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Eagle Crest

The Eagle Crest trail is part of Draper's excellent trail system, even though technically it lies in Utah County. It runs 2.5 miles east-to-west just below the southern edge of Traverse Mountain, and is the key to riding the trails on the south slope. While not actually in Corner Canyon, it's part of that trail system. It extends from the Maple Hollow (Deer Ridge) trailhead (also used for Maple Hollow DH and Ann's Connector trail) to Suncrest Drive near the Traverse Ridge saddle, across the road from the combined beginning of the Mercer Hollow and Mercer Mountain trails. 

From the top of Maple Hollow, we're looking east at Mount Timpanogos. Original ride review by Bruce in 2008, latest update with new photos, map, GPS track and updated ride information September 20, 2016.

On Eagle Crest's western end, a 2016 re-route bypasses the previous long meander down into Maple Hollow South. (This old route is now part of the Maple Hollow South trail.) Other portions of the trail were widened and smoothed. If you haven't done Eagle Crest since summer 2016, you should know it's now significantly easier both technically and aerobically. Other recent changes are the addition of Mercer Hollow at the eastern end, plus Vertigo and Levitate near the Eagle Crest trailhead in the middle of the trail.

We've just exited the underpass on a west-to-east ride. Straight ahead is Maple Hollow South. Eagle Crest goes left (eastbound) here.

The western end of Eagle Crest is 200 feet higher than the eastern, with about 350 vertical feet of climbing when done east-to-west. The top altitude is around 6000 feet. These south-facing slopes clear of snow sooner than Corner Canyon, so the usual riding season will be late April through mid-December.

View southwest at Utah Lake as we skirt Maple Hollow in this 2013 photo.

The reworked trail is early-intermediate in tech requirement, with no significant tech challenges. The base is broad, although trailside weeds may encroach at some times of the season. It's easy aerobically, with steady gentle pitches on climbing and descents. It rides equally well in either direction.

Following the contours of the mountain as the trail veers temporarily southbound, enjoying the newly-buffed trail.

The trail can be done from the Maple Hollow trailhead on Deer Ridge Road (see below) as an out-and-back of 5 miles with 450 vertical feet of climbing. You can also access the trail from its midpoint at the Eagle Crest Trailhead for a ride in either direction. Just west of the Eagle Crest trailhead, the new Vertigo and Levitate downhill trails branch off of the Eagle Crest trail.

The terrain is a mixture of grass meadows and stands of gambel oak with occasional maples. There are almost-constant expansive views of Utah Valley to the south.

Looking west, we see Eagle Crest meandering along the slope heading for the underpass that leads to the Maple Hollow trailhead.

At this time, there's no developed trailhead on the eastern end. But savvy bikers can find their way on doubletrack between Eagle Crest and the Peak View trailhead (Rush, Ann's, Brock's Point and Canyon Hollow). See the Peak View connectors page. New in 2016 is the Mercer Hollow trail, just uphill across Traverse Ridge Road from the eastern end of Eagle Crest. You can use these options for loop rides.

Little Rocky leans on a trail sign as we head eastbound. To the right is the connector to Maple Hollow South, 1/2 mile from the trailhead.

In September 2016, there are only three trail forks, all on the far west end. Two of these take you down into Maple Hollow South, while one climbs to the road. Just keep level if you want to stay on Eagle Crest. (Note:  The canyons on the north and south side of the Deer Ridge trailhead area are BOTH named Maple Hollow. I will call the Utah County version Maple Hollow South, and the Salt Lake County canyon simply Maple Hollow.)

The Maple Hollow South Connector can be seen below us. The red trees are maple, the green is oak. Sorry about the hazy valley view -- there's a foothill fire above Springville.

Ride Option 1:  West to East, for out-and-back or loop

In your car, go west on Deer Ridge Drive from the 4-way stop at the top of Traverse Ridge. (From Utah County on Suncrest Drive, go straight. From SLC on Traverse Ridge Road, go right.) After one mile, turn right on Elk Glen Drive (just before the road crosses a bridge) and then immediately left into the Maple Hollow Trailhead parking.

On your bike, turn left downhill (south) just after leaving the sidewalk. Descend through the tunnel. Turn left (east) as Maple Hollow South forks south downhill. In 0.3 miles, keep straight as a trail from the road joins. At 0.5 miles, again keep straight and level as the Maple Hollow South Connector forks right downhill.

More nice trail. Very much a "cruiser" compared to the old version.

Just after mile 1.0, the trail joins doubletrack for about 100 feet before forking away. Veer left uphill to join the DT. The first trail on the right is Vertigo, a downhill flow trail. The second right-hand trail, a 180-degree turn, is Levitate, a jumping trail. For Eagle Crest eastbound, take the most uphill trail branching off the doubletrack on the right, just uphill from Vertigo.

At mile 1.2, approach the fence of the Eagle Crest trailhead, but turn right and ride around the fence to the south side. Turn left to join the spur from the trailhead. 

At mile 2.5, you're at Suncrest Drive (the road to Traverse Ridge from Utah County). Now backtrack, or find your way to another trail.

Getting closer to the Eagle Crest trailhead, we've got a view of Timpanogos (middle) and Cascade Mountain (right).

