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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Wolverine Ridge
Bear River/Uintah Mountains, August 9, 2008

It was a beautiful day in the high Uintah Mountains as the UMB team came to race for the ICup season trophy. We had a big racer turnout, with points scored across almost all categories. The rains held off until the award ceremony in Evanston, where we dined on pizza as water poured off the roof of the tent. First-place winners were Kyle Jackson, Dylan Tanner, Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Eric Ellis, and Jolene Nosack. Shawn Nielsen, Jared Muir, Ryan Nielsen, Jason Sparks, and Cat Reay scored second-place finishes.

Left:  The 9-and-under category get their awards at the finish line. In the 2008 season, a total of 10 racers rode for UMB in this category, with 7 of them at this race! The future of mountain biking racing...

Category 9-and-under:

Shawn Nielsen cranks across the field
heading out on the first lap, keeping up
the speed to finish in 2nd place.

After leading for 2 laps, Joshua Peterson
drops back to 3rd place with an asthma
attack. Joshua has 8 first-place finishes.

Mandy Clark rounds the turn to head
out for another lap, grabbing 6th place
overall. Mandy is again the fastest girl.

Left:  Jaxon Van Wagoner gets into passing
gear to move up into 7th place. Parents
(in this case, Scott) often follow behind
our little racers to give encouragement, and
sometimes, mend the scratches.

Right:  Rebecca Sparks hits the rocks and
bangs through on the way to 16th place.
The 9-and-under is the largest category
of the race, so the competition is fierce.

Left:  Sydney Nielsen takes a hit of water
as she pedals out through the sage flat
on the 9-and-under loop. Second race
and looking tough! Sydney grabs the
17th-place finish.

Right:  Rachel Sparks does one lap in her
first appearance as a racer. Some of the
rocks are bigger than her wheels. Way to
go Rachel!

Category 10-12:

Left:  Popping out of the trees on the singletrack,
Zachary Peterson heads for the river, finishing
the 10-12 category in 3rd place.

Right:   Brayden Nielsen gets off the saddle for
some singletrack rocks, making a 4th place finish.

Beginner Women:   
     No Beginner Woman racer for UMB in this race
Beginner Men 13-15:
Left:  Kyle Jackson climbs away from the Bear
River crossing, heading out toward the main
race loop. Kyle grabs 1st place six minutes ahead
of the second-place finisher.

Right:  Jake Van Wagoner motors through the
aspens of Sage Draw, with just a couple of miles to
go before his 3rd place win.

Beginner Men 16-18:

Dylan Tanner cranks up some additional
speed on the Ostler Trail as he heads
downhill toward a 1st place victory.

Jared Muir gets out of the saddle
and grinds the bike uphill in Sage Draw,
taking the 2nd place spot.

In his first race for UMB, Eric Moon
grabs a 4th place finish. Welcome
Eric, and how about next year?

Beginner Men 19-29:
Left:  Andrew Youngkin appears well-stocked 
with water as he cranks up the hill toward
a 3rd place spot on the podium.

Right:  8 a.m. In the early morning sunshine,
Ryan and Bruce set up base camp right on
the finish line. UMB HQ is now ready for
the arrival of the mountain biking warriors.

Beginner Men 30-39:
Left:  Ryan Nielsen gets into climbing rhythm
as he enters the main race loop and heads
uphill. Ryan nails a nice 2nd place.

Right:  Dale Hutchings chases close behind Ryan
to finish the race with the 3rd place honors
in the BM 30-39 category.

Left:  Nathan Thayer feels the need for speed as
he gets forward and grinds uphill on his way to
the 4th place spot.

Right:  Karl Parkinson flies out of the aspens on
the final piece of the Ostler ATV trail. One mile
of dirt road (and a bit of singletrack) to go,
and Karl will finish in 5th place.

Beginner Men 40-plus:

Another great race for Jason Sparks,
as he powers his way to the 2nd place
finish in the category.

Scott Van Wagoner is looking powerful
as he posts the turn into Sage Draw
for the final climb and 3rd place.

Lady Luck hands Dominic Bria a broken
derailleur and he hikes miles for a DNF.

Sport-Expert 13-15:
Left:  Justin Griffin drops into the Bear River
gorge, watching out for the slots between the
bridge planks, which can dump and injure a
racer. Justin makes an impressive ride to
take 1st place.

Right:  Ryan (center) is hard at work fixing
another race bike, while in the foreground
Scott mounts his newly-fixed tire.

Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Danny Van Wagoner fires up the hill
in Sage Draw, getting the 1st place finish
in this tough category. Danny again rides
the course with the fastest time of any
UMB racer.

