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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Stan Crane Memorial XC at Draper
Corner Canyon, Draper, Memorial Day May 28, 2012

The weather was sunny and clear for the Memorial Day race at Corner Canyon. The rains of the past two days stopped in time for the trail surface to dry, leaving just enough moisture for the tire tread to get a firm grip on the trail. UMB fielded 44 racers for this 6th race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season. Our first place winners were Adam Lee and Jay Griffin. Sawyer Ransom, Ryan Margetts, Jake Van Wagoner, Ian Beaty, Stephan Bergen, Rick Morris, and Meghan Sheridan won second place ribbons.

Left:  Justin rides with the pro category heading up the Corner Canyon trail.

Category 9-and-under:

Left:   Sawyer Ransom rides westbound along the fence
as he starts the 9-and-under loop, finishing on the podium
with a nice 2nd place win.

Right:  Draeden Jensen heads toward the railroad tracks
at the midpoint of the race, taking the 4th place finish
in the category.

Left:   Heading through the crested wheatgrass
(and the goathead thorns), Katie Dodge gets in
position to finish in 6th place in 9-and-under.

Right:  Pierce Ransom rides in front of mom in the
morning chill as he cranks down the singletrack trail 
on his way to 15th place. On the back half of the 
loop, mom gets toasty and lets Pierce add her coat
to his bike handlebars.

Warming up, option number one: Derek rides with Hattie
in the 10-12 category at 8 a.m.  Go Hattie!

Warming up, option number two: Jason and Jeff spin on
their road bikes to get a precise warmup on their trainers.

Category 10-12:  

In the 10-12 category, Jaxon Van Wagoner
sprints back toward the finish line to
finish with the 4th place spot.

After the climb from below the arena, 
Hattie Ransom cranks down the singletrack
to take the 5th place position.

Welcome to new team member Joseph 
, rocking the tall grass of the
10-12 loop to finish with 9th place.

Beginner 13-15:  

Left:   Hunter Ransom zips downhill from
the Creekview trail as he finishes the big
lap and heads toward the tunnel, taking
a podium spot with 3rd place in Beginner

Right:  Hattie enters the gloom of the
tunnel. Going from bright sunshine
into dark two-way traffic (while wearing
sunglasses) was spooky. 

Beginner 16-18:    UMB had no Beginner 16-18 riders at this race!


Beginner 19-29:     
Left:  Finishing his 12.5 miles by
rocketing down the singletrack of
the lower loop,  Ryan Margetts gets
a red ribbon with 2nd place in Beginner
Men 19-29.

Right:   UMB is well-represented in the
Expert Men 40-plus group, as John,
Geno, and Mitt form a peloton heading
up the Corner Canyon trail to begin
three big laps.

Beginner 30-39:  

Left:   Kevin Casto is 10 miles into his
race as he cranks his way to 15th place
in the Beginner Men 30-39 group.

Right:   Goathead thorns were a problem
for those without tire sealant. If you
moved to trailside near the equestrian
arena, you had a good chance of 
picking up a thorn.  Or two.

Beginner 40-plus:

Tim Martindale heads uphill as the
main race begins. Tim gets the 4th place
spot in Beginner Men 40-plus.

On the Corner Canyon trail, Adam 
cranks toward a team point
with 7th place in the category.

Mike Mclaughlin is off to a good start
but flats out two tires at the top of the
hill and has to hike back for a DNF.

Beginner Women:     UMB had no Beginner Women riders at this race!


Sport/Expert 13-15:   
Left:   Adam Lee hits a tight turn on the
singletrack below Highland Blvd as he
again rocks the Sport/Expert 13-15
category with a 1st place win.

Right:   After finishing the lower loop
near the arena and climbing the Corner
Canyon trail, riders headed up the
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) to
Gasline. Prickly poppies bloom along
this dry hot BST trail section.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  
Left:   With blood spilling down from
his knee, Jake Van Wagoner carves
a turn at the end of lap number one,
nailing a podium finish with 2nd place 
in Sport/Expert 16-18.

Right:   Newlyweds Dan and Colleen didn't
race, but came to cheer the UMB team
and deliver leftovers to the team picnic.

Sport Men 19-29:   UMB had no Sport Men 19-29 riders at this race!


Sport Men 30-34:
Left:   Ian Beaty leans aggressively into a
loose turn as he finishes lap one. With camera
rolling, Ian races to 2nd place in Sport Men 30-34.

Right:   Ben Hutchings grunts up and around
a turn in the sagebrush of the lower loop,
taking the 6th place ribbon in the category.

Sport Men 35-39:

Left:    Jonathan Hall is our top finisher in Sport
Men 35-39, taking team points for UMB with a
7th place finish.

Right:   Lee Nitchman rolls a tight turn in front of
the oak brush as he races to the 9th place spot.

Left:    Christian Burrell gets the bike up and
over a small rise as he heads out for lap number
two. Christian finishes with 14th place.

Right:   Moving up to the Sport class with this
race, Michael Dodge cranks up the Corner
Canyon trail. Picking one of the toughest races
of the year to move up, Mike fights to 17th place
in the category.

Justin slides out on a corner and goes down. Our preliminary survey estimates that at least 20% of UMB racers were
affected by a crash or a mechanical during this race.
Sport Men 40-plus:    

Left:   Sprinting toward lap number two, Stephan Bergen
is in good position as he heads through the oak brush
to the west of the arena. Stephan once again makes a
great race to take 2nd place in the big Sport Men 40-plus

Right:   Denmark Jensen rolls a turn as he returns from
his first lap, taking a ribbon with the 6th place finish. 

Sport Women:    UMB had no Sport Women riders at this race!




