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2013 Awards

The 2013 team awards were presented at a team picnic at Granite Park in Sandy. The dinner followed a cyclocross clinic taught by Jason Sparks. It appears there is no "season end," so these aren't "end of year" awards. We're still going! Did you notice those beautiful Ridley cyclocross bikes? Talk to Mike at the UMB store to get yours! Video from CX the clinic, courtesy of Christian Burrell:

Workhorse Award - Intermountain Cup Series

For racing in all 9 events of the Intermountain Cup Series as a member of the race team, our honorees are Joel Quinn and Brian Ressa.

Workhorse Award - Intermountain Cup Series and Utah State Championship Series
The ICup and USCS are now a combined series for 2013 season team and individual championships. For racing not only in all 9 Intermountain Cup events, but also in all of the Utah State Championship Series races so far, we honor Bruce Argyle and John Twitchell as the only members of the UMB race team to do it all. (If they don't show up for the last race, their certificates will be repossessed.)

2013 Season Team Awards

The season awards are determined by a vote of the team. Team members can nominate any other team member (or themselves), and the winner is the individual who receives the most votes.
Team Supporter:  Kay Hutchings

For more than four seasons, Kay Hutchings has been at the trailside taking action photos of our racers. She's the first one up the mountain and the last one back down. And those peanut butter cup cookies -- we do look forward to the after-race team picnic! The team appreciates Kay, which is why she's been voted Team Supporter for 2013.

Most Improved:  Dallin Hatch

Dallin Hatch joined the UMB race team in 2012. This year, racing in the Sport Men 19-29 category, Dallin was in competition for 10 races of the combined series. The team has been impressed with Dallin's effort and good attitude, and has voted him Most Improved for 2013.

Most Inspirational:  Joshua Nielsen

It's not always the toughest or the fastest who inspire us. Joshua Nielsen followed his brothers into bike racing at a very young age. For three seasons we've enjoyed his fun smile as he tries out the cookies at the post-race barbeque. It's an inspiration to see Joshua's determined race-face under that colorful shark helmet, which is why Joshua Nielsen is Most Inspirational for 2013.

Best Attitude:  John Twitchell

John Twitchell joined the team in 2012, riding in the Clydesdale category. John has become a force on the UMB team, racking up team points as he hit every event of the combined series in 2013. And with a brand-new Ridley cyclocross bike, he's ready for the rest of the year. John gets the vote for Best Attitude for 2013.

Toughest Racer:  Bruce Argyle

Bruce and his brothers-in-law founded the race team in 2004. For the last 10 years, Bruce has raced injured, raced sick, and raced with no sleep. With over 150 races finished, he's seen a lot of blood and broken bike parts, and even a couple of victories. The team has voted Bruce Toughest Racer for 2013.

Rookie of the Year:  Katy Nafus

Katie joined the team midway through the 2013 season and improved steadily. Racing in Beginner Women, Katy was in 5 races of the Intermountain Cup Series, finishing her final race on a brand-new Rocky Mountain racing bike. We had several new racers who had an outstanding year in 2013. The team has voted Katy Rookie of the Year.

Junior Racer of the Year:  Bentley Vanderwel

Bentley and his father joined the UMB race team in 2013. Bentley raced 5 events in the combined series, riding above his age bracket in the Youth 10-12 group. Bentley is one of five young racers in a tie vote for Junior Racer of the Year. (In all the years we've voted on season awards, there's only been one tie vote for any honor.)

Junior Racer of the Year:  David Ressa

David began racing with the UMB team in 2009. In the 2013 season, David raced in the Youth 10-12 category, completing 7 races for the season. David shows a good attitude and a lot of heart, and is honored by the team as co-winner Junior Racer of the Year.

Junior Racer of the Year:  Hattie Ransom

Hattie began racing for the team in 2008. She now competes in the Junior Women 12-15 category. Hattie raced 4 events during the 2013 season. For her performance this season, Hattie is co-winner Junior Racer of the Year.

Junior Racer of the Year:  Maggie Ressa

Maggie began racing for the team in 2009 and has moved up to compete in the longer distances of the Junior Women 12-15 category. Maggie raced 6 events during the 2013 season. She's remembered for her smile and her courtesy on the trail and for 2013 is co-winner Junior Racer of the Year.

Junior Racer of the Year:  Brock Jeske

Brock came to the UMB team at the second race of the 2013 season and hit every series event after that. He moved up, challenging the Sport 19-29 category. In his final race, he moved into the Expert Men 19-29 group. His racing fire makes it hard to consider him a "junior."  Brock also gets the Junior Racer of the Year honor.

Racer of the Year:  Mitt Stewart

Mitt joined the UMB team late in the 2012 season. As he improved, he came to dominate the Expert Men 40-plus category as the 2013 season progressed. Mitt completed 11 races of the series. By vote of the team, Mitt is UMB's Racer of the Year for 2013.