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Draper Bike Park

The Draper Bike Park lies west of the Equestrian Center parking lot on Highland Blvd. Stuffed into this grove of oak brush are two miles of singletrack trail, a skills practice zone, three pump tracks, nested jumping loops, cyclocross features such as stairs and flyover, and a set of short downhill flow trails. The system connects directly to the Corner Canyon trails. Plus there's a connector to Draper's Porter Rockwell paved trail. And, as of August 2015, they're still adding to it.

Looking west from the main parking lot. The flyover can be your landmark to locate the other features in the park. Bruce's report is current as of December 12, 2014. Updated August 2015.

XC Trail System

The singletrack trails vary from broad and easy to narrow and twisting. The 2014 cyclocross course visits most of this trail at 1.6 miles per lap (see the map below). Connections and trail forks come too fast for a defined ride pattern -- just explore. It's easy to reach the four-mile mark without feeling like you're duplicating.

Mark Messer sprints through the gambel oak.

The trails are never boring, as they twist and roll. Many turns have high berms so you can roll them fast.

In addition, there are singletrack trails outside the fence along the railroad track. (The railroad track trails go to Porter Rockwell on the northeast and to 13th East on the southwest.) These trails are straight and fast, but may suffer from goathead thorns.

Handlebar view of a typical area of singletrack near the pond.

Rick Morris in a December 2014 cyclocross race.

Looking west down the speed bumps -- or jumps.

Special Features

The center of the park offers some fun stuff. The flyover takes you over the top of other cyclists. It takes a quick sprint to get enough speed for the steep ramp of the flyover.

Rick Morris (left) of the cyclocross racing team grunts the last few feet to the platform at the top.


A long set of running stairs connects lower trails to the top of the hill near the flyover. The stairs can also give you a downhill skills challenge. And for a real test, ride up them.

Dallin Hatch hoofs up the hill with his cyclocross race bike.

Skills Area

Enclosed in a log fence, the skills area is just east of the flyover. There are logs to hop, logs to balance on, ramps, rockpiles, and other bike handling challenges.

Note for 2015:  Part of the skills area is being replaced by a pump track.

Looking north from the entrance into the skills area.

Pump Tracks

There are three pump tracks. The original pump track is small but fun. At the park's highest point on the south end, this series of bumps lets you accelerate your bike around the loop without pedaling. The pump track is also enclosed by a log fence, and is accessed via a short trail that begins just southeast of the flyover, opposite the opening into the middle pump track and skills area. (See the map.)

Two new pump tracks have been added in 2015. A beginner pump track lies just east of the jumps area, with a second small track replacing part of the skills area just northeast of the flyover.

Looking south at the pump track. The entry is around the tree to your right.

Downhill Flow Practice Trails

Just before the pump track is the entrance to three short-but-fun one-way downhill practice trails. The first is rated "easy" with high bermed turns as you snake downhill.

View down the easy flow trail.

The next trail is ranked intermediate, dropping to some table bumps that you can roll or hop.

Looking back at the jump line on the intermediate flow trail.

The expert trail has gap jumps and a log rollover. There are ride-arounds to the gap jumps, so don't be afraid to scout the ride by rolling through on your first pass.

These three trails come together on a single return trail near the skills zone to climb back for another go.

Entry to the expert trail. Yes, I rode it on my cyclocross bike.


On the eastern end of the bike park are the jumping loops. This area is the bike park's main attraction. In 2015, it appears that a new parking lot will be developed right next to the jumps, so riders heading for the jumps won't be competing with XC riders on the singletrack from the main Equestrian Center parking lot.

There's an upper platform (area where you stand around between runs) for Expert and Intermediate and a lower platform for the Beginner runs.

A rider heads toward the lower platform on the east side of the beginner jump loop.

There are two expert-level jump loops, one rated Expert and the other rated Pro. The main difference is that the Pro line has a couple of gap jumps that you must hit. The expert line allows an intermediate to roll the course without becoming airborne.

Entry to the Pro line on the upper platform. The Expert entry is just right of the single black-diamond sign. The rock ledge is easy to ride over, but it serves as notice that you're entering something that requires real skills.

There are high-speed berm turns, table jumps and gap jumps. However, none of the features are designed for major vertical air or flips.

Looking north. The little wall at mid-left faces you as you hit the lip of the step-up jump. No half-way. You either jump far enough, or you hit the wall.

The small loops in the center are for those who are just learning, or who are satisfied with a bit of fun swooshing and dipping without leaving the ground.

A very young rider carries his momentum up toward the beginner platform.

Getting there, Corner Canyon Trailhead (Equestrian Center): Take the Bluffdale exit from I-15 and turn east towards the mountains. Keep straight at 13th East, continuing on Highland Drive until you reach the parking lot entry on your left. To reach the trailhead from the north (Sandy area), take 13th East southward until it ends at the stop sign just past the underpass. Turn left and drive 1/4 mile, then turn left into the paved parking area. (Directly across the street from the parking, the Lower Corner Canyon trail heads uphill.)
Find the westbound paved trail at the southwest corner of the parking lot. Near the gate just a few feet down the trail, keep to the left and enter singletrack. Follow it down the fenceline until you reach an open area 1/4 mile later, then turn right and ride the broad path to the flyover.

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