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Cyclocross Race 10, November 23
Weber County Fairgrounds

Temperatures were very nice for late November as the 10th UtCX race of the 2013 season got underway at Weber County Fairgrounds. But occasional blasts of wind kept the spectators cool. Despite the recent snow, the ground was dry with good grip under the tires.

Dallin Hatch hits the top of the dirt hill east of the racetrack in the Men B wave.

The course was 2.5 miles long, significantly longer than the previous three races at the fairgrounds. Although this course offered higher speeds and longer stretches between turns, the length decreased the number of laps. The first wave was over in four laps -- a 10 mile event.

The course first made a meandering loop east, then came back to the start-finish. Here it made a sharp 180 and headed out for a mini-loop before returning to the barriers.

The smaller log had to be hopped, and a few turns later the course hit the racetrack before going east to more grass.

Returning to the track, there was a long run on bumpy dirt before hitting the field with the five-log barrier.


The sun is coming up on a clear day as riders of the first wave arrive to check in at 8:30. Temperatures went from low 30s to upper 40s by noon.

Because of the high winds overnight and the forecast of significant wind gusts, the canopies were not deployed for this race. There was just the trailer, announcers' podium, and the check-in table.


It was a great day for cyclocross. This was the State Championship race, so most categories were full of motivated riders.

Meghan Sheridan gets psyched for the start of the Women A race at 11:30.


After a night of high winds, the fairgrounds seemed balmy and eerily calm. But as the morning progressed, the wind returned occasionally to knock riders around and make the races interesting.

Looking north at Ben Lomond.

The course started eastbound and circled some trees in the rough, then went out for a northbound meander. When the course came back to the start-finish area, it made a 180 out again before returning to the barriers.

Jason Sparks cranks back from the first loop on his way to the barriers in the Masters 45-plus race.

The extra 180 made four parallel tracks right in front of the viewing area. After a big log, two barriers were spaced widely apart. This gave a big advantage to fast runners, or to those who could hop all three.

Dallin jumps the middle barrier of the log-barrier-barrier series at the start-finish zone.

After the barriers, the course turned north, then east, then hopped a small log before heading toward the horse racetrack.

Rebecca Sparks (followed by Dad) cranks through the grass. Rebecca races Junior Women.

After heading south about 1/4 lap on the racetrack, the path turned east to the grass between the racetrack and railroad tracks.

Derek Ransom tips into the turn to exit the racetrack during the first smaller jaunt down the track as he rides in the Men 35-plus B wave.

There were still a few goatheads around to slow riders down.

Shane Horton (35-plus B) maintains forward progress as he heads toward the pit, where he'll grab a new bike and head out onto the course again.

The race had long straight-aways, with few tight turns to slow riders down. The path made two S turns before dropping onto the racetrack.

Colleen Tvorik climbs the grass knoll east of the racetrack in the Singlespeed race.

The race ran a half-lap around the track. For the first wave, it was bumpy from a combination of furrowing equipment and horse hoof post-holes.

Bruce Argyle (Masters 55-plus) grinds southbound on the horse racetrack for the second run on the track, this time for a half-lap.

The loop veered off the track and headed east behind the parking area, entering the field between parking and racetrack. The dirt here was fast and smooth -- until you had to go through the little swampy trough.

Clyve Cousins tips through the gate to the field, where he'll dip through a small swamp before turning toward the log barriers. Clyve raced the Masters 55-plus.


Here was, again, the splayed five-log barrier. It was just as tricky as last time, with a few riders winding up sprawled in the dirt as they missed their timing.

In Men 35-plus B, Mike Engberson jumps the third of five logs, arrayed like spokes on a wheel on the slope under the southern turn of the racetrack.


Exiting the field on the east side, the course ran behind the parking area and north to the lap/finish lane.

Daniel Truong (Men C) and Clyve Cousins catch their breath after finishing their race.

The waffle tent provided hot coffee. And at no charge, there was the aroma of waffle syrup.

Mmmm. Waffles.

Good course with excellent conditions. For late November, it was almost tropical.

Joe Benson and Corey Spencer hang out to cheer for the next wave of racers after completing their Men 35-plus C race.

More photos (approx 90) from the race team results!

Men C
  Daniel Truong 9th
Men 35-plus C
  Dan Hutchings 28th
  Joe Benson 29th
  Spencer Corey 31st
  Adam Reynders 32nd
Masters 55-plus
  Rick Morris 9th
  Bruce Argyle 10th
  Clyve Cousins 13th
Masters 35-plus B
  Michael Engberson 11th
  Derek Ransom 25th
  Shane Horton 26th

Masters 45-plus
  Jason Sparks 10th
Men B
  Dallin Hatch 17th
Junior Women
  Rebecca Sparks 5th
Singlespeed Women
  Colleen Tvorik 4th
Men 35 A
  Jason Sparks 10th
Women A
  Meghan Sheridan 5th

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