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Trails - Photos, descriptions, and maps: Main Menu
  Northern Utah - Salt Lake Area - Menu
    Albion Basin - Nice alpine family ride!
    Alexander Creek - Parley's hill climb
    Ann's to Eagle Crest
    Bald Mountain Little Dell Loop - Rugged and long
    Bald Mountain Backside Loop - Rugged and longer
    Bobsled - Awesome downhill
    Bonneville Shoreline Trail - northern SLC
    Bonneville Shoreline - Draper
    Bonneville Shoreline - southern SLC
    Butterfield Canyon - gravel road climb - Copper Mine
    Canyon Hollow - Corner Canyon
    Connectors Suncrest to Rush
    Corner Canyon Winter Route - Nice!
    Desolation Lake (Upper Mill Creek) - Great climb!
    Dog Lake - Salt Lake's classic canyon ride!
    Draper Race Loop - Clark's Trail
    Draper Rim Trail - So many possibilities
    Ensign Peak - BST north SLC to Bountiful
    Germania Dirt Trail - tiny loop in Murray
    Ghost Falls - Loop or via Clarks
    Jacobs Ladder - Gnarly downhill
    Little Cottonwood Creek - Low-altitude alpine climb
    Little Mountain to Killyun Canyon - Emigration Ride
    Little Valley - Little loop off Ann's Trail
    Lookout Peak - Big Mountain Loop - Yeah, baby!
    Mill Creek Pipeline - Cruising canyon singletrack
    Mill D North Fork - Tech singletrack
    Oak Vista to Eagle Crest Loop - Suncrest
    Potato Hill Trail - Corner Canyon
    Rattler - New east-side options
    Rush "bike flow" Trail - Corner Canyon
    Snowbird - Singletrack, plus tram-road climb
    Solitude Resort Loop - Tech singletrack
    Stansbury Island - Advanced off-season riding!
    Suncrest Loop Trail - At Traverse Ridge
    Traverse Ridge - Hill climb
    Wasatch Crest Trail - Ridgetop alpine biking
    Yellow Fork - Oquirrh singletrack loop

  Northern Utah - Utah Valley Area - Menu
    Alpine East Bench - Lambert Park
    Alpine Perimeter - "First Blood" Chute!
    Ant Knolls - High altitude views
    Aspen Grove Summit - Climb the quakies!
    Bear Canyon Loop - Advanced DH
    Bennie Creek - Very nice downhill
    Bennie to Beaver Dam Loop - EPIC ride
    Big Baldy Loop - Really tough ride
    Big Spring Hollow - Nice little loop
    Blackhawk Trail - Nebo Loop singletrack! 
    Bonneville Shoreline - Orem to Pleasant Grove
    Bonneville Shoreline - Provo Canyon section  
    Bonneville Shoreline - Provo City section
    Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge Loop
    Connectors Suncrest to Rush
    Crop Circles
    Deer Creek Parkway - Reservoir section
    Deer Creek South Fork - Excellent alpine loop!
    Fifth Water Ridge - Nice Spanish Fork Canyon loop
    Five-mile Pass - ATV-area race course 
    Flintstone Trail - Expert-level DH
    Forest Lake Loop - AF Canyon North Fork
    Hobble Creek canyon paved trail
    Hog Hollow - Winter and early-spring insanity!
    Holman Trail - Extreme tech AF canyon
    Holman Canyon - Upper-tech Nebo Loop area
    Horse Flat - Alpine Loop area singletrack
    Jones Ranch - Easier singletrack in Payson Canyon
    Jordan River Parkway - Easy paved river cruising
    Little Baldy - Tough climb but worth it
    Lizard Lake - Loop or DH route
    Lone Peak Access - Winter thigh-burning workout!
    Mahogany Mountain - above PG 
    Mercer Canyon - Climb Lake Mountain
    Mill Canyon Peak Loop - Brutal singletrack
    Monks Hollow - Diamond Fork ATC "cruise"
    Mountain Ranch Bike Park - skills area, DH trails
    Mud Spring - Mill Canyon Loop - Tech AF Canyon
    Mud Spring Downhill route
    Murdock Canal Trail - paved bliss
    North Fork, American Fork Canyon
    Orem Bench to GWT - Off-season riding
    Provo Canyon Race Loop - extended-season singletrack
    Provo River Parkway - Great family paved canyon ride!
    Ridge Trail 157 - American Fork Summit
    Rock Springs Loop - Payson Canyon singletrack
    Sheepherder Trail - Undulating singletrack
    Shram Creek Loop - Payson Canyon singletrack
    Silver Lake - Beautiful beginner or training ride
    Sundance - Lift-served awesome downhill 
    Three Forks - Cottonwood to Fifth Water (Diamond F.)
    Tibble Fork via Pine Hollow Loop - Big-time downhill
    Timpanogos Great Western - Awesome Alpine!
    Timpooneke Loop - Quick and pretty Alpine Ride!
    Wardsworth Creek - Hobble Creek twister
    Windy Pass - Brutal rough climb!

