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Celebrate the appearance of the groundhog!

8th Annual

Frozen Hog!


Winter Mountain Bike Race

9 a.m. Saturday February 6, 2010
Lambert Park, Alpine UT

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Please see the site for official race information and registration!
With the 2010 race, Bike Peddler of American Fork has assumed the role of sponsor and organizer of the Frozen Hog winter race. will continue to assist with this race in a volunteer role. The information on this page is preliminary and is based on previous years' races. Details may be changed at the discretion of Bike Peddler.
  Lambert Park sits on the border of the national forest on the east bench of Alpine Utah. Terrain is hillside slopes with patches of oak, maple, and cedar. The main race loop will be marked for pre-riding at least a week before the race.
Amenities:  The Bowery Pavilion has picnic tables and a roof. We wrap the pavilion in clear plastic to keep the wind out. There's a bathroom and water on-site. Nearest lodging is American Fork or Lehi, about six miles away.
Check-in:  Bowery Pavilion (see map) in Lambert Park, beginning at 8 am. Pre-race briefing at 8:50. Parking at the Bowery will be limited to available space. Overflow parking is available at the Rodeo Grounds, connected via a short trail or by 1/3 mile of paved road. 
Race course:
  The race will start at the Bowery. We anticipate a Le Mans-type start, as racers jog through a short snowbound shakeout loop. The main race loop will be about 3 miles, half singletrack and half broad doubletrack. The course splits at the south end to add a tough upper-mountain adventure for the Experts. Some race groups may be combined (rather a separate start for each category) to get everyone on the trail quickly. For example, the entire Expert division may start as a single group. Other groups will follow 1 or 2 minutes apart. The race loop may be changed at the last minute based on conditions!
Conditions: Winter. Got a problem with that?. If major snowstorms bury the trail, we shovel the snow for the race. There's a fire pit near the pavilion. Post-race cold has never been a problem so far, but come prepared.
Entry fee: 
$25 pre-registered ($35 day-of-race). Includes Frozen Hog t-shirt, winner's ribbons, and bragging rights as a crazy biker.  Pre-registration strongly encouraged -- due to the winter conditions and location we must limit the number of racers.
Glory:  We've had racer action photos each of the last 6 races. Details will be included in your swag bag. Remember your racer number so you can find your photo more quickly, and visit the photo site a few days after the race to buy a great memory.
Individual awards for racing categories, grand champion award for the fastest expert rider, and 4-person team competitions, as listed below. Award are immediately after the race.
Division Awards:  1st through 3rd receive ribbons plus merchandise prizes.
Expert Men (Shakeout + 2 Big Laps, 8.5 miles) -- 18-29 30-39 40+
Expert Women (Shakeout + 2 Big Laps, 8.5 miles) all ages -- -- --
Sport Men (Shakeout + 2 Laps, 7.2 miles) 13-17 18-29 30-39 40+
Sport Women (Shakeout + 2 Laps, 7.2 miles) 13-17 18-29 30+ --
Singlespeed (Shakeout + 2 Laps, 7.2 miles) all ages -- -- --
Men 50-plus (Ride Sport distance) -- -- -- --
12 & under (Short Laps, approx 1.5 miles) -- -- -- --

Overall Champion: The fastest Expert-class racer receives a special award. In the past 3 years, this was a motel stay in Moab.
Team Competition:
  Any four racers can form a team. (There is no extra fee; only extra prizes.) Give yourself a team name and identify the other 3 racers on your team. The team with the highest point total gets possession of the "traveling trophy" for one year.

 4-person Teams
     points awarded
     to individual riders
     to make team total
Expert Men/Women
1st = 10 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 4 points
Sport Men/Women
1st = 7 points
2nd = 4 points
3rd = 2 points
1st = 7 points
2nd = 4 points
3rd = 2 points
1st = 6 points
2nd = 4 points
3rd = 2 points
          Registration status:  Expect registration to open after December 1.  Limited to total 150 racers.
               Mail-in registrations may be posted earlier, but will be accepted only until the "cap" of 150 racers is reached.
               We reserve the right to accept "VIP" riders on a case-by-case basis beyond 150. (Contact the race organizers.)
               Alpine residents are considered VIPs, but please please register early!
          Current available racer slots:
          (1) Welcome Bike Peddler of American Fork as the managing partner in this race!

          (2) This year the course features a more-difficult section on the upper mountain, for expert-class riders only.
          (3) Because 12-and-under racers are not on the main race loop, they do NOT apply to the 150-racer limit.
          (4) 12-and-unders may register day-of-race for $25.
          (5) "Winter Rules" apply. Where the trail is too narrow for two riders, the overtaking rider may call for a clean pass
               once he or she is within 20 feet of the front rider. The front rider must then find a spot to get out of the riding lane
               within 15 seconds.
          (6) Racers may NOT use iPods or other headphone devices during the race.

Click to enlarge and print map.

[ Frozen Hog web site (registration) ]
 [ Street Map ]  [ Trail Map 2010 race ]  [ GPS track GPX ]

Getting there: Drive into Alpine. Go straight through the roundabout (continue north). When you come to the stop sign, turn right (east) onto 200 North. Drive to the next stop sign. Turn left (north) onto 200 East. 200 East will become Grove Drive. Go 2 miles north on Grove Drive. When the road hits a T intersection, fork right across the river, then fork right again. 100 yards later, the road to the Bowery heads uphill on the left.

NOTICE!  To prevent trail damage, please pre-ride in the morning or
when overcast conditions allow the trail surface to stay frozen into the afternoon.
Avoid riding on sunny afternoons when the trail is slushy or muddy.

The fine print:  You must wear a helmet to participate.  Winter riding is inherently dangerous.  This is a challenging race on slippery surfaces near rocks and trees.  You are the sole person responsible to determine if you are skilled enough and healthy enough to participate in this race. You must ride in control at all times.  By registering for this race, you have agreed that we're not liable if you should injure or kill yourself, break equipment, or suffer medical illness or injury from exposure to cold temperatures.

And please, for your own safety, do not annoy the groundhog.

If you have to ask why we ride in the snow,
you wouldn't understand anyway.

Race volunteers:  Contact Josh at Bike Peddler