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Hurricane Rim Trail
The Hurricane Rim trail climbs to the cliffs over the Virgin River near Hurricane. This is a nice 7.5-mile singletrack, but to reach a trailhead you must either cut the ride at 5.7 miles at the Virgin Dam trailhead or continue 1.5 miles to the lower JEM trailhead or 5 miles to the upper JEM trailhead. Advanced riders can consider a loop option. Riding surface is undulating narrow singletrack, often rough with large rock slabs, upper-intermediate to advanced technical. Although there's only about 300 feet of altitude difference, up-and-down riding will raise the climbing total to around 1000 vertical feet.
Riding notes, Hurricane Rim:
0.0 Northeast on ST along fence
0.7 Panorama Point
N 37 11.169' W 113 16.179' Alt=3850'
1.9 Keep R (L = Virgin Dam trail)
2.8 Cross wash, then L
3.5 Gooseberry Lookout
5.5 Dam trail rejoins on L
5.7 Virgin Dam trailhead, fork L on ST
7.5 JEM trail, fork L
N 37 11.261' W 113 13.862' Alt=3650'
9.0 JEM lower trailhead
Riding notes, Gould/JEM/ Hurricane Rim Loop:
Start from parking area on US-59 above Hurricane
0.0 R (downhill) on US-59
0.2 L uphill on DT
1.8 Top of DT climb
2.3 R off DT onto ST
      N 37 09.606 W 113 16.330 Alt=4000'
5.4 Trailhead, L on DT, head NE
      N 37 08.142 W 113 16.280
6.2 At corral, find ST rear on R
      N 37 08.310 W 113 15.649
8.0 ST comes in from R
8.3 US-59. For Big Loop, cross to DT
      N 37 08.096 W 113 14.564 Alt=4350'
      For small loop, head downhill on road
8.6   JEM Trailhead, cross cattleguard
        N 37 08.329 W 113 14.527
        Immediate R onto ST
9.0   Cross DT, descend to cliffs
10.0 Keep L (R = Goosebumps)
        N37 09.119 W113 15.103
10.8 Keep R (L = China Wash)
        N37 10.541 W113 15.154
11.0 Cross gravel road
11.1 Cross Cryptobionic 
        N37 10.798 W113 14.354
14.0 Fork L to Hurricane Rim
        N 37 11.261 W 113 13.862 Alt=3650'
15.8 Virgin Dam trailhead
        N 37 11.781 W 113 14.109 
16.0 Keep L (R=Virgin Dam trail)
18.7 R across Chinatown Wash
19.6 Dam trail rejoins on R
20.2 Panorama Point
        N 37 11.169 W 113 16.179 Alt=3850'
21.5 Back at parking

Getting there: In Hurricane, turn south on US-59 (towards the Grand Canyon). Follow the road uphill 0.9 miles, then turn left into the trailhead parking near the cell phone towers. GPS N 37 10.740' W 113 16.601', Alt=3650'. The trail begins along the fence, heading northeast.
Upper JEM trailhead: In Hurricane, turn south on US-59 (towards the Grand Canyon). Drive exactly 5 miles uphill. Turn left on cindered doubletrack right as you approach the base of Gooseberry Mesa. Drive another 0.3 miles to the parking area. N 37 08.329' W 113 14.527'
Lower JEM trailhead: At the junction of US-9 with UT-17, turn east towards Zion. 4.8 miles after the turnoff, right after mile marker 17, a gravel road turns right (south). 0.5 miles later, you'll cross over the Virgin River. Cross a cattleguard, then turn right 0.1 miles after the bridge and go 0.2 miles to a turn-around overlooking the Virgin River. GPS N 37 12.029' W 113 13.089'

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