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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Big Cottonwood Canyon July 27, 2013

The morning was cool and overcast, with light showers hitting the second half of the early race. Temperatures were nice for racing and the trail surface was firm. There were the usual patches of rocks and roots. was represented by 25 racers at Solitude. First place winners were Katy Nafus, Joel Quinn, and Mitt Stewart, with second-placed finishes by John Twitchell, Sally Reynders, and Brock Jeske.

Left:   Derek closes on Christian as they cross the ski slope near the end of lap one.

Looking east from the team canopy toward the buildings
of Solitude Resort. The start line is the the left of the photo.
Looking up the mountain from the parking lot. In a few minutes
we'll be racing across this ski slope to start a 5.5 mile loop.
Kids Categories
Billie Goat 

Left:   Draeden Jensen carves a turn on the downhill of
the 9-and-under loop as he approaches the finish line
in the Billie Goat category at 8 am.

Right:    It only looks chaotic. First-wave racers fix their
damages while second-wave racers get their bikes
and gear ready for their half of the event.

Junior Categories
Junior Women 12-15:    

Left:   Hattie Ransom drops down a turn on
the Serenity singletrack to  finish her lap with
5th place in Junior Women 12-15.  The first
wave of racers on the full loop went off at

Right:   Maggie Ressa heads through the
aspens of lower Kruzr near the end of her
race, finishing with the 6th place spot. 

Junior Men 12-15:  

Left:  One mile into the race, Hunter Ransom 
carves a tight turn before heading over to
Honeycomb Canyon, finishing with 8th place.

Right:   At the start line, racers waiting for the
second race mingle with riders who've finished
the early race.

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:
Left:   Corey Spencer sprints through the turns of the
ski slope as he nears the end of his first lap, taking
3rd plac
e in the Beginner Men category.

Right:   Dropping down through young aspens
on the Kruzr Trail, Joe Benson gets the 4th place
finish in the group.

Left:  Adam Reynders rails a bermed turn as he
drops down from Serenity, grabbing the 5th place

Right:   John Young rolls out of the last turn
before the doubletrack of Honeycomb Canyon
 to take the 7th place finish.

Beginner Women:
Left:   On her first lap, Katy Nafus rolls a turn 
on the way to 1st place in Beginner Women.

Right:  The Sport Men 40-plus group hits the
switchbacks below Serenity, with Denmark in
the lead and Brian a bit further up the hill.

The flowers were spectacular. Here's paintbrush... and scarlet gilia, also called desert trumpet.
Open Categories
Left:  John Twitchell straightens out for the high
speed track over to Honeycomb. John breaks his
chain and runs to the top of the hill, but still gets
the 2nd place finish in Clydesdale.

Right:   Joel and Bruce battle toward Queen Bess.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  Rick Morris drops down the rocks of
lower Kruzr on the way to 7th place in Men

Right:  A chipmunk exits his den (dark hole at the
top) and finds a nice perch from which to watch
the race. 

Men 60-plus:

Joel Quinn rails a turn on the singletrack
as he rides to another 1st place in the
Men 60-plus category.

Dropping the last bit of the rock garden,
Gene Poncelet sets his sights on the
home stretch and 3rd place.

 Back on the pedals after fixing a tire,
Bruce Argyle heads down Kruzr on
his final lap to take 4th place.

Bruce runs a flat tire down to the parking lot, where a new
tube will get him out onto lap two.
Christian and Derek roll into the rocky section of lower
Kruzr in the second race of the day at 11:00.
Women 40-plus: 
Left:  Sally Reynders makes a turn on lap one
and after stopping to help John, rides on to
2nd place in Women 40-plus.

Right:   Darren crosses the finish line.

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:  Brock Jeske carves a turn on Kruzr near
the end of his first lap, nailing 2nd place in the
Sport Men 19-29 category.

Right:   Early in his first lap, Dallin Hatch
 hits the berm on a turn below Serenity
as he gets a podium spot with 3rd place.

Sport Men 30-39:

Derek Ransom is our top finisher in
Sport Men 30-39 with the 8th position.

Christian Burrell rails a turn. After
flatting a tire, Christian takes 11th place.

Darren Stirland breaks a derailleur
cable but cranks on for 14th place.

Sport Men 40-49:

Swooping through the final turns,
Denmark Jensen
 takes 3rd in Sport
Men 30-39.

Brian Ressa carves a hard turn on
the way to the 6th place spot in
the category.

Sean Linden finishes his laps with
the 7th place position.

Maggie has a soda ready for Brian as
he returns from the finish line after a hard race.

Frisbee golf is popular at Solitude, but this isn't
a golf ball. It's a mushroom.

Expert and Pro Categories
Expert Men 30-39:  

Left:  Nate Drozd hits a banked turn on his first lap
on the way to a 2nd place spot in Expert Men 30-39.

Right:    Cranking out of a turn in the aspens of
Kruzr, Jack Gage takes 7th place in the Expert
Men 30-39 group.

Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mitt Stewart opens up a big lead in
Expert Men 40-plus, nailing another 1st place 
win in this tough category.

Right:   Rolling a turn on lap one, Jason Sparks
  rides to 6th place in Expert Men 40-plus.

Joel and John huddle after receiving their race bling. After team support on the trail, Mike flips a few burgers.

With one more ICup race and one USCS race to go, many UMB racers are in commanding positions within their race categories. The team is also in good position for the season. Next up: Soldier Hollow on August 10.

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos  
     GPX track Solitude race loop
     Satellite map of race course

Left: Burgers and post-race war stories at the team HQ in the parking area.

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