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Powder Mountain Northeast
Doctor's Dozen and Hidden Lake Lodge Trails

These trails are found on the northeast side of the Powder Mountain resort area, at an average altitude of 8700 feet. The Doctor's Dozen route extends from the lower lodge Brittain's Ribbon trailhead to the Brim Trail, including most of the singletrack previously known as the Hidden Lake Lodge trail. A new extension on the northeast corner of Doctor's Dozen circles the mountain then joins the traditional trail to the lodge. The riding season will be late June through September. The trails are easier-intermediate in difficulty.

Riding northeast as the trail traverses the hillside. Initial photos and ride review June 27, 2016 by Bruce. Updated for new trailcuts September 11, 2017.

Note!  With new trail construction in 2017, expect alignments to change and trails to be renamed. This especially effects the route labeled "Hidden Lake" on my map.

The Doctor's Dozen trail consists of a singletrack and a doubletrack segment. The singletrack section connects the northeast corner of Power Mountain's Brim Trail to Hidden Lake itself (not the lodge). This singletrack portion is 3.7 miles long. From the lake, a gravel road continues west for 1.3 miles, over a ridge and down to the main Powder Mountain lodge.

Westbound on Doctor's Dozen, just before the plunge down to Hidden Lake.

As of September 2017, the Hidden Lake Lodge trail is currently being reworked and may be renamed. At the time of this writing, it forks off the northeast corner of Doctor's Dozen, then circles back to traverse the north slope to Hidden Lake Lodge (not the lake).  It's 2.9 miles long, with 2.1 miles of true singletrack and 0.8 miles that follows ski-access or lift-road benchcuts.

View north, on the northern side of the mountain. That's Hidden Lake in the middle. We'll descend to the lake shortly.

Doctor's Dozen, from Brim...

On its southeast end, Doctor's Dozen forks northbound away from the counterclockwise Brim Trail loop just 100 feet before the singletrack ends on the doubletrack. Starting at 8550 feet altitude, Doctor's Dozen contours northbound around the eastern side of the mountain, gradually rising over 1.5 miles to an elevation of 8750 at the trail's northeast corner. On the east side of the mountain, you're looking into Brown's Hole and the Middle Fork of the Ogden River.

View west toward Mount Ogden from the trail's southern end. Plenty of fragrant Mule's Ear.

As Doctor's Dozen crosses an old doubletrack at mile 1.5, a new trail forks to the right. (This trail meanders further east then returns lower on the slope, joining the old Hidden Lake Lodge trail just downhill from Doctor's Dozen.)

At mile 1.7, keep left to stay on Doctor's Dozen. The right fork takes you down a short connector to the Hidden Lake Lodge trail.

Wild delphinium blooms along the trail as we cruise between the aspen groves on the southern end.

Much of Doctor's Dozen is newly cut, while other sections are a machine widening of the old Powder Mountain racing loop trail from very early in this century. The areas on the east slope that were cut last summer were reworked in 2017, improving riding lines. The trail appearance is dramatically different from my 2016 photos on this page.

The trail alternates between meadows, low scrub, and stands of aspen or fir. On the northern slope, there are views that extend past Wellsville Creek Canyon to the mountains in the Logan area. 

My trail buddy the pine hen. She kept running down the trail ahead of my bike, and as I'd speed up to force her to fly, she'd just land a little further down the trail and we'd begin again.

As the trail meanders a mile to the west along the north slope, you'll reach the peak altitude of 8850. Then the trail drops through a series of turns and crosses the old benchcut for the Hidden Lake Lodge trail. (If your ride plan takes you to Hidden Lake Lodge, turn left here, and in 100 feet, drop to the right off the benchcut on singletrack.)

Doctor's Dozen continues to twist through multiple turns down to Hidden Lake. You'll drop about 450 vertical feet over 1.3 miles of descent.

Another aspen grove as the trail undulates along the edge of the mountain.

Keep left as you reach a well-traveled dirt and gravel road, with Hidden Lake on your right. You're now on the doubletrack portion of Doctor's Dozen. Crank straight up the hill, gaining 250 vertical feet in 1/2 mile. As you reach the ridge, Brittain's Ribbon crosses. This singletrack can take you up to Hidden Lake Lodge, or down to the Powder Mountain Lodge.

Doctor's Dozen continues as a wide dirt road 0.7 miles down to the main Powder Mountain Lodge parking. There's little to recommend here -- when compared to the descent on Brittain's Ribbon -- unless your objective is to get downhill as quickly as possible.

View to the east into Brown's Hole.

Doctor's Dozen from the downhill end is straight-forward. Go to the left of the Powder Mountain Lodge. Stay on the doubletrack uphill from the lodge, and then crank on up the dirt road (350 vertical in 0.7 miles). Cross the ridge and descend to the lake. Just past the lake, fork right on singletrack and begin climbing. Stay straight until you hit the Brim Trail, 3.7 miles after joining the singletrack.

The trail rides well in either direction.

Hidden Lake Lodge, counterclockwise...

The Hidden Lake trail starts at the northeast corner of Doctor's Dozen as the singletrack crosses a doubletrack. Fork to the right and continue east from the trail fork. 0.7 miles later, the trail turns back to the west on the northeast corner of the mountain.

At mile 1.5, a trail joins on your left. Keep straight. (The trail that joins is the old Hidden Lake trail. It will take you 0.1 mile uphill to Doctor's Dozen, where a hard right continues westbound on Doctor's Dozen. Or, keeping left takes you up to the ridgeline trail fork where the Hidden Lake trail started.)

Looking north as the trail starts its westbound limb.

