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Lazy EZ Loop Trail

The Lazy EZ loop is part of the "Brand Trails" system just north of Moab. This 3.1-mile lariat-shape singletrack loop is inserted inside the Bar M loop. The mellow riding is suitable for early intermediates and good beginners. There's a bit of mild up-and-down for around 150 vertical feet of climbing. It's a great trail for those just getting started with singletrack.

View of a typical trail section near the south end of Lazy. Photos and evaluation ride March 23, 2011 by Bruce.

The northern end of Lazy-EZ forks off the doubletrack "Short Loop", just 1/2 dirt-road mile from the parking area. On the left is the North 40 trailhead. Fork right. After 0.1 mile, the trail splits into Lazy (eastern trail) and EZ (western). Whichever trail you choose, after about 1.5 miles the trails reach the Bar M loop about 100 feet apart. Beginners can loop back, while most riders will continue on for a longer ride.

A young lady climbs the gentle slope northbound on EZ. 

At the south end of the Lazy-EZ loop, you can head south on the Bar M loop. Or, just across from where EZ hits Bar M, the singletrack Deadman's Ridge trail heads south to join the Bar B. (Deadman's Ridge is an advanced tech trail. For now, it simply joins the Bar B a little bit from its origin on the south end of Bar M. A new section under construction will take you all the way to the end of the Bar B.)

Southbound on EZ, we hug the edge of a ridge. Across the valley are the Wingate sandstone cliffs of the Gemini Bridges area.

You can ride the loop either direction. Most riders take Lazy southbound and circle back north via EZ -- a clockwise loop. But I rode it counterclockwise, so neener neener my ride description forces you to ride Lazy-EZ as EZ-Lazy.

Here the EZ trail goes between two ledges in the Salt Wash sandstone of the Morrison Formation (Jurassic Period).

The singletrack is smooth. For the most part, the few rock outcrops are mellow enough for beginners to practice their get-yer-butt-off-the-saddle skills. I don't remember any areas that should make kids or Moms nervous.

Many areas of trail are armored with rock slab to prevent trenching. 

From Lazy, there are views to the southeast of the La Sal Mountains. Directly east are the domes of Entrada sandstone in Arches National Park.

EZ offers views of the Wingate cliffs across the highway to the west. EZ has a little more interesting riding surface as the trail hugs the edge of a small ridge.

The La Sal Mountains loom above the southern end of the trail, as seen from Lazy.

The Lazy-EZ loop will be used by riders of all skill levels. For the beginner, it's nice non-threatening singletrack, long enough to be satisfying yet not exhausting. For experts, it's a more interesting way to get from the Bar M parking down to the expert-level trails on the south and east: it creates a singletrack route through Deadman's, Bar B, Rockin A, and Circle O.

Heading back north on Lazy after completing EZ on a counterclockwise ride.

Lazy-EZ Loop, counterclockwise:
0.0   Exit parking southbound on DT N38 39.223 W109 40.468
0.3   Fork L on "Bar M Short Loop" DT
        N38 39.008 W109 40.291
0.6   Fork R off DT onto Lazy-EZ singletrack
        N38 39.187 W109 39.990
0.7   Keep R for counterclockwise loop on EZ
        N38 39.169 W109 39.855
2.0   Stay L on main trail; don't go to DT yet
2.1   Temporarily join DT eastbound (Left)
        N38 38.574 W109 39.310  (option: Deadman's Ridge across DT)
        150 feet later fork L onto Lazy ST  N38 38.573 W109 39.280
3.6   Rejoin EZ, keep R and northbound
3.7   Back at DT, go L
4.0   R on DT northbound
4.3   Back at parking

View north as we ride the Lazy trail.

Getting there:  From the north, exit I-70 at Cresent Junction and drive south on US-191 for 22 miles. From Moab, drive 7 miles north from the Colorado River on 191. When you see the Gemini Bridges parking area, look for a gravel road on the opposite side (east, away from the cliffs). Turn onto the gravel road and immediately go right, then right again into the parking area. GPS N 38 39.38' W 109 40.66'. The Bar M trail starts by riding the gravel road south.
Alternate: From Moab, ride the Old Highway 191 (paved trail) until you reach the Bar M sign. Then, instead of ducking under the road, step through the break in the fence on the right.  The gravel trail is the Bar M trail. The "Short Loop" trail heads east right where you exit the paved trail.
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