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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Desert Rampage  -  St. George, March 4, 2006

Returning 2005 9-and-under champion Justin Griffin (left) entered a new age category this year, and shows every intention to dominate it. Justin set a course record in taking first place in the 10-12 category.

New to the team, Dallin Searle took first place in 9-and-under.

Kelsey Engberson made her first race for UMB, taking 3rd place for girls 9-and-under

Chad Hunter (right) returns as UMB's singlespeeder, placing 11th.

Sammy Bria, in her first race for
UtahMountainBiking, placed in the
ribbons for girls 10-12.

Matt Flygare took 17th in Sport Men 30-39.

Dominic Bria took 5th place in
Beginner Men 40-plus.

Dallin Searle rode to 1st place in 9-and-under.  Ali Searle took 8th in Beginner Women. Julie Hunter took 5th place in Women 35-plus.
Thanks a ton to Jay Griffin for sticking around to shoot these great photos!

Bruce (left) fought back from a flat tire to finish "not last" at 15th in Men 50-plus.

Kelsey Engberson rode in the 9-and-under category, taking 12th.

Our lovely Kellie Williams (right) is
racing against the boys in Men
Sport 16-18, taking 4th place.

Mike Engberson took 12th in the huge Sport Men 30-39 division.

Suzi Bria bails on a rough section.
Suzi took 6th in Women 35-plus.

New to the team for 2006, Travis Millward
placed 21st in Sport Men 19-29.

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