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High Star Ranch Trail System
The High Star trail system lies on the west-facing of a mountain slope northeast of Kamas. It begins at the DeJoria Center. There are 10 miles of trail starting at an altitude of 6400 feet, with a top elevation of 7750. The usual riding season is mid-May through October. Riding every trail in the system is 14.2 miles and 2100 vertical feet of climbing, if you take the most efficient paths.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2017
Riding notes, up-and-back (per track file below):
0.0  South on "hump" above parking
       N40 39.687 W111 16.511
0.2  L uphill to canal, then continue south
       N40 39.531 W111 16.470
0.3  Gate step-over N40 39.477 W111 16.418
       100 feet then keep R (L = DH return)
       N40 39.472 W111 16.398
0.4  L uphill (R = two-way)
       N40 39.411 W111 16.353
1.4  Hard L uphill (R = down two-way)
       N40 39.266 W111 16.075
1.8  Keep R (L = north DH)
       N40 39.344 W111 15.998
2.0  L (R = return upper south DH)
       N40 39.301 W111 15.938
2.7  Keep R (L = loop return, one-way)
       N40 39.459 W111 15.556
3.3  Fork L (straight = upper south DH)
       N40 39.345 W111 15.587
3.4  Keep R (L = little loop) and uphill
       N40 39.283 W111 15.445
4.3  L (R = spur to DT)
       N40 39.350 W111 15.178
4.5  Top of ride
5.7  Join little loop, keep straight
       N40 39.539 W111 15.538
5.8  Keep L (R = optional 1.2-mile loop)
       N40 39.535 W111 15.574
5.9  Keep L (R = down two-way)
       N40 39.459 W111 15.556
       Repeat trail section
6.6  Keep R to upper south DH
       N40 39.345 W111 15.587
7.5  Join two-way, keep L downhill
       N40 39.298 W111 15.936
7.7  Hard R to northern DH
       N40 39.342 W111 16.000
8.6  Bottom fork, R for TH
8.9  Back at parking
Getting there:
From Utah Country, head to Heber and turn left on US-40. At the light below Jordanelle, turn right on SR-32. In Francis, turn left at the stop sign to stay on SR-32. Go straight through Kamas, and just as you're about to leave town, turn right at the High Star Ranch entry. Turn left at the road intersection, then head northeast until you see the sign for trailhead parking.
From Salt Lake, take I-80 to US-40, then take the Kamas exit to SR-248 eastbound. In Kamas, turn left on SR-32 and proceed to the trailhead as above.