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Team Photo Scrapbook 2010
2010 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Rock the Canyons
The Canyons Resort - August 7, 2010

It was the final Intermountain Cup race of the season, the last of 13. The weather was sunny during the race, becoming a little warm toward the end. Recent rain made the trail solid, so the singletrack was in great condition. Racers were treated to a free lunch, with awards on the plaza below the race loop. Joshua Peterson, Justin Griffin, Steven Barlow, Casey Zaugg, Angelica Jamierez, and Jason True took first place finishes, with Zachary Peterson, Jake Weber, Jay Griffin, and Mark Messer scoring second place. The season awards were chased indoors by a cloudburst, where several UMB riders made the season podium.

Left:  Racers line up for the race start on the doubletrack below the finish line.

Category 9-and-under:

David Ressa rides to the 6th place spot
in the 9-and-under race at 8 a.m., heading
across the mountain on his second lap.

Jacey Messer tilts around the cone at
the north end of the course, coming
in at the 10th place position.

Hattie Ransom cranks up the gravel
slope in front of the condos on the
way to a 12th place finish.

Olivia Weber powers across the grassy
ski slope as she nears the end of her
race and a 14th place spot.

Sawyer Ransom gets off the saddle
to power up the hill, taking 17th place
overall in 9-and-under.

Tylan Parkinson finishes a steep spot
and eyes a stretch of smooth trail on
the way to 19th place.

Racer support: Jacey gets a hit of electrolyte drink from
her father in the middle of the 9-and-under race.
On a steep downhill, Tylan catches a loose rock with his front
tire and takes this picturesque face-plant (he's fine).
Category 10-12:

Left:  Joshua Peterson leads the pack of the 10-12
category riders away from the start line and up the
steep double-track slope. Joshua gets another
nice win with 1st place.

Right:  Hunter Ransom heads south on the ski slope
as he hears the end of the 10-12 loop, finishing 7th
in the category.

Harrison Woodard cranks around the
mountain, with 1/3 mile to go to finish
with 8th place.

Nathan Weber gets up over the bars to
grunt up the first climb. Nathan grabs
11th place in the category.

Maggie Ressa has done her big lap
and is finishing the little one, coming
in at the 14th place position.

Beginner 13-15:  UMB had no Beginner 13-15 riders at this race!


Beginner 16-18:     UMB had no Beginner 16-18 riders at this race!


Beginner 19-29:     UMB had no Beginner 19-29 riders at this race!


Beginner 30-39:    UMB had no Beginner 30-39 riders at this race!


Beginner 40-plus:  

Left:  Steven Barlow cranks up the hill 
on the first singletrack, already running
away from the competition early in the race.
Steve takes 1st place in Beginner Men

Right:  A few fluffy clouds hang over Park
City as the team support base is set up.
The boxes under the canopy contain the
championship t-shirts.

Beginner Women:  

Left:  Rachel Hutchings hits a steep pitch
on the ski slope at the beginning of her
lap, riding to 4th place in Beginner Women.

Right:  The ICup Season Trophy and the
IMBA Trailwork Trophy from 2009 will be
handed over to Ed, so he can award them
to the 2010 winning team.

Sport/Expert 13-15:  

Left:  Zachary Peterson hits the downhill
on the way to 2nd place in Sport/Expert
13-15. Zach has finished his big lap and
is almost finished with the half-lap,
heading east downhill toward the finish

Right:  Riders hit the singletrack after
finishing the doubletrack shakeout climb.
Jason leads out on his singlespeed.

Sport/Expert 16-18:  

Left:  Jared Muir flies off Ambush onto
the last doubletrack, cranking out more
speed on the way to 4th place in the
Sport/Expert 16-18 group.

Right:  Who's chasing me? And how close
are they? Darren looks back at the turn
to see if anybody is closing on him.

Sport Men 19-29: 

Left:  Casey Zaugg hits the end of the Ambush Trail
and turns toward the final downhill stretch, finishing
his two laps with 1st place in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:  Helmet-cam recording the entire race, Ian Beaty
sprints uphill at the race start, taking the 5th place
spot in the category.

Sport Men 30-34:

Left:  Jake Weber cranks up the hill to begin his first
lap, grabbing a podium spot with 2nd place in
Sport Men 30-34.

Right:  Coming around the turn at the "scenic construction
zone," Dan Hutchings has only a couple of turns before
the finish line and team points with 7th place.

Left:  Ryan Olsen fires downhill on the last of two laps,
taking the 8th place finish in the category.

Right:  Ben Hutchings gets off the saddle to grind up
the final steep pitch before the finish line and the 11th
place position in SM 30-34.

View westbound on the race course singletrack, about
a mile from the the top of the climb.
On the downhill switchbacks, racers probably didn't
have time to appreciate the views to the south.
Sport Men 35-39:

Mark Messer carves through a fast
turn on the downhill, taking the 2nd place  
spot on the podium in Sport Men 35-39.

