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2009 Frozen Hog Raffle - About Ryan Winters
Steve Winters (yellow sleaves, red hat, standing by the line of bikers) has been a core Frozen Hog volunteer since the beginning. He also puts in many hours as a trailwork volunteer in American Fork Canyon. Many of you know Steve as tallsteve on our forum. Steve's son Ryan is in a critical battle with advanced Hodgkins lymphoma.
Ryan Winters was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in September 2007. Chemotherapy failed to get a permanent remission. Ryan will undergo a stem-cell bone marrow transplant in January and will be in the hospital recovering during this year's Frozen Hog race.

Ryan in better times.

With central IV line, December 30.


Our Frozen Hog raffle this year will benefit the Cancer Clinic at American Fork Hospital, where Ryan has received treatment. Every cent of every raffle ticket goes to treat local cancer patients. The donation will be made in Ryan's name.
You can buy as many raffle tickets as you like at $5 each. The on-line registration page lets you buy up to five raffle tickets. You can score additional raffle tickets by calling UtahMountainBiking at 801-653-2689 (hours erratic) or visiting the shop at 169 W Main in Lehi. Or bring your wallet on race-day morning.
If you want to help more, our on-line registration page has a spot where you can donate additional money. Non-racers -- or racers who want extra chances to win -- can buy raffle tickets on-line at this link: [Extra raffle tickets]
We'll give away a few thousand bucks worth of stuff, including a bike (dual suspension, disc brakes), ski lift passes, lodging near Gooseberry, and several motel stays in Moab

So here's the bike, a K2 Attack MSRP $500. Great starter bike for a family member; nice "decoy" to put in front of your expensive racing hardtail in the garage; or some quick cash when sold to a needy neighbor.

Here's "Tallsteve" giving Ryan a shot to stimulate production of stem cells for the upcoming "High Dose Chemotherapy with Stem Cell Rescue". Basically, the procedure is to suck out and freeze some bone marrow stem cells, then blast the lymphoma with huge amounts of toxic chemicals. The bone marrow gets destroyed in the process. So the frozen stem cells are transfused to re-establish the bone marrow so the patient can again make blood and immune cells. Yeah, cancer sucks.

You can follow Ryan's progress on his blog

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