Ride Option 2:  Loop with Mercer Hollow and Maple Hollow South (7.5 mi)
(see Mercer Hollow page for mile-by-mile)

At the east end of Eagle Crest, cross the road. Ride uphill 200 feet, passing a primitive parking area. Just before the new road (under construction 2016), there's a fire hydrant. In the oak brush nearby, you'll see singletrack heading southeast. That's Mercer Hollow.

Keep right at the first trail fork to descend Mercer Hollow. As the singletrack ends on a narrow cindered road, keep straight, crossing over to doubletrack heading south. Stay on the DT until you hit Suncrest Drive, then turn right uphill on the road.

Zipping through gambel oak on the eastern side of the trail, westbound in this older photo.

After 100 yards, cross the road to Brooklings Drive heading west. At the intersection, turn uphill, then left on Brookside Drive. At the top of Brookside, fork left on the new Maple Hollow South singletrack. (Option: The traditional Maple Hollow South trail is found by taking the DT around the retention pond to the north end.)

Keep right at the next trail fork. You'll rejoin the old trail 1/2 mile uphill (turn right to continue uphill). At the signed trail fork a bit further uphill, go left to climb Maple Hollow South back to the underpass.

Looking southwest. Here the trail hugs grassy "rehab" hillsides below the homes of Suncrest.

Ride Option 3:  Loop with Ann's Trail (8.6 miles)

From the east end of Eagle Crest, go 200 yards north on Suncrest Drive. Hop on a doubletrack (or road) heading northeast. Just keep heading in that general direction until you find yourself at the Peak View trailhead a mile after leaving Eagle Crest.

From the trailhead, head west on Ann's Trail. Keep uphill at Rush and Clarks. At Potato Hill, mile 2.2 from Peak View, turn left and go through the underpass. Again keep uphill as you pass connectors to the Little Valley trails.

Beginning the final descent to Suncrest Drive, looking southwest in this 2013 photo.

At mile 3.6 of Ann's Trail, the Maple Hollow DH joins on the left, then forks to the right downhill. A half-mile later, turn hard left uphill on Ann's Connector and climb up to the trailhead.

Ride Option 4:  See the Suncrest Loop page for a bigger, meaner ride option -- a clockwise ride, descending Maple Hollow to the Bonneville Shoreline, climbing Clark's to Peak View, then descending Porcupine and Two Hollows to Mercer Mountain, then crossing to Eagle Crest westbound. You can shave a couple of miles (and a bit of climbing) by taking the gravel road from the Peak View trailhead and continuing on Canyon Pointe Road to Suncrest Drive. See the map here.

Almost there. We're seeing a little bit of the Salt Lake east bench as the trail goes north to its end on Suncrest Drive. To the right, you see a bit of road construction that will change the area east of Suncrest.

Bottom Line:  Great trail for many types of ride, from beginner's cruise to long pedalfest loops to flaming downhills. Great views. Worth your time.

Eagle Crest with Ann's Loop from Maple Hollow TH:
0.0   L south downhill to underpass
        N40 28.542 W111 51.056
0.1   L on Eagle Crest N40 28.489 W111 50.993
0.3   Keep R (L = to road) N40 28.519 W111 50.824
0.5   Keep L (R = Maple Hollow connector)
        N40 28.394 W111 50.715
1.0   L uphill on DT N40 28.350 W111 50.255
        Pass entry to Vertigo
        R on ST Eagle Crest
1.2   Skirt trailhead fence to south end
        N40 28.354 W111 50.174
2.5   Suncrest Drive, cross N40 28.692 W111 49.402
        Uphill 150 feet, L on road N40 28.726 W111 49.453
2.9   Veer L to DT uphill northbounde
        N40 29.007 W111 49.386
3.1   Keep straight as DTs join
        N40 29.126 W111 49.351
3.4   L into Peak View TH, through fence
        N40 29.294 W111 49.244
        L to Ann's Trail
3.6   L uphill (R = Clarks) N40 29.206 W111 49.383
5.5   L through tunnel (R = Potato Hill)
        N40 29.274 W111 50.828
5.7   Keep L uphill (R = Little Valley)
        N40 29.177 W111 50.817
5.9   Keep L (R = Little Valley) N40 29.063 W111 50.914
7.0   Keep straight, then L uphill
        N40 28.636 W111 51.343
        (Maple Hollow DH crosses)
7.4   L uphill on Ann's Connector
        N40 28.506 W111 51.580
8.6   Back at parking
Getting there: From I-15 in Salt Lake City, take the Bluffdale exit and head east on Highland Drive toward the mountains. As you reach the traffic light at the top of the hill, about 3/4 mile after leaving the freeway, turn right on Traverse Ridge Road. Drive about two miles up to the top of the mountain to the stop sign.
From Utah County, get on the Timpanogos Highway. At the Lehi-Highland border, go north on Highland Blvd at the big stop light east of Smiths. This will become Suncrest Drive as it enters Draper. Climb to the stop sign at the top of the hill.
Deer Ridge (Maple Hollow) trailhead:  At the stop sign in Suncrest, get on Deer Ridge Drive (right turn from SLC, straight from Utah Co). Go 0.9 miles. Just before the road crosses a bridge, turn right onto Elk Glen Drive and immediately turn left to park at the small picnic area.
Eagle Crest trailhead:
  From the hill-top stop sign above, go south on Traverse Ridge Road (straight from SLC, left turn from Utah Co). To to the end of the road and park.
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