Expert Men 19-29:    UMB had no Expert Men 19-29 riders at this race!



Expert Men 30-39:   
Left:   Derek Ransom powers around a turn
below the arena parking lot as he finishes his
three laps (34.5 miles and 4500 vertical feet of
climbing) with 18th place in Expert Men 30-39.

Right:  Ouch.  Ben Schmalz went down in a crit race a few
days before Draper and has an AC joint separation.
Ben shows up anyway to collect his swag bag,
cheer the team, and officially score a DNF.

Left: Gary Wekluk heads up the hill
in the Expert Men 30-39 field, but is
recorded as a DNF on the official results
spreadsheet. We don't have the story
behind the DNF. (Details welcome!)

Right:  The support zone just above
Highland Drive on the Corner Canyon
Trail. A UMB rider stops to grab fluids
before heading back up the mountain.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Jason Sparks looks into the next turn as
he emerges from the gambel oak singletrack in
4th place in Expert Men 40-plus. Two laps and
22 miles done, 12 more miles to go.

Right:  John Higgins chases Jason around the turn
to grab a nice finish with the 5th place ribbon
in the category.

Geno Smith powers out of a turn near
the duck pond on his second lap, 
taking the 8th place position.

Mitt Stewart carves hard as he tilts into
a turn on the lower loop, finishing
with 9th place in EM 40-plus.

Cranking hard up the Corner Canyon
trail, Mike Engberson jockeys with the
40-plus riders to finish with 11th place.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race! 





Left:   In his second race with the
singlespeed category, Dave Benson 
zips around a corner west of the arena,
finishing with the 5th place spot.

Right:   After the lower loop, Corner
Canyon, BST and Gasline trails, the
race hit Canyon Hollow, with riders
cranking uphill on smooth singletrack
in cool maple forest. 

Left:   John Twitchell hits the sidewall of
a turn to conserve his speed as he gets
a podium finish with 3rd place in the
Clydesdale category.

Right:  View from the Corner Canyon trail
looking west toward the Oquirrh Mountains
and the Kennecott mine tailings.

Women 35-plus:

Left:   Riding the lower loop, Sally Reynders
turns through the fence toward the duck 
pond as she nears the finish of the race
and a 5th place ribbon.

Right:  Another rider goes down on the
off-camber turn below the arena.
Kevin assesses the damages before
jumping back on the bike to finish
his race.

Men 50-plus:

Left:   Jay Griffin quickly grabs the lead and never gives
it up as he rides to 1st place in Men 50-plus.

Right:   Jeff Kingsford rolls through a turn as he
finishes lap number one of his 23.5-mile race,
finishing with 12th place in the category.

Left:   Paul Zimmerman is about a minute behind
as he carves the corner in 13th place. The 50-plus
group did the Sport distance of two big laps and
3000 vertical feet of climbing.

Right:   Patrick Arthur heads up the Corner Canyon
trail at mile 3 of his race. Patrick gets into the finish
line at 16th place in the category.

Typical tight turn on the Rush Trail. This was three miles
of continuous high-speed turns, for one of the longest
downhills of any Intermountain Cup race.

After finishing Rush, it was back to climbing, with a short
but painful trip up through the Silica Pit before heading over
to the Creekview Trail.

Men 57-plus:

Left:   After being "almost a team member" through
five ICup races this season, Rick Morris is now
officially snatching points for the UMB team as
he nails the 2nd place finish in Men 57-plus.

Right:   Joel Quinn is about to win the old-timers race
when he smacks a tree on the Creekview trail. He gets
back on the bike to get himself a podium spot with
 3rd place in the category. Joel hasn't grown a mustache;
that's dirt and blood on his lip, with more scrapes on
the far side of his face.

Left:   Bruce Argyle heads down Creekview as he
nears the end of his race, struggling to take 5th place
by 5 seconds.

Right:   Gene Poncelet cranks up the Corner Canyon trail
at the start of the 57-plus race, finishing with 8th place
in the category.

Pro Men:
Left:    Justin Griffin powers through
a turn on lap two of three, finishing 
with the 6th place ribbon in the Pro
Men category.

Right:  After finishing the big laps, riders
again went west alongside Highland,
back along the tracks, then around the
pond on the shakeout. Bet you never
noticed the ducks.

Pro Women:   
Left:    Meghan Sheridan rolls a turn
as she finishes lap number one, taking
the 2nd place podium spot in the tough
Pro Women group.

Right:  Bruce checks out Ben's damaged
toe after the race. Not crooked, and
everything seems to work. Possibly
broken, but just tape it up and tough
it out.

The UMB team grabbed the grass as our personal fiefdom.
The team is enjoying the pleasant weather and delicious
picnic food. Good company for exchanging war stories.

Dessert. Now this is impressive. Chocolate cake with the
UMB logo in the team colors overlying our Argyle plaid
design. Thanks for the great salads, fruit, and desserts!

This was a tough race, as every race class -- beginner, sport, or expert -- did a longer distance and climbed more vertical feet than at any ICup race so far this season. Three expert laps (plus the first-lap shakeout) was 34.5 miles and 4600 vertical feet of climbing. Now that's a brutal ride. We had our share of problems with crashes and flats. There were plenty of war stories at the post-race picnic. But it was a great race course with awesome trail and a beautiful day for racing.

More pictures:
      Kay Hutchings photos     (Over 700 photos from the race!)

  GPX track of Corner canyon race loop  
  Satellite view map of race loop

Left:  In Men 57-plus (our editor's favorite category and therefore subject to biased coverage) the UMB team grabs three of the top six with Rick (2nd), Joel (3rd), and Bruce (5th).

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