  Northern Utah - Park City, Uintas - Menu
    24-7 - Jeremy Ranch to Glenwild
    Armstrong Trail - climbing route to Midmountain
    Beaver Creek - Wide-track Uinta trail
    Bench Creek Loop - NICE
    Bobsled at UOP 
    Bowhunter Loop - Team Big Bear and Flagstaff Loop
    Co-op Creek - Strawberry area singletrack
    Coyote Canyon - Epic Loop near Heber
    Coyote Middle or Chop'd Coyote
    Deer Valley - Lift-served downhilling
    Dowd Mountain - Over Flaming Gorge!
    Dropout - DH-only trail
    Duchesne Gorge Overlook at Soapstone Basin
    Dutch Hollow singletrack system, Midway
    Elk Park - Family rides, plus tough loop
    Flat Cable to Johns99 Loop Ride
    Foreman Trail - tough nature loop
    Flying Dog - great new route
    Gambel Oak Loop - Short, with some tricky stuff
    Glenwild Loop - Early Park City
    Gorgoza - Road to Arcylon
    HAM trail. Loop or shortcut
    Jenni's Trail. Park City Mountain Resort
    Jordanelle Perimeter - Bike 'n Fish!
    Little South Fork of Provo - Technical downhill
    Lost Prospector - Easier PC singletrack
    Mid Mountain - Long traverse, forested ride
    Mojave Trail - Midmountain uphill to Yurt
    Mormon Trail - Creekbed dips and a history lesson!
    Mormon Pioneer - Climb in Parley's Canyon
    North Fork Scenic Byway - Uintas made easy
    Notch Mountain - Insanely technical Uintas
    Olympic Park (UOP, Iron Bill, Legacy)
    PC town loop - Aspen-dodging technical!
    Phosphate Hill
    Pine Cone Ridge - Epic stuff
    Pipeline to Village Trail Loop - downhill!
    Princess Di Trail - Loop of fun stuff
    Provo North Fork - Uinta Mountain double-track!
    Rail Trail - easy cruise, pick your brand of scenery!
    Riverview Lower trails 
    Robs to Hollys Loop at The Canyons
    Rocky Top (Kamas Valley Overlook)
    Rockport lakeview trail
    Rossi Hill Trail with Gina's Bypass
    Round Valley - lower altitude, easier ride
    RTS at Oympic Park
    Ruby Loop - Nice high-altitude PC loop
    Scott's Pass from Park City - Big Climb
    Shingle Creek - Rock-jumping Uinta singletrack
    Sleepy Hollow - Stiff climb to a fab view
    Soapstone Basin Loop
    Solamere Loop - Switchbacks up 3 mountains
    Soldier Hollow - Fee area Olympic XC ski paths
    Sorenson (Riverview) Trail - Heber
    South Canyon Loop - Eh...
    Speedbag Loop - Park City
    Spin Cycle - Fun twisting DH plunge
    Spiro Trail - Highway to epic riding
    Strawberry Narrows - Scenic epic
    Summit Park (Road to WOS)
    TG Classic - Big ride
    Tommy's Two Step - Above Midmountain
    Tour des Suds - Access to Park City loop rides
    Town Loop - Park City mountain trail tour!
    Trailside Park - Trials and stunt stuff
    Willow Creek - Fun and easy
    Wolverine Ridge - Uinta ATV trail system
    WOW (Wasatch Over Wasatch)

