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Red Fleet Area Trails

The trails north of Red Fleet Reservoir form a continuous interconnected system. The trails offer a wide variety of experiences from technical open rock to undulating desert ribbon.

Trailheads are located along the Dinosaur Tracks road north of Red Fleet. A bathroom is located at the formal Dinosaur Tracks trailhead (shared with a hiking trail). Other trailheads are merely wide spots along dirt roads.

Dino Trax DH

Located on the south side of the Dinosaur Tracks road, this trail parallels the road as it descends. Access is across the road from the Jazz Chromoly trailhead.

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Dinosaur Tracks Hiking Trail

Hiking-only trail, worth a side trip while you're in the area. Around one mile, found at the formal trailhead (including bathroom) along the Dinosaur Tracks road.

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Handsome Cabin Boy

This trail arcs around south of the road, skirting the tilted rock layers. Has some mean climbs and a little bit of technical riding. Western end across the paved road from Jazz Chromoly; eastern end at cattle grate (crosses road -- without parking spots -- twice further east of that end point as it loops around). Eastern end has connector to southeast corner of Jazz Chromoly loop.

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Jazz Chromoly

First trail developed in the area. Some cow-path riding, some ridgeline swooping. Mostly white clay singletrack through juniper and sage. Primitive trailhead at top of first hill on Dinosaur Tracks road, north side.

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Most technical trail in the system. Great views, fun riding. Forms an arc off the east end of the Handsome Cabin Boy trail. Passes through the Dinosaur Tracks trailhead. Access is via HCB or the Dinosaur Tracks TH.

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Three Amigos

Loop trail forks off J-Boy. Undulating badlands riding with some pretty scenery.

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Getting there...
Jazz Chromoly Trailhead:
In Vernal on US-40 (the main drag), turn north on US-191. Drive to mile 10.7 and turn right at the paved road signed "Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway." Drive uphill 0.6 miles. At the top of the hill, turn left onto a dirt road and immediately park in the wide area on the left. Jazz Chromoly heads downhill to the west. Handsome Cabin Boy is just across the paved road uphill.
Cattle grate parking:  Drive to the cattle grate at mile 1.5 and park in the small spot on the right side of the road. Handsome Cabin Boy goes southbound along the fence. North of the road is a connector to Jazz Chromoly..
Dinosaur Tracks trailhead:  Drive to the Dinosaur Tracks parking area at mile 2.4 from US 191. J-Boy is across the road from the uphill end of the parking strip, and also 100 feet down the dinosaur tracks hiking trail.
Three Amigos dirt road: 1/10 mile uphill from the cattle grate, turn left into a dirt doubletrack. In 2010, there was a wide spot for parking just uphill. J-Boy is just up the paved road; the dirt road intersects Three Amigos in about 1/3 mile.