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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Big Cottonwood Canyon,  July1, 2006.

A heavy rain soaked the mountainside the evening before the 2006 State Open Championships at Solitude Resort. While it certainly kept the dust down, the slimy roots added to the fun of this race, which many riders feel is the most difficult course on the Intermountain Cup circuit. Twelve riders competed, with 10 riders hitting points. The UMB team finished second in points for this race, losing some ground to season-leader Revolution.

Kellie Williams takes 7th place in
Sport 16-18.

Carl Reese attacks the hill to
take 2nd place in Beginner Men 19-29.

Dave Larsen fights to 2nd place in
Sport Men 16-18.

Stephen Bergen (left) makes his first
showing as a UMB team rider,
taking 3rd place in Beginner Men

Jolene Nosack (right) gets to the podium
again with 3rd place in Women 35+.

Left:  Justin Griffin rides to 2nd place
in 10-12. Rumor is, he let another boy
win because it was his birthday.

Right:  Justin Griffin hops back on the
bike to ride Sport/Expert Men 13-15,
taking 4th place against the big guys.

Carson Wick slams through the creek on
the way to 5th place in Beginner Men 19-29.

Bruce Argyle rounds a turn (while his
brakes were working), limping in at 10th.

Eric Taylor climbs up slimy Serenity,
finishing 2nd in Beginner Men 16-18.

Left:  Kris Nosack finishes 5th in
Beginner Men 40-plus.

Right:  Now in Sport Men 30-39,
Aaron Smith races to 13th place.

Solitude race photos by Jay Griffin,
Bruce Argyle, and Kris Nosack. Many thanks!

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