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Black Dragon Wash
Black Dragon Wash is located on the eastern cusp of the San Rafael Swell. This ride has two highlights: a doubletrack ride through the narrows, and a broad slickrock ramp that climbs to a view into the narrows, from 800 feet above the wash. The narrows can be done as an out-and-back (10 to 28 miles depending on the turnaround spot), or as a shuttle ride of 14.7 all-downhill miles. Because of loose rock and some tricky wash-crossings, the ride would be intermediate technical overall. Season March through November.
One-way from Upper Trailhead:
1.8   Fork L, N 38 54.991' W 110 34.455'
2.7   Straight (L), N 38 55.425' W 110 33.708'
4.5   Straight (R), N 38 56.479' W 110 32.921'
6.2   Fork L (north), N 38 56.468' W 110 31.288'
6.7   Fork R (east), approx N 38 56.8' W 110 31.1'
11    Entering canyon
14.7 At lower trailhead
Just head up the canyon narrows. Steepest section is between mile 3 and 4, after the canyon opens up. Keep on main trail (R) at fork around mile 2.7. Good turnarounds are mile 5 (across from freeway view area) or mile 10 (Jackass Benches road).
Slickrock ramp: At the lower trailhead, drop off the road into the wash. Go west 100 yards, then fork R. Aim for right edge of slickrock to get on ramp, then keep generally L to viewpoint 0.7 miles up. Climb further, or stay and play.
Getting there:  Eastbound on US-191, turn west (right) onto I-70. Nine miles later, cross the San Rafael River. Slow down and get ready! 0.3 miles later, watch carefully for a gravel turnaround between freeway lanes, with a dirt road leaving the freeway on the right. (The dirt road is hard to see until you're passing it. N 38 55.531' W 110 25.023') Go through the gate, turn L through the wash. At 0.6, keep straight (R). At 0.9, turn left and park 100 feet later. N 38 56.239' W 110 25.135'.
Start the ride here for out-and-back, or go back to the freeway for a shuttle ride. Back at the freeway, turn right (west) and drive uphill 15 miles. Get off at Ranch Exit 131 (formerly exit 129), and turn right (driving back parallel to the freeway) on the road to the San Rafael River Bridge. At mile 2.6, keep straight (left). After passing The Sinkhole, turn right at the next fork and park to begin the ride (N 38 55.742' W 110 36.027').

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