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High-Detail Trail Maps

Each fold-out is 10" x 16" in size, with a detailed topo map that includes trailheads, parking, bathrooms, and landmarks. Trail portions are color-coded by difficulty.

On the other side, you find exact trailhead directions, a detailed riding description, plus other good info.

Gooseberry Mesa Trail System   $5.95

Includes all the stuff you want to ride on Gooseberry -- South Rim, North Rim, Windmill Loop, Practice Loop, Hidden Canyon, Yellow Trail, White Trail, The Point, and more.

JEM, Goold, and Hurricane Rim Trails   $5.95

From Goulds Rim Trail head to Goulds Trail, to the J.E.M trail, and back via the Hurricane Rim Trail, this map includes the Hurricane Hill Trailhead, Goulds Rim Trailhead, JEM Highway 59 Trailhead, Virgin Dam Trailhead, JEM Virgin River Trailhead, plus the China Wash Trail, Hurricane Canal Trail, etc.

Rockville Bench (Slickrock Swamp) Trail   $5.95

From the Chinle Singletrack to the Primary and Secondary Loops of the Rockville Bench, this is your don't-get-lost guide to Slickrock Swamp.

Note: If you don't see the trail map listed in our bookstore, contact Mike at UtahMountainBiking (1-801-653-2689) to place your order by phone!