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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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The Rage at Snowbird
Snowbird Resort - July 5, 2014

It was already 76 degrees at 9 a.m. as racers began to arrive for the Intermountain Cup race at Snowbird. Fortunately, it didn't get much warmer and temperatures remained pleasant for racing. The trails were in good shape (dry but with a splash of mud or two) on a loop that approximated the traditional Snowbird loop.

Left:   Christian Burrell and Steven Weaver hit the stiff climb just past the bridge on the Bird Trail, eastbound up the canyon.


Left:   Richard Ewell bumps over a few roots
in the aspens of the Bird Trail as he heads
toward a podium finish with 2nd place in

Right:   Jessica locks the front wheel onto
her race bike as she gets ready for the
second-wave race.

Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   David Colvin is a new team member,
with Snowbird being his first event with the 
UMB race team.  David nails the 2nd place
finish in the Sport Men 19-29 category.

Right:  Wasatch Penstemmon.

Sport Men 35-49:

Steven Weaver crosses a ski slope on the
Bird Trail as he heads toward 6th place in
Sport Men 35-49.

Christian Burrell gets low to keep the front
wheel pinned to the loose rock, grabbing
the 7th place spot in the category.

Corey Spencer 9th


Sport Men 50-plus:

Paul Zimmerman hits a loose uphill turn
as he grabs the 3rd place finish in the
new Sport Men 50-plus category.

Back with the youngsters, way-over-50
rider Rick Morris grinds up the slope
on the way to 4th place.

After a rear-brake failure and rim-to-tire
failure, Bruce Argyle has to walk off the
mountain for a DNF.

Sport Women:   
Left:   Jessica Septon cranks past the
wildflowers on the Bird Trail as she gets
a podium finish in Sport Women with
3rd place.

Right:   A racer approaches the bridge
over the creek on the Bird trail.

Beginner Men:


With the Bingham Canyon mine in the
background, Brandon Dubovik heads
uphill on the way to 1st place.

Bogdan Balasa tips into a turn in the
aspens as he rides to the 4th place finish
in Beginner Men.

Early in his lap, Adam Reynders heads
up the hill toward the Mid-Gad lift,
taking 5th place.

Beginner Women:   

Left:   Sally Reynders climbs through the
conifer forest as she takes the 1st place
finish in Beginner Women.

Right:   Even the mighty Rick occasionally
fails to clear a tricky spot. This short
but loose climbing turn put a few riders
onto their shoes. 

Typical for a holiday-weekend race (and also typical for Snowbird), this race was sparsely attended. UMB had only 13 racers on the mountain, but managed to land some nice finishing positions. Sally Reynders and Brandon Dubovik took first place finishes, with Richard Ewell scoring a second. Jessica Septon and Paul Zimmerman got onto the podium with third.

There's only one more ICup race for the 2014 season. See you at Solitude!

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