 W111 23.925
0.9   Cross DT, L uphill (R = back toward TH)
        N40 32.133 W111 23.824
1.1   Cross Coyote Lane N40 32.184 W111 23.741
1.2   Keep R (L = to Sheep Pen)
        N40 32.191 W111 23.700
2.1   Fork L on Riverview N40 32.364 W111 23.405
2.4   Coyote Lane, jog 30 ft downhill to resume ST
        N40 32.541 W111 23.387
3.9   Keep L (R uphill = Chop'd Coyote)
        N40 33.070 W111 24.047
4.1   Keep R (L downhill = UVU Connector)
        N40 33.207 W111 24.238
6.0   Keep R (L = viewpoint spur)
        N40 33.704 W111 25.006
7.1   Hard L downhill on Sheep Bones
        N40 34.329 W111 25.057
8.1   Join DT (keep L) N40 33.621 W111 25.278
8.3   R downhill on Lower Riverview
        N40 33.460 W111 25.213
9.4   Keep R (L = UVU Connector uphill)
        N40 32.926 W111 24.647
9.5   Cross DT above canal N40 32.837 W111 24.615
10.4 Join DT, keep R N40 32.404 W111 23.988
10.5 Fork R to resume ST N40 32.386 W111 23.922
10.8 Keep R (L = Free Fall) N40 32.162 W111 23.982
11.0 Keep R ((L = Coyote) N40 32.125 W111 23.924
11.2 Cross bridge to ST
11.7 Back at TH
Getting there:
Riverview Trailhead:  
From Salt Lake, take I-80 eastbound to Silver Creek Junction (just past Park City). Go south on US-40, past the Jordanelle reservoir and descend past the dam. At the traffic light at mile 14.2 from I-80, turn left on 32 and climb 1.1 miles. When you see the second entry into Riverview on your left, note the gravel parking area on your right N40 34.403 W111 25.214. That's your spot.
From Utah County, drive up Provo Canyon to Heber. At the traffic light on US-189/US-40, turn left and drive north through Heber. 4.7 miles from the intersection, turn right on Highway 32 and climb 1.1 miles to the parking area as above.
UVU Wasatch Campus Trailhead:   One mile south of the junction of Highway 40 and 32 (a couple of miles north of Heber), turn east (toward the mountain) at the UVU campus. Go to the uppermost level of parking behind the UVU buildings. Look for the duck-under and kiosk N40 32.798 W111 24.735. A singletrack trail climbs 1.5 miles to the Riverview Trail.
Coyote Trailhead:    Two miles south of the junction of Highway 40 and 32, turn east (toward the mountain) on Coyote Lane. Just after the road crosses a canal, turn left into the parking lot. The singletrack starts at the northeast corner at the step-over, where you'll also find a repair stand and a kiosk with a trail map. The Coyote singletrack takes you uphill. After merging with the gravel road to cross the bridge, veer left onto singletrack then keep generally right and uphill at the trail forks.
Alternate trailheads:
(1) 32 sheep road. As of 2013, there's no formal trailhead here. Drive up Highway 32 four miles. Look for a gravel road on the right side N40 35.430 W111 23.389. You can park along the road and clamber over the fence near the (locked) gate. Ride uphill on doubletrack and find the singletrack on your left about 100 yards uphill. You'll reach the fork that starts the loop 1/2 mile from the highway.
(2) Canal.  Just uphill from the light on highway 32, watch for the canal crossing. Park along the road. Start riding south on the doubletrack just uphill from the canal.
Riding resources:
Single-page, printable trail guides
     Lower loop w Sheep Pen / Free Fall
     Frontside Loop with Lower singletrack
GPS track files (right-click and "Save as..."):
     Multi-track GPX area master file
     Two Free Falls   Low Loop (Lwr ST, DT)
     Frontside Loop w Lower Riverview
Maps for printing:   H-Res topo map 
Lodging, camping, shops:   Links to area resources

Other Riverview area trail pages
    Coyote Loop    Riverview    Chop'd Coyote

Bathrooms:  No public restrooms nearby.
Water:  Gas stations in Heber, campgrounds.
Camping:  Hailstone campground at Jordanelle on US-40, about 6 miles away.
Bike services:  Slim and Knobby's bike shop, Heber

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