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Bike lines at's Lehi store:
Rocky Mountain
These are great trail bikes, racing bikes, and DH bikes from Canada. Great manufacturer with superb quality. Whether you're a hard-hitting all-mountain rider or a weight-weenie hardtail racer, we can get your dream bike.

[ Rocky Mountain web site ]

Cyclocross bikes from Belgium are the best CX bikes in the world. But you don't have to race cyclocross to enjoy these bikes. It's a great choice for dirt roads in the woods and it lets you fly along with the roadies on asphalt.

[ Ridley web site ]

KHS Road
We feature KHS for pavement. KHS roadies are excellent quality and give you a lot of bike for the buck. KHS has a full line of bikes (including mountain bikes), so we can get whatever you need!

[ KHS web site ]

Comfort bikes from KHS
If your just want to cruise around the neighborhood and sample some of Utah's beautiful paved bike trails, KHS has models that are super comfortable and fun for casual everyday-clothes riding. 

[ KHS web site ]

Youth bikes from KHS
A great bike is an important memory of growing up! Don't settle for a heavy department store clunker. Get a quality bike that will last.

[ KHS web site ]

Commuters from KHS
Don't risk that gazillion-buck high-performance bike in the back room at work. KHS commuters are solid yet inexpensive.

[ KHS web site ]

Surly makes Fat Bikes for winter or sand riding. Once you've got a couple of bikes in the garage, it's time to join the Fat Bike craze. Try one as a rental from our shop!

[ Surly web site ]

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