  Northern Utah - Ogden Area - Menu
    Antelope Island - Year-round "Bison Biking"
    Brittain's Ribbon at Powder Mtn
    Bonneville Shoreline, Kaysville
    Bonneville Shoreline Ogden Section
    BST North Ogden
    BST Pleasant View, Willard ST
    Coldwater Cnyn Ogden Overlook
    Cutler Flat in North Fork Park
    East Fork Loop - Nice quick ride
    Farmington Bay Wetlands Trail
    Farmington Flats - Hilltop easy ride
    Maples Loop - Wheeler to Snowbasin
    Mueller Park Trail - Low-altitude alpine biking!
    Mule Loop in North Fork Park
    North Canyon - Bountiful hill climb
    Northern Ogden Skyline - Awesome Ridgeline!
    Perry Canyon - Super Climb!
    Pineview Trail - easy riding along the reservoir
    Powder Mountain BRIM Loop - Awesome views
    Powder Mtn, Hidden Lake Lodge trail 
    Sardine Peak Loop at Snowbasin
    Skyline Drive - Awesome dirt-road hillclimb
    Smith Creek Lakes - Scenic high alpine
    Southern Ogden Skyline - Lewis Peak climb
    Wheeler Trail - Early or late season riding
    White Rock - Nice climb in Perry
    Willard Mountain to Ben Lomond

  Northern Utah - Logan Area - Menu
    Beaver Creek Family Ride
    Blind Hollow - Gnarly singletrack descent
    Bunchgrass Trail - Tony Grove
    Eagles Rise at Mantua
    Green Canyon - nice ride!
    Jardine Juniper - Hill climb PLUS
    Logan River Trail - Not too tough
    Mantua Reservoir Dike Trail
    Mud Flats Loop - Willow Creek
    Old Ephriam's Grave - Pay your respects.
    Providence Canyon - Nice descent!
    Richards Hollow - Loop vs DH trail
    Rick's Canyon - Steel Hollow Loop
    Sink Hollow - ATV-tread downhill
    Steam Engine - Steep Hollow
    Stump Hollow - Nice Logan Canyon ST

  Southern Utah - Moab Area - Menu
    Agate Loop- beginner level riding, Klondike
    Alaska - northern Klondike riding
    Amasa Back - Great views and ledge-hopping!
    Arches Loop - Courthouse Wash - easy but long
    Arth's Corner - Easier slickrock or part 2 Mag 7
    Azurite / Malachite - Klondike area
    Baby Steps - Singletrack and open rock
    Bar B - Loop as part of larger ride
    Bar M Loop - Easier loop ride
    Bartlett Wash - Hugging sandstone ridges!
    Behind the Rocks - Brutal tech riding
    Brand Trails - multiple options
    Bull Canyon
    Bull Run - 1st trail of Mag 7
    Burro Pass
    Captain Ahab - tech fun for experts
    Chicken Corner
    Chilkoot Pass - Meh
    Circle O - tech riding off Bar M
    Dead Horse Point (Intrepid Trail System)
    Deadman's Ridge - in the Brand Trails
    Dino Flow - singletrack near Klondike
    EKG Trail - tech riding near Klondike
    Fins N Things - Slickrock N Stuff
    Fisher Mesa - Awesome upper-elevation singletrack
    Flat Pass - Technical rock and creek drips
    Flat Iron Mesa - Ride to a view
    Gemini Bridges - Ride to the top of the bridges
    Getaway - alternate trail in Mag 7 area
    Geyser Pass singletrack
    Gold Bar 4x4 - Rocky climb
    Gold Bar Rim - very techy on the edge
    Gold Bar Singletrack
    Golden Spike - Monster middle
    Great Escape near Gemini Bridges
    Hazard County
    Hidden Canyon - Giant slickrock tabletop
    Hidden Valley - rock scramble w Moab Rim Loop
    Homer - connector to Alaska trail
    Horsethief campground trails
    Hurrah Pass - Easy cruiser ride
    Inside Passage - Connector in Klondike
    Jackson Hole - Monster w insane portage
    Jasper - Easy riding west Klondike
    Jimmy Keen
    Jurassic - Buff singletrack in Klondike
    Killer B - steep descent from Bar B
    Klondike Bluffs - Easy rock, fabulous view!
    Klondike Area trail overview
    Klonzo Beginner (Carousel)
    Klonzo North Trails
    Klonzo South
    Kokopelli Trail - 140 miles!
    Lazy-EZ Loop - easy "Brand Trails" riding
    Little Canyon Rim - Views and great riding
    Little Canyon Singletrack - nice stuff
    Little Salty - up/down route near Klondike
    Magnificent 7 - epic ride
    Mega Steps - slickrock near Baby Steps
    Miner's Loop - more Klondike area riding
    Moab Rim - Brutal climb!
    Mustang Loop - near Horsethief
    Nome - tech riding near Alaska
    Monitor and Merrimac bike loop
    Moonlight Meadows
    Navajo Rocks - nice loop on 313
    Navajo Rocks West
    North 40 in Brand Trails
    Old 191 paved bike path
    Onion Creek - deep rock chasm
    Pipe Dream - Moab Valley edge
    Poison Spider Mesa - The Portal trail
    Porcupine Rim - Ultimate Moab Downhill!
    Porcupine Singletrack
    Pothole Arch - Great views
    Pritchett Canyon - via Prostitute Butte
    Prospector - along north Moab
    Rockin A - Option off Bar M
    Rockstacker - very tech on Amasa
    Rusty Nail - access to Golden Spike
    Rusty Spur - Easy singletrack in Brand area
    Salt Wash - Awesome tech singletrack
    Seven Up - climb to the Mag 7!
    Sidestep north and south, Instep
    Sidewinder Bar M - dirt bypass of Old 191
    Slickrock Trail - The ONE and ONLY Slickrock
    Sovereign Singletrack - Awesome ST riding
    Sovereign upper loop - Cedar Mountain
    Top of the World - monster climb, monster view
    Tusher Canyon - Slickrock for mountain goats
    Two Tortoise Rock Loop -easier Moab
    UFO - connector at Baby Steps
    Western Rim - Cliff-side ride on the Colorado
    Whirlwind Loop - Horsethief area
    White Rim Trail - Multi-day ride
    Wildcat and Hildalgo loop
    Whole Enchilada - La Sal to Colorado River

