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Frozen Hog 2007

157 racers registered for the 2007 Frozen Hog race February 3 in Lambert Park, Alpine. We had our usual buff Wasatch Front contingent, but also had registrants from California, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. There were 14 age-and-skill categories. The race winner was Bart Gillespie from Salt Lake City, finishing his shakeout lap and three main laps in 42:29. The four-person team competition was won by Racers Cycle Service of Provo, with three 1st places and one 2nd place for 34 total "podium points." Congratulations to Erin Collins, Josh Wolfe, Kenny Jones, and Brad Keys for their defense of the trophy.

Principle sponsors of this event are and Racers Cycle Service.

The trail included a short packed doubletrack shakeout loop, then linked via the Spring singletrack to a 2.8-mile main race loop. The trail was about 70% snowpacked, with some frozen ruts and exposed rocks on the southern end of the loop. Overall, the trail was very fast.

Passing opportunities were much better this year, as the snow on the shoulders of the trail wasn't very deep in most spots.

Getting ready to race in the crisp 16-degree air.

Heading into the shakeout loop. The biggest category was
Sport Men 30-39, with 32 racers finishing.

The corner at the bottom of the shakeout loop was a doozy.
A few racers slid into each other on this tight turn.

There was one injury (a dislocated finger) during the race, our first in the five years of the Frozen Hog.

For 2007, the increased interest in this race made us cap the number of racers and add new categories. Watch for a Clydesdale division next year.

Thanks to Gene Poncelet, Kris Nosack, Sally Hutchings, and Stephen Hales for the photos on this page and the "more photos" page.

The singletrack was in good shape
with many spots to pass.

Reaching the lap/finish fork in the trail.
It's getting warmer now.

Heather Hemingway-Hales finishes her two laps
and heads for the finish.

Sprinting up the snow-packed road to the finish line.

Into the finish zone. Temperatures were very pleasant by
the end of the race.

Racers check their positions on the leaderboard, while
Mike Engberson and Sally Hutchings confer.

Matt Flygare gets the loot ready for the awards. Goodies
included motel stays in Moab, gift certificates, and a load
of bike gear and clothing.

For the 3rd year in a row, Racers Cycle Service fielded
the winning team. Here Erin Collins (2nd Expert Women), Josh Wolfe (1st Expert Men 18-29), Kenny Jones (1st Expert Men 40+), and Brad Keys (1st Singlespeed) show the trophy.

The 2007 Frozen Hog is a not-for-profit event. Money raised by this race is donated for improvement of mountain bike trails. Thanks, riders, for your part in improving our bike trails.

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     Lambert Park trail preparation countdown page
     Race course map
     Race results
     More photos from the Frozen Hog 07
     Racer Photos (Joaquim Hailer Digital Event Photography)

Please remember these businesses as friends of mountain biking. Approximately $2500 in goods and services was distributed as raffle and winner's prizes to racers at the Frozen Hog.

Thanks to Alpine City for allowing us to use the Lambert Park Pavilion, rest room, and trail system. And a special "thank you" to private landowners for permission to use trails on their land.


Volunteer Organization Role
Mike Engberson Race coordinator, t-shirt sponsor logos, paperwork prep, on-line registration, site prep, check-in, racer times, head judge, awards, raffle prizes, cleanup, trail cleanup.
Bruce Argyle Frozen Hog logo, trail layout, trail marking, trail preparation, site prep, starter, medical standby, finish line caller, award announcer, cleanup, trail rehab, video editor, web page assembler.
Matt Flygare Sponsor relations, prize procurement, site prep, music, video camera #1, prizes, cleanup.
Dominic Bria Site prep, tag puller, cleanup.
Chad Hunter Site prep, course marshall, lap completion judge, cleanup.
Craig Skidmore Alpine City Trails Race course plan and layout, city liason.
Richard Williams UMB race team Heater for pavillion, parking, race timer/judging, cleanup.
Steve Winters UMB race team 12-and-under race, finish line tag puller.
Ben Hutchings UMB race team Racer direction, finish-line times documentation, cleanup.
Sally Hutchings UMB race team Racer direction, swag bags, leaderboard management, cleanup.
Dan Hutchings UMB race team Parking, swag, cleanup.
Kris Nosack UMB race team Check-in, race direction, finish-line posting and spotting, cleanup.
Julie Hunter UMB race team Check-in, swag bags, cleanup.
Vince Bria UMB race team Parking and road crossing, campfire.
Mike Both Swag bags, finish line racer time documentation, cleanup.
Diane Argyle Swag bags, Go-fer, cleanup.
Kristen Argyle Swag bags, Video camera 2
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