After another 0.3 miles, the singletrack hits a bench-cut area. Keep heading westbound and generally downhill. The trail will veer onto singletrack for a short time, before resuming the wider path at the bottom of a lift. When you find yourself looking up at the lodge area, spot the bench-cut that angles left-to-right as it climbs to the lodge. That's your trail.

The northern end has a bit more fir forest, but still is mostly open.

East from Hidden Lake Lodge...

So. Navigation. From the lodge parking at the very top of the mountain, find the doubletrack at the north end, just to the right of the buildings. Turn to the right and descend along the slope eastbound. At 0.3 miles, keep straight and left.

The bench-cut will gently descend east-northeast. After making a gentle curve right then left again, you'll find yourself at the bottom of a chair lift at mile 0.5. Keep straight, pass the lift, and find some singletrack leading up to an old bench-cut on the far side. Head uphill northeast.

View northeast from the trail. The yellow color on the ridgelines is created by is created by blooming flowers.

When you hit another lift access roadway just uphill at mile 0.6, keep left. (A sharp right takes you up to the cleared path beneath the chairlift. Some confused bike tires have gone that way.)

After pedaling around the hill while gently turning right, the riding line will leave the bench-cut on your left and become true singletrack. You're at mile 0.9. Now you're golden. Just keep pedaling, as the trail should be obvious from here on. At mile 1.4, keep left for the longer trail, or right uphill for the shortcut to Doctor's Dozen.

Meandering through meadows.


Bottom Line:
A good addition to the trail system at Powder Mountain, although I don't care much for the doubletrack portions. Use Doctor's Dozen with the Brim Trail Loop as an extended loop ride, with Paper Airplane and Woody's as the other side of the loop.

Trailside flowers include paintbrush, mules ear, wasatch penstemmon, delphinium, phlox, sticky geranium, lupine, and the occasional columbine.

Riding notes, lariat w Airplane spur, Hidden Lake, and Brim:
0.0   Intersection Highway 158 with Powder Ridge
        Pedal uphill up Powder Ridge Road
0.15 R on Brittain's Ribbon
        N41 22.648 W111 46.876
1.3   Fork R (L = to road)
        N41 22.379 W111 46.266
1.6   R on Paper Airplane
        N41 22.198 W111 46.211
1.8   At point, turn around
        N41 22.090 W111 46.440
2.1   R to continue Brittain's
2.5   L uphill on road
        N41 22.067 W111 46.140
2.55 R on Powder Ridge Rd
        N41 22.101 W111 46.152
2.7   L uphill on gravel
        N41 22.085 W111 46.008
3.0   Far end of parking N41 22.181 W111 45.856
        DT north, turning east (right) downhill
3.2   Keep L (R = parking on paved road)
        N41 22.141 W111 45.623
3.4   Pass lift to ST (don't follow lift path)
        N41 22.218 W111 45.436
        Hidden Lake trail
3.6   Keep straight (R = up to lift path)
        N41 22.265 W111 45.344
4.5   Cross DT (R on DT = bailout route)
        N41 22.367 W111 44.419
6.0   Hard R N41 21.424 W111 44.335
        Go 100 ft to DT and keep R
        N41 21.424 W111 44.335
6.4   Cross DT to ST (Brim Trail)
        N41 21.635 W111 44.678
9.5   Keep L (R = Brim Cut)
        N41 20.707 W111 44.275
10.7 Cross DT as Brim Cut rejoins on L
12.5 Keep R to Hidden Lake trail
        N41 20.628 W111 43.949
        Now retrace outbound route
16.3 Keep straight (skip Paper Airplane)
        N41 22.198 W111 46.211
17.8 Back at Hwy 158-Powder Ridge intersection
Getting there:  From I-15, take Exit 347 to Ogden Canyon. Drive 7 miles up Highway 39 and turn left across the Pine View dam onto Highway 158. Four miles later as you pass the gas station in Eden, keep straight at the stop sign. Drive steep uphill 7 more miles to Powder Mountain. Pass the lower lifts on your left as you follow a turn in the road. The next road on your right is Powder Ridge Road. To go to the main Powder Mountain Lodge, keep straight and continue into the parking area. The bottom of Brittain's Ribbon (singletrack) and Doctor's Dozen (doubletrack) are on the left (east) side of the lodge.
Starting from Woody's World: Use this trail for an epic loop ride around Brim and Doctor's Dozen. The bottom of Woody's World is 1/10th mile up the Powder Ridge Road, which was on your right just before the main parking lot. There's a bit of parking on the shoulder of Powder Ridge Road, presumably legal. Pedal uphill until you see the trail on your right.

Starting at Hidden Lake Lodge:  To start from the west end of the Hidden Lake Lodge trail, drive up Powder Ridge Road. Go 1.2 miles uphill then fork left uphill on gravel road to reach to the upper lodge parking. Go to the far north end of parking, just right of the lodge, and find a doubletrack circling around to head east downhill.
From the Brim Trailhead:  Drive up Powder Ridge Road. Pass the entry to the Hidden Lake Lodge parking. Continue on the main road past Summit Village, then find the Brim Trail trailhead. Go southeast on doubletrack 0.5 miles, as though you were riding the Brim loop clockwise (keep straight at any DT forks). Find singletrack on the left. Follow it 100 feet, then make a hard left onto the Doctor's Dozen trail's south end.

Riding resources:
Single-page printable riding guide, big ride above via Brittain's Ribbon
GPS track files (right-click and select "Save as..."):
     Hidden Lake track only  Big lariat ride as above (18 miles!)
     Area multi-track file
High-res topo map for printing:  View map
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