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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 9, 2012 USAC Qualifier

The Deer Valley Pedalfest for 2012 was a USA Cycling event and was not part of the Intermountain Cup Series. Because age categories are different and racers must qualify to ride Cat 1, it's hard to combine ICup with USAC into the same race. UMB had 16 racers at Deer Valley, with first place wins going to John Higgins, Dallin Hatch, and Rachel Hutchings. Second places were earned by Jason Sparks, Jay Griffin, and Mike Engberson.

Left:  The Cat 2 Men 40-49 group heads up the steep shakeout heading for Little Stick.

Category Female 10-and-under:

Left:   Hattie Ransom rides through
the racing lane on the grass in front
of the lodge as she gets a podium
finish with 3rd place in Female
10 and under.

Right:  The Junior categories line up
near the ski lift north of the lodge
as they prepare to head up the
steep gravel road.

Category Male 10-and-under:

Left:   In the Male 10-and-under
category, Sawyer Ransom drops
off the hill to head back to the
finish area in 3rd place.

Right:  Cool weather with a moderate
breeze made the racing pleasant.
Later in the day a blustery cold front
hits the Wasatch.

Category Male 11-12:  

Left:   Hunter Ransom cranks up the
steep and loose gravel of the shakeout
as he gets his podium spot for 3rd place
in Male 11-12.

Right:  Ride what you can. Dave Benson
pushes his singlespeed bike up the
steepest spot on the shakeout as he
looks toward the bottom of Little Stick.

Cat 1 Men 40-49:    
Left:  Jason Sparks carves a hard
turn as he drops down from the Gap
near the end of the race loop. Jason
takes the 2nd place finish in Cat 1
Men 40-49.

Right:   One of several tight turns on
Outlook, as racers descend from 
the Little Stick climb toward the
Pipeline Trail.

Cat 1 Men 50-54: 
Left:   In Cat 1 Men 50-54, Jay Griffin 
finishes another lap on the way to
the 2nd place podium spot.

Right:  An attempt at passing gone
bad. Cutting inside on a sharp turn,
a rider washes out on the trail
edge and goes down. 

Cat 1/2 Men 15-18:    
Left:  Hitting a downhill switchback
on Outlook, Jake Van Wagoner 
heads to 5th place in the combined
Cat 1 - Cat 2 Men 15-18 group.

Right:   Looking down the long and fast
Pipeline descent toward the east
end of the loop.

Cat 2 Men 35-39: 
Left:   Jonathan Hall carves a hard turn on
Outlook as he heads to 5th place in the Cat 2
Men 35-39 group.

Right:   Christian Burrell hits the turn in his
new UMB kit as he races to the 7th place
position in the category.

Cat 2 Men 50-54:    
Left:   Coming into the final approach,
John Higgins grabs the top podium
spot with a 1st place win in Cat 2
Men 50-54.

Right:   Looking up the Village Trail as
the race approaches the road and
the Deer Crest gates.

Cat 3 Men 19-29: 
Left:   Dallin Hatch cranks up the
steep gravel road to Little Stick,
finishing with 1st place in Cat 3
Men 19-29 despite a broken chain.

Right:   Coming around a switchback
on the downhill, it's pure gravity
power as the chain hangs from
the handlebar.

Cat 3 Women 19-29:  
Left:  Rachel Hutchings emerges
from the fir and aspen forest as
she rides to 1st place in the Cat 3
Women 19-29 group.

Right:   Hanging after the race. Looks
like that's Jake and Christian, with
Rick in the sweatshirt.

Master Men 55-59: 
Left:   Rick Morris heads toward
the 5th place finish in Master Men

Right:  Mike gets himself a podium finish.
In Singlespeed. 

Master Men 60-69:  
Left:  Joel Quinn turns downhill on Outlook as
he races to the 3rd place finish in the Master
Men 60-69 group.

Right:  Gene Poncelet heads downhill near the end
of the lap on the way to 4th place in the category.

Left:   Mike Engberson switches to Singlespeed for
this race and nails a podium spot for 2nd place in
this open category.

Right:  Dave Benson rolls a turn on the way to 5th place
in Singlespeed. 

Winners of each category received a State Champion medallion plus a championship jersey. At left, John is wearing his winner's jersey while his medal is inspected. At right, Rachel enjoys her moment at the top of the podium with jersey and medal.

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos 
     (300 photos from the race!)

     GPX track of Deer Valley race loop (Gene Poncelet)
     Satellite GIF view map of race loop 

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