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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Utah Off Road Series   Season Opener
Friday July 25, 2014  -  Nordic Valley, Eden Utah

The season opener for the UORS (Utah Off Road Series) was held at Nordic Valley on Friday July 25. As expected, a new event on a weekday didn't draw a big crowd. But it allowed the race promoters to test their system and get the new series underway. 

View from the parking area, looking west up the ski slope. The brown slashes in the left half of the photo are the descending side of the trail..

The weather was warm with a light breeze as the XC race started at 11 a.m. Eight of the 27 riders were UtahMountainBiking team members. Five of us were over 60. But for this start-up race there were only three categories: Beginner, Sport, and Expert/Pro.

Joel Quinn warms up in the parking area.

The race course ran counter-clockwise. The loop was 2.3 miles, with 350 feet of climbing per lap. And as Gene pointed out, there were downhill switchbacks on the climb and uphill switchbacks on the descent. Beginners did 2 laps, Sport 3, Expert/Pro 4.

The race course.

The course is new this summer, and was just a bit bumpy. There was only one sloppy moon-dust descent, mercifully quite short so you could just free-fall it. Some sections of the descending half of the loop were mowed grass rather than excavated trail -- and these spots tended to be the bumpiest. My top speed during 3 laps was only 20 mph, compared to a 29-mph top speed at Solitude the next day.

Gene Poncelet hits the final sprint toward the finish line.

The race went smoothly, with excellent organization. There was a fun oldies band playing live, with burritos for sale near the timing area. The electric chip in the number plate took the confusion out of race timing.

It was a great start for this new series, which is USAC permitted. (You can accumulate points toward Nationals.) There are more races coming up. See the WeBe cycling web site and click on the UORS option to see the schedule.

A rider passes under the electronic readers at the finish line.

Results for UMB team racers:
  Sport Men

    Daniel Truong 4th
    Joel Quinn 7th
    John Twitchell 11th
    Bruce Argyle 13th
    Joe Benson 14th
    Corey Spencer 15th
    Gene Poncelet 16th
  Expert/Pro Men
    Rick Morris 7th
Corey Spencer and Joe Benson stuck around for the "Eliminator" at 1 pm. Racers sprinted around a tiny loop for an individual time trial. Based on the results, racers then were assigned to  groups of three riders. Each of these four groups of three then raced the little loop, one group at a time. The slowest rider was eliminated from each of the groups. The 8 remaining riders were divided into two groups of four, from which the slowest two were eliminated. Then the remaining four raced for placement 1st through 4th. Sorry to say, Corey and Joe were not among the final four.

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