Right:  Dom's derailleur, twisted back around
the cassette, with the idler pulley firmly jammed
onto a spoke. No coasting; couldn't even walk
the bike. Just put the wounded steed on your
shoulder and start hiking.

Sport Men 19-29:
Left:  Eric Ellis makes his best race of the season
to score 1st place with our second-fastest Sport
finishing time.

Right:  Ryan Van Wagoner drops off the shakeout
path toward the bridge over the Bear River. Ryan
fights on to take 3rd place in the category.

Eric Taylor is on the home stretch ATV
path, heading into 7th place.

Stephen Brown heads uphill for his
first lap, finishing in  9th place.

Ben Hutchings hits the sharp turn into
Sage Draw as he fights to 11th place.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Derek Ransom sprints up Sage Draw for the
last time. In a very close finish, Derek tangles
with 1st and 2nd at the singletrack entrance
and comes out in 3rd place.

Right:  Shane Horton drops down to the bridge
over the Bear River as his group heads out to
the race loop. Shane finishes the race in the
 8th place position.

Left:  Matt Flygare motors downhill after finishing
the lap-and-a-half Sport Class course. Matt gets
the 11th place finish in the category, riding on the
"UMB team loaner bike" after breaking his derailleur
hanger during the warmup ride.

Right:  Dan Hutchings gets out of the saddle to
maintain speed as he turns uphill for his half-lap,
taking the 12th place slot.

Sport Men 35-39:

Darren Harris cranks downhill a mile
from the finish line and a 4th place spot.

Denmark Jensen cranks up Sage Draw
in the 6th place position.

Greg Meyers keeps just ahead of
Shane as he heads to 7th place.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Jay Griffin heads back uphill toward
his 3rd place finish.

Mike MacDonald pedals up through the
aspens on the way to 6th place.

Jim Jackson flies downhill in the
11th place position of the category.

Sport Women:
Left:  Catherine Reay makes a great ride
to take the Sport Women's  2nd place spot.

Right:  At the award ceremony in Evanston,
Kyle (right) gets his first-place flowers
while Jake (left) holds the 3rd-place mug.

Expert Men 30-39:
Left:  Mike Engberson drops to the Bear River
bridge. Mike lasts through two big laps to finish
in 9th place.

Right:  The wolverines conspire against Todd
. After fixing a broken chain, Todd
suffers a ruptured tire and faces the long walk
for a disappointing DNF.

Women 35-plus:

Jolene Nosack is happy to have the lead
position as she nails 1st place.

Kendra Clark anticipates the coming
UMB victory as she pedals to 5th place.

Sally Hutchings heads up Sage Draw
on the way to a 6th place finish. 

Men 50-plus:
Left:  John Van Wagoner is looking determined
as he motors back uphill again for his half-lap.
John takes 5th place in the "old but not over"

Right:  In the Sport 19-29 Category, Eric (right)
celebrates his 1st place, while Ryan (left) takes
the 3rd-place loot.

Men 57-plus:
Left:  Bruce Argyle raises some dust on the downhill stretch
as he heads toward 3rd place. was represented by 44 determined racers in this long tough contest. At Wolverine Ridge we set another record with 140 team points. It was a great day for the team and a great topper to a fantastic race season. Let's keep that fire going into 2009!

For additional photos of this race, go to:

2008 Intermountain Cup Season Awards
Left:  9-and-under
Joshua Peterson, 1st place
Shawn Nielsen, 2nd place
Honorable mention:
Mandy Clark, top female and 4th overall

Right:  10-12
Zachary Peterson, 2nd place
Brayden Neilsen, 3rd place

Left:  Sport Women
Catherine Reay (center) 2nd place

Right:  Men 57-plus
Bruce Argyle (left) 2nd place

Left:  Sport/Expert 16-18
Danny Van Wagoner (center) 2nd place

Right:  Sport Men 40-plus
Jay Griffin (right) 1st place

Left:  Men 50-plus
John Van Wagoner (left) 3rd place

Right: Sport/Expert 13-15
Justin Griffin (right) 1st place

Left:  Women 35-plus
Kendra Clark (right) 2nd place
Jolene Nosack 3rd place is the 2008 Intermountain Cup Season Champion team. Team Revolution hung close until the very end of the season in a hard-fought contest, but UMB's team depth let us pull away in the last three races. The previous record for points per race was broken three times during the season, once by Revolution and twice by UMB. Our season total of 1585 points is also a new record. We worked over 250 trailwork hours (highest ever) to take the IMBA trailwork trophy. Thanks to the many who helped, including our team mechanics Ryan and Jared, our many race photographers, those who helped pull off the team picnics, and the family members who cheered or simply made it possible for our warriors to race.

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