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Price Area
Mountain Bike Trails
includes trails near Soldier Summit
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Alan's Alley. Side trail option north of Price, 1.3 miles, reached via Luke's Trail . Season March through November.

Bill's Sandy. Short easy trail inside the Luke's Trail loop north of Price. Season April through November.

Buckhorn Wash. Very easy dirt-road ride through a scenic canyon. Gentle climb, graded improved road surface. Native American rock art. Good family ride. 40 miles south of Price in the western San Rafael. Season May through November.
Country Club (Bull Mesa). Trail system on mesa south of Helper, varying difficulty. Some easy climbing. Season April through November.
Dead Dog Loop. Sections of technical singletrack joined by doubletrack to form loop in the Book Cliff area just outside of Price. Intermediate technical, one extreme-tech section. Occasional moderate climbing. Season March through November.

Fifth Water Ridge This 12-mile, 1500-vertical loop ride offers a nice mix of smooth trail and great views with a smattering of short challenges thrown in. The trail starts on Rays Valley Road north of Spanish Fork Canyon, climbs Fifth Water Ridge and circles the Fifth Water drainage before descending. For those looking for more, the lower trailhead at Three Forks gives you a 21-mile, 2700-vertical ride. 

Floating Rocks Here's a 13-mile route around the mesa north of Price that hits all the fun trails in the Luke's Trail area. Also described is a slightly larger 16.5 mile option. 1500 vertical of climbing, upper-intermediate technical with a couple of short advanced-tech spots. Season March through November. 

Good Water Rim  Editor's Pick!!!  Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Season late May through October.

Josephite PointSingletrack at 9000 feet near Skyline Drive above Joes Valley. Can be done as an out-and-back, loop ride, or shuttle. Upper-intermediate skills, advanced aerobic conditioning. Season July through September
Knott Pete's Rim. 1.7 miles along the southern edge of a mesa overlooking Price, from the Luke's trailhead. Intermediate technical, very little climbing. Usually combined with Wyatt's Way, or as a larger loop with other area trails. Season March through November.
Luke's Trail.  Twisting singletrack through pinion and juniper in the Book Cliff area just outside of Price. Fun trail, some nice views. Intermediate technical. Fairly flat, few wash crossings. Good choice for a first ride in the Price area, fun for differing ability levels. Season March through November.
Luke's AREA trail list.  Quick introduction to 14 trails on the mesa in the Luke's Trail area. Season March through November.
Mead's Rim. Short twisting singletrack through pinion and juniper descending along the edge of a mesa in the Book Cliff area just outside of Price. Occasionally used as a return route to Price from Luke's Trail. Upper-intermediate technical, with one extreme technical descent. Not your first choice for a Price ride. Season March through November.
Nine Mile Canyon. Dirt road through scenic canyon, very gradual slope. Excellent for family rides. Indian rock-art, pioneer homestead ruins, banded sandstone cliffs. Ride as long out-and-back (46 miles or more), point-to-point with support vehicle accompanying bikes 6 to 23 miles), or park-and-explore. Season late April through November.

Pete's Hole LoopLong loop ride from Joes Valley Reservoir up to Josephite Point trail and back down. Josephite Trail can be done as an out-and-back. Upper-intermediate skills, advanced aerobic, altitude. Season July through September

Skyline Drive. This is a dirt road stretching 75 dirt miles at 10,000 feet. The Skyline Drive is the alpine equivalent of the White Rim Trail -- a multi-day bike ride on dirt road with incredible views. Perfect for a scout troop to ride their bikes to the next camping spot on a 3 or 4 day trip. It's possible to ride the whole thing in one day, but certainly not easy. You'll need a support vehicle, strong lungs, and iron legs. Season July through September.

Smo' Joes Loop. 7-mile loop with minimal climbing on the mesa north of Price. Uses Knott Pete's Rim and Luke's Trail to form loop. Season March through November.

The Wedge - Little Grand Canyon Overlook. Ride on improved (graded) dirt road to eye-popping views once the road reaches the edge of the San Rafael River gorge. It's more of a destination ride. Easy easy easy riding. Official ride is 19.5 miles, shorter versions easily constructed. 30 miles south of Price near Castle Dale. Season April through November.

Willow Creek 025 - French HollowLocated south of Soldier Creek and Strawberry Reservoir, Willow Creek 025 connects to several trails that drop down from FR 090. FR 090 is actually a very nice bike ride by itself. Four loop options of varying difficulty, ranging from an epic 36-miler with over 4000 vertical to a little 7-mile giggler. Season July through September
Wyatt's Way. Small loop along the southern edge of a mesa overlooking Price, reached via Knott Pete's Rim trail from the Luke's trailhead, or via a larger loop ride using other trails. Intermediate technical, some climbing. Provides access to top of Devil's Backbone ridgeline ride. Season March through November.
Yoo Hoo. DH trail just north of Price in the Luke's Trail area, reached via Shamrock & Roll, part of larger loop ride of 12 miles. Upper intermediate to advanced technical. Season March through November.

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