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Intermountain Cup Season Champions:

In the 2010 season, a record-setting 20 UMB racers earned a spot on the season podium. Many others came close. For each individual racer in a Sport, Expert, or Open category, racer points were counted for the top 11 of that racer's 13 races. Winning an individual category season championship takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. But all team members deserve a nod for their contributions to winning the 2010 team championship, thereby retiring the 12-year trophy with four season wins.

After the race, UMB racers gather at the UMB canopy in the gravel parking area below the race loop. Active-status racers (those who've completed four races in the season) received free championship "3-peat" t-shirts. Sweatshirts have also been printed up for the cold cyclocross season. As the Intermountain Cup tally was being completed, a rainstorm moved the racers indoors for the award ceremony.
Category 9-and-under:

Hattie Ransom 2nd place, 537 points.
Photo at Deer Valley.


Jacey Messer 3rd place, 507 points.
Photo at St. George.

Category 10-12:

Joshua Peterson 1st place, 897 points.
Photo at Draper's race.


Joshua won this Scott bicycle as
the winner of the 10-12 category.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Zachary Peterson 1st place, 743 points.
Photo at Cholla Challenge.


Brayden Nielsen 3rd place, 453 points.
Photo at Deer Valley.

Sport Men 30-34:

Jack Gage 1st place, 798 points.
Photo at Snowbasin.

Jake Weber 3rd place, 396 points.
Photo at Draper.

Sport Men 35-39:

Mark Messer 1st place, 803 points.
Photo at The Canyons.

Ryan Nielsen 2nd place, 522 points.
Photo at Solitude

Mike Horne 3rd place, 434 points.
Photo at St. George.

With UMB team members sweeping all three podium spots in this category, it's also noteworthy that Darren Harris started in this category, but moved up to Expert 30-39 in the middle of the season. His placements would have given him a spot on the season podium. At left and right are the design for front and back of the season championship t-shirt.
Sport Men 40-plus:

Jason Sparks 2nd place, 803 points.
Photo at Cholla Challenge.




Sport Women:  

Angelica Jameriez 1st place, 492 points.
Photo at The Canyons.

Colleen Tvorik 2nd place, 460 points.
Photo at Draper.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Justin Griffin 2nd place, 1074 points.
Photo at Snowbird.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Derek Ransom 2nd place, 813 points.
Photo at Jackson Hole.


Shane Horton 1st place, 568 points.
Photo at Cholla Challenge.

Chris Cole 2nd place, 526 points.
Photo at Draper.

Those who've been to a lot of races appreciate the friendly professionalism that Ed brings to the Intermountain Cup. At left, he doesn't surprise anybody with the announcement of the 2010 team competition winner. At right, Bruce and Mike pose with the trophy, now ours to keep.

Women 35-plus:

Sally Hutchings 3rd place, 499 points.
Photo at Sundance.


Men 50-plus:

Jay Griffin 2nd place, 692 points.
Photo at The Canyons.
Note: a couple of races in the Expert Men 40-plus
category (those points are not credited toward
the season 50-plus standings) moved Jay down
from the #1 spot.


Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn 2nd place, 764 points.
Photo at Sherwood Hills, Logan.

The ICup squad has won the IMBA trailwork trophy every year since the racing credit-for-trailwork program was created. Team members could earn up to 30 individual points by working 4 hours. Up to 100 hours could be turned into team points, one point per hour worked by a team member.

IMBA Trailwork

Winner with over 240 hours

2010 Intermountain Cup

New record: 1994 points

For the 3rd straight year, has won the Intermountain Cup team competition. Points are awarded to the top 7 finishers in each category -- more points for a better finish, higher points for a harder category. This year, it was a close race until just after mid-season, when the competition just couldn't get enough tires on the trail to keep up with our dedicated racers. With 4 wins in the past 5 seasons, UMB now owns the 1999-2010 trophy forever. There will be a new traveling trophy next year.

There are many people who helped make this season a success. It includes not only the racers who spent their Saturday exhausted and wheezing, but their families who came to cheer and help their racer succeed. (For the record, I also consider "staying home, but letting the racer go out of town" to be a significant contribution to the team.) Mike Horne helped create the 2010 team uniform and arrange manufacturing. Bruce set up the team camp early each raceday morning, bringing water and gatorade, cooking the burgers, and creating each race web page. Mike Engberson fixed bikes between races (and on raceday), made sure spare parts were delivered, and brought tables and burgers for the post-race picnics. Kay Hutchings cheered us from the sidelines while taking the many incredible racer photos on this season's race pages. For all those who were part of the 2010 ICup squad, thanks for helping to create the sense of family that has made our team so successful.

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