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Heber Valley to Strawberry
Mountain Bike Trails
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Big Pole Canyon.  Trail system 5 miles east of Heber. Easy technical riding, mild climbing. Season June through October.
Birdie Shot.  Joins lower WOW trail to back of golf course in Snake Canyon. Loop option. Two-direction. Intermediate technical. Season late May through October.
Center Canyon.  This is a short trail (about three miles round trip) in the middle of Daniel's Canyon southeast of Heber. Option of riding higher as singletrack turns steep and ugly. Not to be confused with Center Trail in Diamond Fork area. Season May through October.

Co-op Creek Trail The Co-op Creek Trail is gentle singletrack climbing along the side of Co-op Creek to an elevation of 8,900 feet. Out-and-back is 8 miles. Great views in the lower canyon, pretty aspen forest higher up. For the hard-core, add the Chicken Creek ATV route and the singletrack Sleepy Hollow trail for 12.5 miles climbing to 10,000 feet. Season June through September.
Coyote Canyon Loop.  Epic loop with 20 and 24-mile options. Substantial climbing. Terrific views. Top altitude 7550. For conditioned riders. Completed in 2013, this ride is destined to be a classic.  Season June through September.
Chop'd Coyote or Coyote Middle.  Trail north of Heber linking middle of Upper Riverview to the back side of the Coyote Loop. Out-and-back ride, or create a smaller loop with Coyote Canyon.  Season June through September.
Deer Creek Parkway (northern end, Provo River Parkway).  Broad gravel "road" for non-motorized travel, runs the length of Deer Creek Reservoir along the northern shore. Fair family ride, with gravel making tiny-tire travel difficult. Length 7.5 miles one-way. Season March through December.
Dutch Hollow. Excellent singletrack system, with multiple interconnected loops in oak-maple hilly area of Dutchman Hollow (Dutch Canyon) near Midway (west of Heber). State park fee required. Depending out route selected, easy technical to advanced skills. Season early-May through mid-November.

Fifth Water Ridge This 12-mile, 1500-vertical loop ride offers a nice mix of smooth trail and great views with a smattering of short challenges thrown in. The trail starts on Rays Valley Road north of Spanish Fork Canyon, climbs Fifth Water Ridge and circles the Fifth Water drainage before descending. For those looking for more, the lower trailhead at Three Forks gives you a 21-mile, 2700-vertical ride. 
Foreman Trail. The Foreman Trail is a singletrack loop originating in the Lodgepole Campground near the top of Daniel's Canyon south of Heber. The loop is four miles but has a tough climb and some technical features. This is a nature-interpretation trail with periodic plaques. Season July through September.
High Star trail system. 10 miles of trail on mountain east of Kamas, easy to intermediate in tech requirement. Many one-way flow trails. Season mid-May through October.
Jordanelle Perimeter. Follows shoreline of Jordanelle Reservoir around the north end, from Hailstone on the west to the Nature Center at the east end. Some up-and-down, easier technical, but a longer ride. Season mid-April through October.
Oakley Trail Park.  Trail system includes downhill-only for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Connects to Oakley and Seymour Canyon trails.  Season June through November.
Phosphate Hill Loop. Singletrack route in the rolling hills north of Midway. 6 vs 9 mile options, two trailhead options. Intermediate technical but a lot of tight turns, moderate climbing.  Season mid-May through November.
Pine Canyon Bike Park. Pump track, Happy Camper trail. Three downhill flow trails vary from kiddie-beginner to expert. Season late May through October.
Rail Trail. Broad, cindered trail over the old Union Pacific railroad route, 30 miles with multiple trailheads. Some areas flat, Wanship to Park City is moderate climb. Very easy technical. Season April through November.
Riverview, Upper  Trail traverses mountainside northeast of Heber, easier intermediate technical. Length 5.2 miles each way. Season May through November.
Riverview, Lower  Trails include singletrack in sage and scrub, climbing/descending loops and doubletrack along US-40 northeast of Heber. Easy to upper-intermediate technical. Options for earlier season riding. Season April through November.
Rocky Top (Kamas Valley Overlook). Easier-intermediate singletrack climb from the Provo River to an overlook above the Kamas Valley. Season May through October.. Easier-intermediate singletrack climb from the Provo River to an overlook above the Kamas Valley. Season May through October.
Ross Creek (Wada Way and Keetley). Easy (beginner or early-intermediate) singletrack at the Ross Creek Jordanelle trailhead. Season May through October.
Round Valley. Easy but long loop ride, also good singletrack out-and-back, located just northeast of Park City. Lower altitude --  probably the earliest trail completely free of snow in Park City in the spring. Mild climbing, some gentle switchbacks. Singletrack is easier-intermediate technical. Season late May through October.
Sleepy Hollow. This is a scenic but stiff climb in the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir. The view from 10,000 feet is spectacular. Can be done as an 8 mile (round trip) out-and-back with 1800 feet of climbing, or as part of a loop ride including Co-op Creek. Season June through September.
Soldier Hollow. Olympic cross-country ski venue with summer mountain biking on ski paths. Easier technical. Multiple possible trail combinations, climbing varies. Fee required. Season June through September. Olympic cross-country ski venue with summer mountain biking on ski paths. Easier technical. Multiple possible trail combinations, climbing varies. Fee required. Season June through September.

Strawberry Narrows. Must-Ride Trail! This is a high-voltage scenic ride. To do the whole thing as an out-and-back is 24 miles, but there's a nice 16-miler from the eastern end that hits all the stuff you want to ride. We suggest starting at the eastern end, riding what you want, then turning back. The trail rolls up and down, for about 2400 total climbing for the whole 24 miles.

Strawberry Ridge Loop with Center Trail. This is a tough 18-plus mile ride with over 4000 vertical feet of climbing, at an average altitude of 8000 feet.  Awesome scenery.. Starting with a climb up Second Water, you'll cross five mountains on the Center Trail to Fifth Water. Then you'll climb to the Strawberry Ridge Road for more up-and-down riding before the descent. Season July through September.
Wasatch Mountain State Park (Crows Nest).  Trail system ranging from cindered easy path to easier singletrack loop (Spring Pond) to tough upper-intermediate loop (Crows Nest) to primitive expert trail (Visitor Center Loop). State park. Season June through mid-October.
Willow Creek 001.  This beautiful singletrack trail is located near Strawberry Reservoir at 8000 feet. It can be ridden as a 4-mile out-and-back with gentle climbing, or as part of a longer 14-mile ride described in our guide. Suitable for beginners. Season June through mid-October.

Willow Creek 025 - French HollowLocated south of Soldier Creek and Strawberry Reservoir, Willow Creek 025 connects to several trails that drop down from FR 090. FR 090 is actually a very nice bike ride by itself. Four loop options of varying difficulty, ranging from an epic 36-miler with over 4000 vertical to a little 7-mile giggler. Season July through September

WOW (Wasatch Over Wasatch)Trail in Pine Canyon north of Midway. Significant climbing, upper-intermediate. Planned extension linking Deer Valley to Wasatch Mountain State Park. State park fee required. Option for shuttled downhill via SR 222.