Flume Trail (Dry Fork)
The Flume Trail is a singletrack along Dry Fork, northwest of Vernal. It features beautiful scenery plus some butter-smooth singletrack interrupted by a smattering of technical challenges. The epic ride is 20 miles, with 1600 feet of climbing to an altitude of 8300 feet. But because of the multiple trailheads, there are options for shorter rides and for non-technical cruises. Beginners: Mile 2 through 4. Sightseers: top loop.


Riding notes, from TH#21 (1st bridge):
0.0  Go across bridge at NW corner N40 34.325 W109 42.143
0.1  Fork R uphill N40 34.303 W109 42.174
1.3  Trail crosses bridge to north side of creek
2.0  Pass TH#32 N40 35.468 W109 43.406
2.8  Pass TH#43 undeveloped N40 35.948 W109 43.991
3.4  L uphill on road N40 36.156 W109 44.575
       (NOTE: road detours are temporary.
        trail is flagged for new cut 2010.)
3.7  L off road on ST N40 36.289 W109 44.803
4.2  L uphill on road N40 36.589 W109 45.209
       100 feet later, L off road on ST
4.5  L uphill on road N40 36.741 W109 45.372
4.6  L to ST at south end of parking  N40 36.845 W109 45.535
       (vs stay on road, L fork if creek high)
5.1  Cross creek N40 36.744 W109 45.767
7.6  Straight as upper TH joins on R (see upper loop notes)

Riding notes, upper loop only:
0.0  South on ST and cross bridge N40 37.422 W109 47.550
0.1  Lower trail joins on L, keep R uphill
       N40 37.338 W109 47.577
0.9  Fork L on Flume (R = return) N40 37.346 W109 48.425
1.9  Fork R to Historic Flume Site N40 37.372 W109 49.226
       (Begin rock-strewn descent)
3.4  Fork L downhill N40 37.498 W109 48.740
3.5  Flume site  N40 37.550 W109 48.784
       Reverse, retrace back to fork at 3.4
3.6  Straight (L)  N40 37.498 W109 48.740
4.0  Back at loop fork, keep L
4.8  Keep L (R=down canyon)
4.9  Back at TH

Getting there:  
From the middle of Vernal, go north on Highway 44 to 1500 North (Highway 121 to Lapoint) and turn left. Drive west to 3500 West and turn right. Zero your odometer here. Drive north on 3500. It will veer to the west as it becomes Dry Fork Road. 8.4 miles from 1500 North, you'll reach an intersection where Dry Fork Road turns 90 degrees right. Straight ahead is Deep Creek Road. Turn right to follow the Dry Fork Road through the valley. At mile 9.2, turn left.

Trailhead 1: At mile 11.1, about 1/4 mile past the BLM entry sign, turn left into a small parking pull-through. The trail starts by crossing the bridge.
Trailhead 2 (Bathroom): Keep on the Dry Fork Road to mile 12.9. Turn left into parking. Find the trail heading uphill of the bathroom.
Trailhead 3 (Bathroom, Browne Creek): Continue on the road to mile 15.4. Turn left into the parking area and find the trail next to the big sign. The trail will cross the river after 1/2 mile.
Upper Trailhead (Bathroom at camp area): Fork left after you cross Browne Creek. At mile 17.0, keep left as you pass a camping area with a bathroom. (A 1/2 mile nature interpretive trail is on the left; bikes are allowed.) At mile 17.4, park and find the trail crossing the foot bridge.