Ryan Nielsen cranks uphill on the ski slope
to begin the first of two laps, nailing the
5th place position.

Corbin Young cranks toward the finish
line, nearing the construction zone
in the 8th place spot.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Jason Sparks gets down the mountain 
on his second lap, taking a podium spot 
with 3rd place in Sport Men 40-plus.

Brian Ressa cranks down the doubletrack
between trail segments, nearly finished
and running in 9th place.

Dale Hutchings climbs the singletrack
through tall grass on his first lap,
taking 14th place in the category.

Trailside poppies bloom in the morning sunshine, while nearby, Hunter climbs up a rough and steep  new trail section just 
before the finish. To his left is the construction area where The Canyons is expanding.
Sport Women:  

Left:  Angelica Ramirez jumps into the lead on
the first section of singletrack, making a fast
ride to 1st place in Sport Women.

Right:  Colleen Tvorik is glad to be on the downhill and
on the final lap of her race, nailing a ribbon with
5th place in the Sport Women category.

Left:  Amber Hatfield zips past the construction fence
on the way to the finish area at the end of the first
lap, holding on to finish with 8th place.

Right:  Cat Finlayson cranks toward the end of her first
lap in good position, but falls back to finish with 9th place.

Expert Men 19-29:  

Left:  Justin Griffin coasts downhill
on his second lap. One more lap to go
to finish with the 1st place spot on
the winners' podium.

Right:  Racers make a tight turn in gravel
that looked worse than it was, nearing
the final uphill to the finish line.

Expert Men 30-39:

Left:  Derek Ransom drops off the mountain and
crosses the bridge leading to the downhill
doubletrack, finishing his three laps with
4th place in Expert Men 30-39.

Right:  Jack Gage emerges from the trees and turns
toward the final downhill stretch on his second lap,
finishing with the 6th place ribbon.

Left:  Darren Harris flies past the daisies as he cranks
out more speed, taking the 7th place position.

Right:  Mike Engberson crests the top of the first
singletrack climb, then flats, and flats again. Mike
drags his weary squishy-tire bike across the finish
line in 8th place.

Expert Men 40-plus:  UMB had no Expert Men 40+ riders at this race!




Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders at this race!





Left:  Jason True grinds out the first slope with one gear,
taking the top spot in Singlespeed with another 1st place.

Right:  Shane Horton hits the crest of the first hill
on the first lap, ready for a little downhill before the
big climb. Shane gets the ribbon for 6th place.


Left:  Ryan Payne hits the ski slope on the first
singletrack section, on the way to a podium spot
with the 3rd place finish in Clydesdale.

Right:  Karl Parkinson hits the end of the Ambush
Trail and turns into the final downhill in the 7th place

Looking at the final little hill before the finish line, as
Ed calls out the number and time for Ryan as he finishes. 
Hattie checks the results while the older racers
are out on the course.
Women 35-plus:

Left:  Jolene Nosack climbs through the ski slope
away from the start line to finish her lap with 5th place
in Women 35-plus.

Right: Sally Hutchings crests the hill and heads into the
first downhill on the way to the 7th place finish.

Men 50-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin is a bit dirt-covered as he cranks
for more speed on lap two. Despite a nasty crash,
Jay finishes with 2nd place in Men 50-plus.

Right:  Jeff Kingsford heads away from the starting
area on his first lap, taking 5th place in the category.

Joshua stands at the top of the podium
as the younger racers get their awards.
And while the Big Racers are out on
the course, there's plenty of exploring.
Active-team racers received their
championship t-shirts at the race.
Men 57-plus:

Joel Quinn heads down the hill to
finish his final lap, taking the 3rd place
podium spot in Men 57-plus.

Bruce Argyle pivots the last switchback
on the singletrack before heading over the
bridge and down to a 5th place finish.

Gene Poncelet cranks downhill on his
last lap, taking the 7th place spot in
the old-guy category.

With the team trophy already won, the UMB team didn't let up at this race, scoring solidly in team points and in individual categories. A last-minute change in the race course cut a couple of miles from the race, so for most of us, it was a quicker-than-expected morning of racing. The race was a nice end to a great season. (Did somebody say Cyclocross? No, first comes Endurance Racing season.)

     More pictures:
          Kay Hutchings photos 
     Link to video of the race by Ian:

     Park City TV video:

Left:  Team members talk at the finish line as they recover from their race. Thanks to Kay Hutchings for the race photography!

Link to:   2010 ICup Season Awards page for UMB racers

The Sport Men 19-29 Category, with Casey at the
top podium spot and Ian with a 5th-place ribbon.

Jason celebrates winning a new handlebar during the
raffle at the award ceremony.

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