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The 2010 Frozen Hog was held on Saturday February 6 in Alpine's Lambert Park. For the 3rd straight year, the weather tried to sabotage the event. It turned from deep freeze to rain. As temperatures hit the upper 30's, the packed trail broke down into slush. Much of the singletrack was run-with-your-bike torture.

With the 2010 Frozen Hog, UMB passed the responsibility for the race to Bike Peddler of American Fork. Some team members still participated as volunteers, but most chose to race.

The four-man team (actually, three, as Derek was missing) consisting of Chris Cole, Shane Horton, and Brian Ressa took 2nd place in the team competition. Racer's Cycle Service keeps the trophy.

Right: This groundhog in UMB team racing kit was a Christmas gift from my son Gary.

UMB Team Member Category Result
Chris Cole Singlespeed 1st place
Stephanie Brown Sport Women 18-29 1st place
Shane Horton Singlespeed 2nd place
Jeff Frederick Sport Men 30-39 2nd place
Brian Ressa Sport Men 40-49 2nd place
Riley Brinkerhoff Clydesdale 3rd place
Joseph Ressa 12 and under 3rd place
Landon Douglas 12-and-under 4th place
Mason Frederick 12-and-under 5th place
Amber Hatfield Sport Women 30+ 7th place
Maggie Ressa 12 and under 7th place
David Ressa 12 and under 8th place
Evan Christensen Sport Men 30-39 19th place

There aren't many photos to show you the race, as I was running the finish line and didn't get a chance to snap any team members riding by.

After delaying posting this page, I'm putting it up, as is. Send me a photo if you've got one...

Left:  New team member Brian Ressa (left) with Maggie, David, and Joseph. Welcome, guys! Hope to see you soon at a warmer race.

I was given these bookends as an appreciation for running the Frozen Hog during its first seven years of existence. These metal sculptures are made by Daryl Devey of Alpine. Very nice stuff. He displayed quite an assortment of them at the race.