  Northeast Utah - Vernal Area - Menu
    Cabin Boy (See Handsome Cabin Boy)
    Can You Moo?  Fun desert riding
    Corkscrew - Nice descent
    Dowd Mountain - Over Flaming Gorge!
    Fire Sale
    Flume Trail - Excellent forested ride
    Handsome Cabin Boy - Red Fleet area
    High Rollas at McCoy Flat
    Jackalope - climbing loop
    J-Boy - Red Fleet area
    More Hoes
    Racetrack - easy riding
    Red Mountain - 2 DH routes
    Red Canyon Rim at Flaming Gorge
    Retail Sale - Rocky desert fun
    Rojo Trail - Tech slickrock fun!
    Serpendipity - twisting downhill
    Slippery When Wet
    Strawberry Narrows - Scenic epic
    Swett Ranch Loop - Flaming Gorge
    Three Amigos
    Upper Moo - easier add-on to Moo

  Southern Utah - St. George Area - Menu
    Anasazi (Santa Clara River Preserve)
    Barrel Roll - Santa Clara Preserve
    Barrel Trail - Tech singletrack
    Bearclaw Poppy (Old Green Valley)
    Black Brush - Santa Clara Preserve
    Bluff Street Cliffs - Nice rock and close-by 
    Broken Mesa Rim - Kick-butt downhill!
    Church Rocks - Slickrock loop 
    City Creek - Rock and desert
    Cove Wash - Washbottom to a view
    Cryptobionic / Goosebumps
    Dead Ringer
    Dino Cliffs - Ride or pass through
    Gooseberry Mesa - Quick moves on slickrock!
    Gooseberry Mesa Northeast Rim
    Gooseberry Mesa White Trail - easy!
    Gooseberry Secret Trail
    Gooseberry Windmill Loop Trail|
    Grafton Mesa - tough ST
    Grafton Wash - connection to the Goose
    Green Valley - Winter biking "BMX course"
    Green Valley Race Loop
    Gould's Rim Trail - Loop Option
    Guacamole Trail - Near Zion, slickrock
    Honeymoon Loop - Warner Valley
    Hurricane Rim - Virgin River Gorge
    Icehouse Trail - Rockin downhill
    JEM doubletrack
    J.E.M. Trail - desert cruise loop
    Little Creek Mountain - Rock plus singletrack
    Little Purgatory - Historic Babylon Loop
    Moenkopi Trail - Cruiser or Creek Rat Adventure
    More Cowbell (White Ledges)
    Nephi's Twist - just off Moenkopi
    Paradise Canyon - Easier loop singletrack
    Pioneer Park - Quick "in-city" ride
    Prospector Trail - Dirt desert singletrack
    Quail Overlook (Boy Scout) Trails
    Quail Creek (Harrisburg Bench)
    Quarry Trail - Easy short ride.
    Raceway - Green Valley singletrack 
    Rainbow Rim at Grand Canyon
    Red Mountain at Diamond Valley
    Rhythm and Blues
    Rim Rock, Rim Runner, Rim Rambler
    Santa Clara Preserve - several trails
    Sidewinder - add-on to Barrel Roll
    Slickrock Swamp - Near Zion Canyon
    Snow Canyon paved loop trail
    Snow Canyon's West Canyon
    Stucki Springs - Desert Rock and Roll
    St. George paved bike trails
    Suicidal Tendencies - Santa Clara area
