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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Round Valley
June 22, 2013.   USCS race #3, race 8 of combined series

Temperatures were cool for the USCS Round Valley race in the late afternoon. A north wind kept dust down, but froze racers as they waited for awards after the race. The trails were in good shape and fun to ride. Mitt Stewart, Bentley Vanderwal, and Joe Benson won 1st place in their categories. UMB had 2nd place finishes by Joel Quinn, Steve Dalley, Sally Reynders, John Twitchell, and John Higgins.

Left:  Darren Stirland hits the last little hill before dropping down to the finish line.

The race was scheduled for 5 pm, but was delayed 1/2 hour to allow a few more racers to get past the truck fire that had closed I-80 in Parleys Canyon. But the delay in the canyon stretched to two hours for those at the back of the traffic jam. Sawyer Ransom missed his race. Meghan Sheridan had no bike to race with, because it was stuck in Parley's with Mike.

Left: Sawyer, having a good time despite missing his race time.

Right: The 2013 race loop: 8.7 miles with 930 vertical feet per lap. Start/finish was at the yellow dot.

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men 35-plus:
Apologies that we don't have action photos of some of our riders. Because Mike was stuck behind the fire in Parley's Canyon, he wasn't ready to snap photos until the first Beginner Men were finishing.

Joe Benson took 1st place in Beginner
Men for the 8.7-mile lap.

Steve Dalley  didn't stick around for the
awards, but took 2nd place.

Corey Spencer keeps up his string
of podium finishes with 3rd place.

Dropping off the singletrack to cross
the road, Brad Griffiths takes 4th place.

  Brian Vanderwel zips along the final
stretch of trail to 6th place in the category.

Spencer Neeley gets the 7th place
finish as UMB takes 6 of the top 7.

Beginner Women:     
Left:   Riding in Beginner Women, Sally Reynders 
gets the 2nd place finish.

Right:   Katy Nafus carves a turn on the downhill
on the way to 3rd place in Beginner Women.

Junior Categories
Junior Women 13-15:    

Left:   Cranking through the tall grass between
patches of sage, Hattie Ransom is on the way
to the 4th place spot in Junior Women 13-15.

Right:  Maggie Ressa finishes her lap to take 8th place
after 8.7 miles and 930 vertical feet of climbing. Way
to go ladies!

Junior Men 13-15:    

Left:   Hunter Ransom drops off the hill
at the road crossing. 200 yards to go to
the finish line and a 4th place position in
Junior Men 13-15.

Right:  Looking west, with the ski slopes
of Park City partially hidden behind the
rolling hills of Round Valley.

Open Categories
Left:  John Twitchell cranks up and
over the last little hill as he gets the
 2nd place finish in Clydesdale.

Right:   Riders emerge from the long
shadows in the oak brush to hit the
sagebrush meadows at the end of
the race loop.

Men 50-plus:

John Higgins tips into a turn as he
finishes two laps with 2nd place in
the Men 50-plus group.

Adam Reynders cranks toward the
finish line with the 12th place spot
in the category.

Rick Morris flats and walks his bike
back to the finish line for a DNF,
but stays to cheer our finishers.

Men 60-plus:
Left:   In the Men 60-plus group, Joel Quinn cranks
up and over the last ridge on the way to 2nd place.

Right:  Bruce Argyle powers through the meadow as
he finishes his 17.3 miles and 1870 vertical feet with
 3rd place. 


Left:   In Singlespeed, Shane Horton 
is heading toward the end of lap two,
but has a DNF for the race.

Right:   The 9-and-under racers head out
from the start line. 

Sport Categories
Sport Men 30-39:

Derek Ransom sticks his tongue out
at Mike as he heads toward 7th place
in Sport Men 30-39.

Christian Burrell gets the 12th place
finish in the group, taking the "Merry
Midpacker" trophy back from Rick.

Finishing his second lap, Darren
takes the 14th place finish
in the category.

Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   Dallin Hatch tips through a turn in the oak
brush on the way to a podium finish at 3rd place
in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:   Brock Jeske heads up the final hill as he takes
the 4th place position in the category.

Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:  

Left:   Bentley Vanderwel drops down
the singletrack on his first of two
12-and-under laps, taking 1st place  
in the Youth 10-12 group.

Right:   Chilling after the race. And I do
mean chilling. By award time, Bruce was
wearing his winter ski parka.

Expert Categories
Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Heading up the last hill on the
last of three laps, Mitt Stewart takes
1st place in Expert Men 40-plus.

Right:   Sally (left) and Katy (right) get
their award certificates for wins
in the Beginner Women category.  

This was a fun race -- for those who got on the road early  to get up Parley's Canyon in time (and whose bikes arrived before the second lap). Next up: Sherwood Hills.

More pictures:
     Bruce and Mike photos  
     GPX track of Round Valley course
     Satellite view Round Valley 2013 Race Loop

Left:  As the fastest Expert Men finisher, Mitt gets the big check.

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