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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Sherwood Hills
Logan June 29, 2013

Turnout for the Sherwood Hills ICup race was a bit disappointing. Perhaps it was the 105-degree record heat in the valley. While it was indeed warm, the temperature in Sherwood Hills' maples was tolerable, and the trail was fast and fun. First-place finishers for UMB were Daniel Truong, Joel Quinn, Mitt Stewart, and Meghan Sheridan. David Ressa scored a second place.

Left:  Gene heads up the singletrack through maple forest as he begins lap number two, as Joel's wife Hoa waits to douse him with cool water.

View of the mountains above Sherwood Hills. The UMB base station waits for our racers.
Kids Categories
Billie Goat 

Left:   Conrad Baker looks toward the
finish-zone sign as he nears the end
of his race in the Billie Goat category.
Conrad takes 5th place in the 9-and-under

Right:   Brock, Dallin, and John talk
racing with Rick as he preps for the
Sport wave, the second race of the

Youth 10-12:  

Left:   Finishing his two laps on the
shakeout loop, David Ressa zooms
through the singletrack on the final
approach to the finish line. David
hits 2nd place in the Youth 10-12

Right:  Racers line up in the maples
to begin the first race of the day, for
the Youth, Junior, and Beginner

Junior Categories
Junior Women 13-15:    

Left:   Maggie Ressa heads uphill to
start her big lap as she takes 6th place
in Junior Women 13-15.

Right:  Starting at 8 a.m. with temperatures
already hitting a muggy 80, the Beginner
Men category hits the shakeout loop. 

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:

Joining the UMB team just in time for
this race, Daniel Truong rockets onto
the race loop on the way to 1st place.

Corey Spencer sprints through the
mowed grass of the shakeout loop
as he takes 6th place.

Rolling through a cloud of dust as
he approaches the main race loop,
Joe Benson
takes 7th in Beginner Men.

Open Categories
Left:  John Twitchell cranks up the hill
as he begins his second lap in the
Clydesdale category. No race results
are reported for this group on the ICup
site. How'd you do, John?

Right:   Starting into lap two, Dallin slides
out as he takes the tight uphill turn a
bit too fast. The Sport and Open
categories started the second race
of the day at 10 am.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  Turning uphill to start lap number
two, Rick Morris takes 5th place in
Men 50-plus.

Right:   It was over 100 degrees in the
valley, and Sherwood Hills was toasty
too.  At the top of the stiff climb,
Greg passes through the water station
with Rick following behind.

Men 60-plus:

Joel Quinn rounds the turn to start
lap two, nailing the 1st place finish
in Men 60-plus.

Riding blurry with an eye infection,
Bruce Argyle
 smacks into only
one tree before taking 3rd place.

Gene Poncelet cranks up the hill
through maple and fern as he takes
the 5th place spot in the category.

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Brock Jeske gets low to pull himself up
and around the turn as he rides to 5th place in
the Sport Men 19-29 group.

Right:   Standing up to crank up the last stretch
of the grunt climb, Dallin Hatch finishes his
three laps with 6th place. 

Sport Men 30-39:
Left:   Wayne Baker turns uphill at the
end of his second lap, taking 5th place
in Sport Men 30-39.

Right:   On the stiff climb uphill to start
the second lap, Bruce gets a welcome
splash of cool water down his back.

Sport Men 40-49:

Greg Sironen rolls around the lap/finish
split to begin lap two. Greg gets a podium
spot with 3rd place in Sport Men 40-49.

Heading into the second of three laps,
Brian Ressa nails the 5th place position
in the category.

Sean Linden cranks past the cheering
section above the finish-line on lap one,
but has to take a DNF for the race. 

Welcome to new team member Shae Chatlin, who joined the UMB team at Sherwood Hills, racing in the Sport Men 40-49 category. Shae finished with 12th place in his group.
Expert and Pro Categories
Pro Women:  

Left:   Pro and expert riders went out
in the third wave at 12:30, hitting the
muggy heat of the day. Here Meghan
 crosses the finish line with
1st place in Pro Women.

Right: Daniel Truong crosses the finish
line as Glen calls out his race time.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mitt Stewart heads through the
singletrack link between the shakeout
loop and the main race loop. Four laps
to go to take 1st place in Expert Men

Right:   Mike walks down from the race
loop after providing support to the
final race of the day.

Team turnout for UMB at this race was only 19 racers. Family vacations took some dedicated team mates away, and fear of the heat swayed others. We saw some strong performances from team members at Sherwood Hills, as the ICup season comes down to the last three races. Joel Quinn won the raffle for a BBQ grill.

More pictures:
     Bruce and Mike photos  
GPX track Sherwood Hills race loop
     Map of race course

Left:  Daniel gets to the top of the podium in his first race for the UMB team.

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