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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Cholla Challenge  -  Hurricane, April 7, 2007

Hot, dusty, and a little tricky. High speed desert cruising, loose wash-bottom gravel, and some dippity-dipping. The UMB team made a great showing in Warner Valley south of Hurricane in the 5th Cholla Challenge, the second Intermountain Cup race of the 2007 season. Almost all UMB riders improved their standings within their categories -- tougher, faster. Sport distance was over 24 miles, for two hours in the 88-degree sunshine. Just finishing this race is a victory.

Dan Hutchings streaks across the
desert as he rides to 15th place
in  Sport Men 30-34 division. 

Sammy Bria gets a 10th-place finish in
the 10-12 race category.

Danny Van Wagoner rebounds (big time)
from his St. George race, fighting to
1st place in Sport/Expert 13-15!

Left: On his second start as Sport 40-plus,
John Van Wagoner moves way up in the
finishing order and catches some team
points with 5th place .

Right:  Carlee Hunsaker takes first
among the girls, good for 5th
overall in the 10-12 category.

Scott Hunsaker takes on the desert
to roll in at 9th in Beginner Men 40+.

Bruce Argyle fails to knock off the
national champion by only 18 seconds
(400 feet), taking 2nd place.

Dave Larsen rips the desert to grab
2nd place in Sport/Expert 16-18.
Looks like he's back in tough shape.

Chad Hunter survives the physical abuse
of 24 long miles in Singlespeed division,
taking 5th for a handful of team points.

Vincent Bria challenges the Cholla to
grab 2nd place in Beginner Men 16-18.
But what's with the crooked helmet?

In her first start with the UMB team,
Amber Hatfield scores with a
7th place finish in Sport Women.

Looking buff as always, Matt Flygare
pilots his hardtail to take 8th place
in Sport Men 30-34.

Jolene Nosack makes another great
performance to take 4th place in 
Women 35-plus.

Tyler Margetts fights his way
through the Sport Men 19-29 crowd
to take 7th place for a team point.

Left:  Sally Hutchings uses her race
experience on the loose and tricky course
to grab the 6th position in Women 35+.

Right: Justin Griffin doesn't surprise
anybody as he once again dominates
the 10-12 category with a 1st place win.
Then back out to race again...

Lynn Stephens gets Dark Cloud Award #1
on this hot sunny day, flatting his back
tire for lucky 13th place in Men 50-plus.

Dark Cloud Award #2 goes to Mike 
, as he breaks his seat post.
Getting back to the pit area and replacing the post, Mike fights to 5th in Sport Men 35-39.

After racing 10-12, Justin Griffin hits the
trail for 4th place in Sport/Expert 13-15.
Looks like Justin will be our big "point
man" this year.

In Sport Men 40-plus action,
Kris Nosack moves up and grabs
14th place.

Here's Colin Hunsaker racing to 3rd
place in the Beginner Men 16-18

Todd Neumarker makes his first start in
2007, stomping the competition to catch
1st place in Sport Men 35-39!

Evan Christensen makes one of his
best races to score points for the team
with 5th place in Clydesdale.

Juli Hunter fights hard in the desert
heat, and gets an 8th place in
Women 35-plus.

Stephen Bergen rocks the Beginner Men
30-39 category with a solid 1st place win!
Congrats, and let's see that again soon...

Left:  Dominic Bria cranks out the miles
to finish 22nd in Sport Men 40-plus.

Right:  Ben Hutchings makes a great
ride, conquering the desert with
4th place in Sport Men 19-29.

This race saw solid production of team points for UMB, but Revolution also made a huge effort in holding us to 2nd place. Next time, eh?

Great job everyone!

Thanks once again to Jay Griffin for nabbing our race photos!

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