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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole, July 26, 2008

The 11th race of the season fell on a beautiful sunny day in Jackson Hole, with the highest racer turnout in the history of ICup racing at Jackson. The technical singletrack was fun and challenging. Zachary Peterson, Kyle Jackson, Jared Muir and Jason Sparks nailed first-place victories, with second-place finishes by Shawn Nielsen, Brayden Nielsen, Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Derek Ransom, Jay Griffin, Kendra Clark, John Van Wagoner, and Bruce Argyle. A total of 20 UMB riders got onto the podium (1st through 3rd place).

Left:  View uphill from the singletrack near the bottom of the race loop.

Category 9-and-under:

Shawn Nielsen hurries across the
9-and-under loop, finishing his three laps
in 2nd place.

Gaining racing experience in the last
few ICup events, Hunter Ransom makes
his best showing of the season at 3rd place.

After taking his usual early lead,
Joshua Peterson
has an asthma attack
but resumes racing to earn 4th place.

Left:  Jaxon Van Wagoner cranks out a 6th place
finish as he heads through bushes and trees on his
second lap.

Right:  It was another great race for Mandy Clark
who gets the blue ribbon as the fastest female finisher,
 good for 7th place overall in the category.

Left:  Hattie Ransom tackles the trail (with dad
running behind giving encouragement) as she
rides to 10th place.

Right:  In his first race with pedals and a chain,
Sawyer Ransom heads toward 12th place.
Sawyer gets our vote for toughest little guy.
Or is it littlest tough guy?

Category 10-12:

Left:  Fastest in his category at Jackson Hole,
Zachary Peterson sprints out on the singletrack
and grabs 1st place.

Right:  Despite getting sick on the trail and losing
his breakfast, tough Brayden Nielsen pulls it
together and fights on to take 2nd place.

Beginner Women:   

In her first race, Deann Van Wagoner
tackles the ICup's most technical course
and gets 3rd place.

Rachel Hutchings gets the 4th place
finish as she hurries down the trail.
Rachel and Carlee finished a second apart.

Carlee Hunsaker is back riding for the
UMB team and grabs a nice 5th
place finish. Good job, ladies!

Beginner Men 13-15:
Left:  Kyle Jackson sprints through the aspens
on his way to another convincing 1st place win.

Right:  Jake Van Wagoner carves a downhill corner
as he nears the finish line and a 3rd place spot on
the podium.

Beginner Men 16-18:
Left:  Jared Muir gets the job done with his
second 1st place win in the past two races.
Good job Jared!

Right:  Kyle warms up in the parking area
as the UMB team gets ready to ride.

Beginner Men 19-29:
     No BM 19-29 racer for UMB in this race
Beginner Men 30-39:
Left:  Ryan Nielsen fires across the singletrack 
after the racers finish the short uphill doubletrack
shakeout. Ryan grabs a 3rd place podium finish.

Right:  Dale Hutchings sets into a high-speed turn
on the downhill as he nears the lap/finish area,
getting the ribbon at 4th place.

Left:  Nathan Thayer leans into the bermed turn
as he flies downhill toward his 5th place finish.

Right:  It was a big lap-and-a-half for this category,
significantly harder than the other beginner categories.
Despite a crash and a bit of lost skin, Karl Parkinson
keeps going and going, going the distance for 6th place.

Beginner Men 40-plus:

In an impressive race, Jason Sparks gets
his top finish of the season with 1st place.

Scott Van Wagoner builds downhill speed
on the way to 3rd place in the category.

Veteran UMB racer Scott Hunsaker
heads downhill to grab 6th place.

Sport-Expert 13-15:
Left:  Justin Griffin makes use of new lighter wheels
as he fights through a large field of young riders to
get the 2nd place finish.

Right:  On doubletrack below the finish line,
racers gather in preparation for staging
into their race categories.

Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Danny Van Wagoner powers through the trees
to grab the 2nd place in Sport-Expert 16-18.

Right: After finishing the race, grabbing a little
water at the feed zone.

Sport Men 19-29:

Coated with trail dust, Eric Ellis heads
out for another lap as he nails 4th place.

Ryan Van Wagoner carves a turn
near the finish line for 6th place.

Ben Hutchings survives a hip-bruising crash
and soldiers on to get the 7th place finish.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Derek Ransom lets it loose downhill
as he nears the finish line and a solid
2nd place finish.

Right:  Debriefing. Uphill from the finish line,
UMB racers share their race experiences
and bask in a job well done.

Sport Men 35-39:

Darren Harris grabs a podium spot with
his 3rd place performance at Jackson.

Just seconds behind, Greg Meyers shows
turning technique on the way to 4th place.

Stephen Bergen flies through the trail
dust to take the 5th place position.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Jay Griffin cranks through the dust cloud
as he rides to a solid 2nd place.

On the way to 6th place, Mike MacDonald
gets out of the saddle to sprint.

Jim Jackson leans into a downhill
turn to come in at 7th place.

Sport Women:
Left:  Our lady sportster Catherine Reay pours on
the power as she rides to 7th place in her category.

Right:  Checking the results board. Jake, Deann,
and Darren look for their tags, while Jaxon inspects
the huge 9-and-under category's finishing order.

Expert Men 30-39:
Left:  Mike Engberson faces an unusually large
field of experts as he rides three big laps to
take 12th place in the category.

Right:  The 9-and-under racers line up for their
ribbons at the award ceremony.

Women 35-plus:
Left:  Kendra Clark heads out toward 2nd place
as the singletrack winds through groves of aspen
mixed with ski slopes.

Right:  Sally Hutchings gets off the saddle to
control the slippery turns as she nears the finish
line in 3rd place.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  John Van Wagoner bursts out of the trees
and aims his bike toward 2nd place in his best
finish of the year.

Right:  This race saw UMB's largest turnout of
Beginner Women. Starting second from left,
that's Deann, Carlee, and Rachel at the
award ceremony.

Men 57-plus:
Left:  Smelling the finish line, Bruce Argyle throws his weight
down the mountain and cranks out of a turn to cross the line
in 2nd place.

This was the best-ever showing at Jackson Hole for UtahMountainBiking. We had the numbers and the depth to snatch 138 points across many categories. Asthma and stomach flu hit two of our excellent young riders, yet they still managed to finish near the top of their categories. Individual racers have good days and bad days, but UMB's team spirit seems to average things out. This race saw the highest team point total for an individual race in the history of the Intermountain Cup. Job well done!

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