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Farm Trail at Eagle Mountain

The Farm Trail lies west of Saratoga Springs, just to the south of the eastern end of Eagle Mountain. The singletrack sits on a broad gently-sloping alluvial fan at the base of Lake Mountain. The trail is a quick and easy ride. It's suitable for beginners and kids.

Looking northwest down the Farm Trail. Across the valley are Traverse Ridge (the pale spot is Geneva Rock) and Lone Peak. This photo August 8, 2015.

Eagle Mountain has some awesome and challenging singletrack rides. But this is not a high-voltage ride. I have no other photos to show you because, after snapping the trailhead photo above, I waited for an interesting photo op and waited all the way back to the car. It wasn't until I was on the way home that I thought "Did I take enough pictures? Or ANY pictures?" So the following photos are from the Ridgeline Trail above the Mountain Ranch Bike Park in Eagle Mountain, which I rode the same day.

The Farm Trail is a loop consisting of 2.2 miles of singletrack and 0.2 miles of dirt road. The main loop is a quick ride that has no technical challenges. There's a little advanced-tech add-on of 0.4 miles that can put some extra oomph into a second lap. 

Here's what you're missing. This limestone outcrop is a challenge on the Ridgeline Trail on the other side of the mountain.

Not the Farm Trail!

Not the Farm Trail!
The trail alternately descends down the slope to the edge of the dry farm, then turns to climb partway back up a couple of times before connecting to the road again. The path follows the fall lines, which means the trail will tend to trench as years go by. In some ways, the alignment has a motorcycle feel to it, as opposed to mountain bike.

I'd recommend this trail to beginners who are seeking some easy cruising, and are not particularly fussy about scenery.

A nice cambered turn as we descend the Ridgeline Flow down towards Golden Eagle and Jupiter above the bike park. Also not on this trail.

One other factor to consider:  The trail lies just downhill from a massive informal weekend shooting gallery. During my ride multiple groups were noisily adding lead to the hillside. Not one quiet second. The southernmost group of idiots were shooting in a way that sent occasional ricochet bullets buzzing above the sagebrush plain where I was riding.

On my way back out, I saw shooters walking uphill to check their target, which they'd placed conveniently right in the middle of the Flintstone Trail. If you like riding in peace and quiet, perhaps you should stop the car at pavement's end and listen -- then head for another riding spot if you hear sounds of warfare.

This ramp leads to a drop versus roll-down at the highest point on the ridge of the Ridgeline Trail.

Not the Farm Trail!

Getting there:
You can drive directly to the loop, or you can pedal the dirt road from the official "trailhead" on Porters Crossing Parkway. Or you can reach it by descending Lake Mountain on Flintstone or Shooting Gallery (appropriately named).  To drive to the trailhead, take Redwood Road (11600 West) southbound. Cross SR-73 and go south to the Pony Express Parkway and turn right (west). As you reach Eagle Mountain, turn left (south) and drive to the end of the pavement. The loop is 1.2 miles south on the dirt road. At 1.1 miles, the road splits and you should veer left down into the wash. You'll see a narrow singletrack on your left just after you climb out of the wash. (If you arrived at an area with a log fence, you went the wrong way.)

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