    Sunshine Loop - Wash-bottom desert ride
    Toquerville Falls - dirt road ride
    Virgin River Parkway - Paved trail at St. George
    Warner Valley Loop - singletrack
    Webb Hill - rocky and close to town
    Zen Trail - Tech riding
    Zion Canyon and Pa'rus Trail - Awesome

Central Region  - Menu
    Bear Canyon to Salt Creek (south end Nebo Loop)
    Black Dragon Wash - Deep narrows, slickrock
    Buckhorn Wash - Pretty, and pretty easy
    Dead Cow Loop - unique adventure ride
    Dead Dog Loop - Technical singletrack at Price
    Dee Pass Loop - Desert Riding
    Devils Racetrack - Awesome views, tech rock
    Five Miles of Hell - Brutal, abusive, sick tech rock
    Floating Rocks Loop - Good Price riding
    Goblin Valley Wild Horse trail system
    Good Water Rim - Great singletrack, great views
    June's Bottom - Slickrock along the Green
    Iron Wash - San Rafael sampler
    Knott Pete's Rim - Price
    Luke's Trail - Fun singletrack at Price
    Mary's Slickrock Trail - Tough
    Mead's Rim - Tough return route
    Miners Run - remote tech riding
    Nine Mile Canyon - Cliffs and petroglyphs
    Red Butte - Red Slot - awesome loop
    Skyline Drive - 75 miles of dirt at 10,000 feet
    Three Fingers Canyon - Rock Art
    Temple Mountain - Views and Mines
    Western Rim - Cliff-side ride on the Colorado
    Wedge Overlook - Little Grand Canyon
    White Wash - Entrada sandstone
    Yoo Hoo DH in Price

Southern Utah - High Plateau - Menu
    Big Hole Loop at Three Peaks
    Blowhard Mountain - Tech downhill
    Brian Head biking park

    Bunker Creek - Brian Head downhill 
    C Trail - Cedar City downhill twister
    Candy Mountain Express
    Cassidy Trail - Red rock wonder
    Casto Canyon - "mini-Bryce" 
    Dark Hollow - Epic downhill
    Eagle Point (Beaver Canyon)
    Flume Trail in Ephraim Canyon
    Lava Flow / Lichen It
    Lowder Ponds Loop - Brian Head with a climb!
    Mytoge Mountain - Fish Lake high country
    Navajo Lake Loop Trail - Nice forested lake ride 
    Paved trails at Cedar City
    Petrified Whales at Three Peaks
    Pioneer Trail - DH in Ephraim Canyon
    Rainbow Rim at the Grand Canyon
    Red Canyon - Paved family ride near Bryce
    Red Hollow - just up the canyon
    Red Mountain Loop - Rockin' Cedar City Romp! 
    Paradise Canyon - Beautiful expert downhill
    Scout Camp Loop - Brian Head's race course
    Skyline Drive - 75 miles of dirt at 10,000 feet
    Three Peaks Loop
    Three Peaks Trail System
    Thors Hideout - Thunderbird Gardens
    Thunder Mountain - technical eye-popper
    Twilight Zone at Three Peaks
    Twisted Forest - Doubletrack w hike and views
    Virgin River Rim Trail - Awesome EPIC ride

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